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Make or Break Showcase Vol 5 - Rough Territory (2022)

Sunday, time to unwind. For most people it is the day after a night out, and it is a day they really need to recover. Hopefully it was a good party, and you are still hearing that 'beep' noise in your head. For me it's a different day. Yesterday we did nothing at all, just relaxing and playing the PS4. But today me and the wife are going out, not to rave, but to see Robbie Williams. Not the biggest Robbie fan, but the wife certainly is. And I'm trying to get hyped up, but it takes a while. The concert starts tonight, so I still have a few hours to enjoy my music. And today's mix is brought to you by Make Or Break....

So, you might have seen the previous instalment of the Make Or Break showcase, which was mixed by Sekl. That was a solid mix. And the next one, which is the current one, was mixed by Rough Territory. I am still a newbie, and not familiar with Make Or Break, but their first showcase mix (which was the fourth, done by Sekl), did really impress me. So obviously I had to jump on this mix straight away...

Which I did. And now you are reading the review. I thought I'd give it a go this Sunday afternoon. And it's been a blessing. I've been sitting here, discussing it with the wife, and we both seem to enjoy this mix a lot. And this mix isn't just your random mix, it is also to promote Rough Territory's latest release, which can be found in this mix too.

But what tracks ended up in this mix? Well, these bad boys!

  1. Rough Territory - Fake Fears

  2. Response & Pliskin - Rave Victim

  3. Nubian Mindz - Kontrol Teknologies

  4. Loxy & Ink - Irrelevant

  5. Laytn & Offish - Downgrade

  6. Wreckless - Thick Cotton Blends

  7. Forest Drive West - Greed

  8. Congo Natty - Jungle Defender

  9. Block & Escher - From The Ashes

  10. dgoHn - Puppet (Equinox Remix)

  11. Zed Bias, Chimpo & Salo - Started With You

  12. Harmony - Cloud Burst

  13. Rough Territory - Walking On Wires

  14. Seba + Olski - The Future

  15. Technical Itch - RN7

  16. Nebula - Come Back To Reality

  17. dgoHn - Lucky Gonk (Macc & dgoHn Remix)

  18. DJ Andy - Decapitator

  19. Forest Drive West - Break

  20. Lockjaw - Enamour

  21. Krugah - See The Sun

  22. FFF - In Toom

  23. Dwarde - Where Do I Go

  24. Rough Territory - Cool Down Your Temper

  25. Janaway - Acid Dub

  26. Krugah - you 2 me

This has been a very chilled hour and 7 minutes. Rough Territory's mix is a very blissful mix, and highly recommendable. Unless you want something harder and rougher. In that case, go somewhere else.

All jokes aside, this fifth instalment is a very good one, a solid mix. Rough Territory has done a remarkable job. And even though I've not heard of Rough Territory before or any of the names in the mix (besides Congo Natty of course), it's been an interesting mix, and R.T. has gained a new follower: me!

I've got nothing negative to mention. This mix brings out the best in me, and has made me a very happy bunny. One thing is for sure: you all need to follow Make Or Break, and Rough Territory. If this mix is a rough indication as to what R.T. has got in store, it's worth a follow. And check out their latest EP on Bandcamp!

A solid mix. And now I'm ready to go out. Sadly it's not to a rave, but it's a Robbie gig. But I'm still going out, not staying in! And neither should you!

DJ: Rough Territory

Genre/Style: Drum & Bass, Jungle, Breakbeat

Mix Info: Make or Break Showcase Vol 5 - Rough Territory

Length Mix: 01:07:33

Tracks: 26 (twenty-six)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2022

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