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Make or Break Showcase Vol 4 - Sekl (2022)

Wednesday seems to be a good day for me. More reviews on a Wednesday, so consider yourself lucky. First one was Hardstyle, second one was Hardcore, and now we go and venture in the wonderful world we call Drum & Bass. And today's mix is presented to us by Make or Break. And the mix itself was made by Sekl. Not familiar with either of these names, so let's focus on the music instead, and see if the mix is big enough for me to give them a follow (and maybe you, the reader, too)?

I think this mix came to my attention because of a repost by Selectabwoy. He's one of my most favourite DJs of all time, so when he reposts stuff, you know it's going to be great. And it is looking great. Even though both names Make or Break and Sekl are unknown to me, the mix starts brilliantly, and for the next 67 minutes, Sekl takes us on a journey. A pleasant journey through the wonderful world of Drum & Bass and Jungle.

It is nice to see new names in the scene, and hear a brand spanking new mix that does not sound like anything else you've heard before. Also, 90% of these records are brand new to me, so that's an added bonus: hearing something new each day.

But is it worth your time, your precious time? Is it worth sitting through this for 67 minutes? Well, that's up to you to decide, but if you were to listen to me, my answer would be 'yes'. It's worth every second listening to this.

  1. Blowfly - Sesame Street (Sekl Street Remix)

  2. Sekl - Carrion VIP

  3. Fracture & Neptune - Firefly

  4. Laytn - The Great Worm

  5. Friske - Dark Assemble

  6. Krugah - Funky Drummers Revenge Take 2

  7. Abstract Drumz - Nothing Changes

  8. Imran Graffiti - Sisyphus

  9. Holsten - Figure Out The Name

  10. Amos Keato - Some Dread Purpose (Sekl Remix)

  11. Elementz Of Noize - The Baddest

  12. Metro - Blue Walk

  13. Ben Kei - Out Of Reach

  14. Sekl - Dreams In Audio

  15. Marcus Intalex - Qwer Key

  16. Density - Who Wants Some

  17. Laytn - Youth

  18. Laytn - Carousel

  19. Greenleaf - Introspection

  20. Laytn - Dust & Ages (Silence Groove Remix)

  21. Seba - Lviv

The mix is dope. Seriously dope. The hour flies by before you know it. And that's a good thing. You don't want to sit there, listening to something, and be bored stiff. Sekl does an amazing job, and keeps the listeners entertained. Good choice Make or Break to have Sekl make this mix.

If you are interested in this, make sure you check out Make or Break on Soundcloud, and underneath the mix, there's a link to their Bandcamp page. Worth checking out. Back to this mix.

'Funky Drummers Revenge Take 2' is such a sick record. Probably my favourite of this mix.

The mix is tight, very tight. Sekl takes you on a journey through Drum & Bass and Jungle, and it's very pleasant to hear these tunes coming at you through your speakers. You might think during the first few second 'wtf is this', but trust Sekl, he'll take it back on track before you know it!

A very pleasant mix. It is time for me to mellow down, and enjoy this mix once more. And so should you! Check out Make or Break and Sekl on Soundcloud!

DJ: Sekl

Genre/Style: Drum & Bass, Jungle

Mix Info: Make or Break Showcase Vol 4

Length Mix: 01:07:45

Tracks: 21 (twenty-one)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2022

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown


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