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M@rt!n-J - Point Of No Return (Redux) (2020)

The year is 2012. A lot of things happened during that year: the Queen's 60th Anniversary of her ascension, the Curiosity Rover landed on Mars, The Avengers is released in theatres, Hurricane Sandy caused mayhem in the US, Barack Obama was re-elected, and Fracus and Darwin released their 'Point Of No Return' album. A big year, but obviously not as big as 2020. And this masterpiece become such a desired album. 8 years later, people are still in love with their approach to UK Hardcore, and M@rt!n-J (yes, him!) made a dedication mix, as he normally does, with tracks from this legendary album.

I cannot believe that this album is already 8 years old. I can't even remember what happened 8 hours ago. I did go to some raves, and one of them was HU's party in Vauxhall, London. Not a good 'pre' party for me and the missus: the roundabout literally drove me mad, I couldn't figure out which exit to take, drove 4 times over the Thames, and got really angry. The wife still reminds me of that 'wonderful' event. But once we got to the event, nothing could ruin the moment for me. I witnessed sets by artists such as F&D, Sc@r, Thumpa, Marc Smith, CLSM, Gavin G, Slipmatt, Brisk, and more. A year later I went to yet another rave, which had Fracus & Darwin on the line-up, and it was in a youth hostel thing in Belgium. It was fucking weird, but oh so cool.

There weren't many people raving, but I was. I was stomping so hard on the floor, I might have caused the location to become a dangerous place: it might have collapsed. I was and still am a fan of Fracus and Darwin, and this 'Point Of No Return' album has always been one of my favourite albums ever, UK Hardcore related. This was their second album, and 3 more would follow. For a strange reason I have not purchased their last album, and I do not know why. Am I really a big fan then, eh?

Well, I am. I love their music a lot. It can be quirky, oldskool Happy Hardcore-ish, or just damn dark Breakbeat Hardcore. You name it, they make it. Obviously they have done some solo work too, and it has been well received, but together it just seems to work really really well. It's like a marriage made in heaven. In Hardcore Heaven. They seem to be the perfect Hardcore duo, and we've had a few in the past. Fracus & Darwin are still alive and kicking!

But what was their jam back in 2012? What was the kind of music I listened to over and over in my flat in Kerkrade? Let me show you M@rt!n-J's tracklist for this mix, and it will immediately give you goosebumps. 8 years old. Where has the time gone, eh?

  1. Fracus & Darwin vs CLSM feat Indie-Go-Blue - Chime

  2. Fracus & Darwin - Turn Back Time

  3. Fracus & Darwin feat Becca Hossany - Got The Rhythm

  4. Fracus & Darwin - Yesterday

  5. Fracus & Darwin - No Disguise

  6. Fracus & Darwin feat Cari Winter - I'll Be Ready

  7. Fracus & Darwin - Circle

  8. Fracus & Darwin feat Jessica Palmer - Love Comes Back

  9. Fracus & Darwin - Step Down

  10. Fracus & Darwin - Found A Groove

  11. Fracus & Darwin - Magnetised

  12. Fracus & Darwin - Hard To Find

  13. Fracus & Darwin feat Cari Winter - Standing In The Rain

  14. Fracus & Darwin feat Frikshon - Voodoo Magic

  15. Fracus & Darwin - Music Blocks

  16. Fracus & Darwin feat Chwhynny - Drivetime

  17. Fracus & Darwin vs Obie - Snap!

Wow! A proper trip down memory lane. I am sitting here, with a huge grin on my face, listening to this dedication mix. You don't know how much this album meant to me, and how much it still means to me, in 2020. I did get flashbacks to a time when I lived on my own in the Netherlands, way before I moved over to the UK forever. An innocent time, way before Brexit and COVID-19. My life was so dedicated to Hardcore. And now, I am sitting here, in London, reminiscing. Fuck, where have the last 8 years gone to?

There are so many fucking epic anthems in here, and they are sadly underrated. Who can remember the tune 'Step Down' coming through the speakers? That bass is so filthy, I've just soiled myself. Or what about 'Yesterday'? That's an anthem and a half you don't hear anymore. Guys (and girls), let's play more Fracus & Darwin in our mixes, please?

The best of the best has got to be 'Magnetised'. I don't know who did the vocals for this track, but they are so extremely mesmerising. I am in awe of whoever is singing this: this is what an angel sounds like, right? Such a pure voice. But truth be told, F&D did use a lot of excellent vocalists for this album.

I am in love with this album, and M@rt!n-J's mix. He never disappoints, but that also applies to Fracus and Darwin, leaders of the UK Hardcore scene. True pioneers. Fuck, I'm going to listen to this mix again. Sod this review, I need to hear this mix again, and again, and again!

DJ: M@rt!n-J

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore, Dubstep

Mix Info: M@rt!n-J - Point Of No Return (Redux)

Length Mix: 00:55:43

Tracks: 17 (seventeen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 134.3 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz

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