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LT Xmas Mini Mix (Album Sampler) - Mixed By Alex Prospect (2015)

I'm surely not the only one excited for Christmas? Am I really? Well, a lot has happened, and Christmas is looking good this year. And I live in a house where the wife is totally obsessed with Santa and his festive season. So I've been hearing Mariah a lot, Wham is being pushed down my throat for a while now, and all those other festive tunes are literally the first thing I hear when I wake up. Also, you might have remembered, I am a raver. Is there something on the world wide web for me? Is there a Christmas treat for me out there, and also for you?

Well, yes! If you don't know, back in 2015 Lethal Theory gave us a lot for free! The mix you are about to hear is mixed by the mighty Alex Prospect, and that's not the only present from these guys: also 7 free tracks! Can't remember which ones they were, but if you go to Lethal Theory's Soundcloud page, you will find them easily. Or just read the section underneath this mix, which also has a short description of the free tracks (jeez, I just completely missed that, I am a dopey twat).

So a free mix, and free records by Joey Riot, Alex Prospect, Haywire, M-Project, Starkiss, Outforce, Mob (or is it MOB?), and Obie. Is there anything else you would rather want to hear right now? Some are sharing memes on Facebook about it being too early for Xmas and I disagree. Let's get all festive right now, and play this monster mix, released 4 years ago! And who was the one who provided the mix with a tracklist? Yep, me! Hehe.

01. Alex Prospect x Gammer - Bad Bitch

02. Joey Riot vs Starkiss - Party All Day, Party All Night

03. MOB & Enemy - Iron Heart

04. Joey Riot & Klubfiller - Riot In Da Club (Original Mix)

05. Alex Prospect & Obie - Viper

06. MOB - I'll Be Good (2015 Mix)

07. Alex Prospect x Callum Higby x Rhezie - Watch Me Run

08. Darwin & Obie - Futureshock (Gammer Remix)

09. Alex Prospect x Joey Riot - Move Your Body

So 7 free records, and a 9 record long mini mix. Christmas has come early this year (or 4 years too late?). We have got nothing to complain about. Embrace the festive season, and press play on this mix. Alex has done his best back in 2015 to make this mix work, and 4 years later it still rocks. And trust me, if I say that, you know that I mean it. TCD never lies. Well,white lies are just common though. But never lie about music.

OK, let's discuss the biggest disappointment: the length of this mix. It's a mini mix, but I'd wish it was a tad longer. I'm loving the music. There were only 9 tracks used in this mix, but none of them are boring. None are shite. ALL of them are ace, UK Hardcore classics. Dancefloor smashers. I might be wrong, but when 'Iron Heart' was released, it was the most talked about record in our precious scene, right?

It's not really a Christmas mix though. Don't think that you hear bells, or anything else Christmassy after the intro. But that doesn't make this less festive. This has made me a happy bunny, and we all love a bunny during the festive season on a plate (unless you are vegan: you will probably looking a brocolli up and down). You can play each of these records throughout the year, not just now.

Anyway, whatever my opinion is, the real important thing here is, is that this mix is dope, and for free! Who needs George, Mariah, Kelly, or anyone else destroy the festive season, when you've got the finest artists from LT instead? You make that decision. It was an easy one for me. LT all the way!

DJ: Alex Prospect

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore

Mix Info: LT Xmas Mini Mix (Album Sampler)

Length Mix: 00:23:50

Tracks: 9 (nine)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 54.5 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 320kbps

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