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Loudness 2023 | Warm-up Mix by Element

Loudness! My God, I completely forgot about this event. But clearly I am the only one, as the early bird tickets are already sold out, and there's a hunkering for this event to take place. And it does, only a few days away before the Ahoy in Rotterdam is turned into a battlefield. The battle between DJs. If you have seen the flyer for this event, you know it's a lot of B2B sets. Basically the whole evening consists of B2B sets between well known DJs, and if you have purchased a ticket already, I know you will have an amazing night out. Previous events seem to have been very good, so I'm jealous of all the people going next week!

I am not going, because I'm still in the UK, working my ass off. But Loudness is one of those events that you just have to go to. It's on my bucket list. And I do love myself a bit of Rawstyle. Obviously the night will consist of the harder styles imaginable, and if you love your BPMs to be high, and beats vigorous, you will be pleased to have entered Loudness. This event started back in 2003, and is now 20 years old, but still fresh and as much needed as before.

After a three year hiatus, the event is back, in all its glory. But it's yet another event that takes place during the day, which seems weird to me? Starts at 1pm and ends at 11pm? But hey ho, if that's the current climate in the dance scene, you just have to follow the trend.

But as long as the artists performing do their utmost, you've got nothing to worry about. And to get you in the zone, Element made this promo mix. He'll be playing at Loudness alongside The Purge, so you get a taster of what it's going to be like. Sit back and enjoy!

  1. Delete - Loudness 2014 Tool

  2. Element - What I Am

  3. Rebelion & Deetox - Within Me

  4. Element - Fake Records

  5. E-Force & Deluzion - Masterpiece

  6. Vazard - Zimmersion 2.0

  7. Radical Redemption - Brutal 3.0

  8. The Purge - Beyond Imagination (Element Remix)

  9. Regain & Bloodlust - Get Up

  10. Imperatorz - Energy

  11. Element - You & I

  12. Warface - Catalyst

  13. Aversion - Disgrace Me

  14. Vazard & Delete - Let's Get Weird

  15. Cryex - Crash The Party (Bassline Breakers Remix)

  16. Hardstyle Mafia - Can't Get You Back

  17. The Purge & Fraw - Game Plan

  18. Element & Kruelty - Decibel Tool

  19. Mish & Krowdexx - Time To Shine

  20. Luminite & Adjuzt - Selfdestruction

  21. Killshot & Mutilator - Inside Of Us

  22. Element & Adjuzt - Execute

  23. Tymon - Gucci

  24. N-Vitral presents BOMBSQUAD & Major Conspiracy - Klapt Door Je Botten

  25. Neophyte & The Viper - '98 To Your Mind (Toxic Inside Bootleg)

Wow. A tracklist where I know only a handful of songs. Truth be told, I've been 'out' of the Rawstyle for a while now, as I've been discovering and rediscovering other styles. But it doesn't matter, if the end result is a happy Dutchman, WFH, raising his fists in the air and stomping the floor hard. And yes, that has happened.

Element, a name I've not seen before, has made a very excellent mix. The tone is set from the first second to the last. The beats and bass are coming at you at a ferocious speed, not seen or heard before. And I love it. The songs are all solid as a rock, and it's all been carefully constructed into an hour long mix. And what else is there you could wish for?

Only wish is that for me to go to Loudness.

The only side note I've got is the last few tracks. They aren't my thing, they aren't my cup of tea. Looking at all the others, they stand out, and to me in a very bad way. Not quality anthems. It could have been a perfect mix if all tracks were Rawstyle tracks, and the Hardcore bits were left out. There might be people out there that appreciate these, but unfortunately not me.

DJ: Element

Genre/Style: Rawstyle, Hardstyle, Hardcore

Mix Info: Loudness 2023 | Warm-up Mix by Element

Length Mix: 00:59:40

Tracks: 25 (twenty-five)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2023

More Information: B2S - Soundcloud Channel

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