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M-Project - Early Hardcore Showcase Mix (2022)

Remember the artist M-Project? A Japanese DJ and producer who I first encountered during the days of Powerstomp. Remember that, Powerstomp? Oh, it was so freaking cool. But he wasn't just your standard DJ and producer that made Powerstomp: he was already an established name in the scene, and has been pushing his own stuff forward for years. I started following him on this new journey that led him into the early Hardcore sound, the style I grew up with. And he has had some releases on big labels too, labels such as Mokum Records, KTRA, H2OH, Voodoo Panda, and more.

And this isn't the first mix I've ever heard, obviously. And I'm very excited to share his latest mix with everyone reading this. It's an Early Hardcore showcase mix, but what is he showcasing? Well, his own early Hardcore produced songs! Yes, you read it right: M-Project is now indulged into the early Hardcore sound. And it's a glorious thing, for him of course. Another style for him to explore, and flourish in!

It isn't your standard early Hardcore music. It's new, fresh, and has this M-Project sound surrounding it. What M-Project has done, is used the early sounds and gave it a twist. His own twist, of course. And it seems that he excels in making early Hardcore music. It does sound so familiar, and yet it's kind of unique. A fresh take on the already existing Hardcore sound from the 90s.

Only a short mix, this is, but within those few minutes, you get the finest tunes made by M-Project. Is there anything better than this? This is the perfect present for us all. Should we thank Santa, or M-Project? Or is M-Project Santa C.? Who knows, it's still a mystery!

  1. M-Project & Kamikaze - Supermax

  2. M-Project - Battlefield (Master)

  3. M-Project - Dooms Day (Hardcore Edit)

  4. M-Project - Fire To The Roof

  5. M-Project & Kamikaze - No More Pain

  6. M-Project & Kamikaze - Rave Ting

  7. M-Project & Kamikaze - Shake

  8. M-Project & Kamikaze - Carry On

  9. M-Project & Vau Boy - Over The Top (Remastered)

As I've mentioned before, this is a short mix (only 30 minutes long), but in those 30 minutes you get the freshest and newest tunes by M-Project. And if you are into early Hardcore and have heard all those 90s tunes before and are getting a bit 'sick' of those songs, why not try something new and exciting?

I do love this mix and each and every song used for it. This mix creates good vibes, and takes me back to the golden years of Hardcore, and drags me back into the present day at the same time. I am floating between the 90s and 20s. M-Project has kept the vibe alive, but gave it a 20s update. A much more refined approach to early Hardcore.

Obviously you can hear some other artists in M-Project's songs, as they might have influenced him slightly, but the overall gist is his own. This is M-Project, and this is what he does best. Especially with 'Battlefield'. Not a fan of guitars, but when they disappear, this becomes an all time classic, even thought it's not that old!

A solid mix with solid records. Yes, M-Project can make excellent UK Hardcore and Powerstomp anthems, but fuck those genres... early Hardcore please! He seems to understand what makes a track an early sounding Hardcore track, and he's mastered the skills to make new tracks sound old! More of this please!

DJ: M-Project

Genre/Style: Early Hardcore, Gabber

Mix Info: M-Project - Early Hardcore Showcase Mix *** Free DL ***

Length Mix: 00:30;24

Tracks: 9 (nine)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2022

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