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Marc Acardipane Live @ Thunderdome 2022 (Live-Recording)

Thunderdome 2022. Or 30 years of Thunderdome. Were you there? Did you experience the madness? Were you brave enough to try and find tickets? As previous editions sold out before I could even spell the word Thunderdome, I didn't even try it. No attempts were made, but looking at the line-up, I wish I went. Fuck me, this was Hardcore Heaven for me. Not only the Godfather of Hardcore was there (Marc Acardipane), but also The Prophet, Nosferatu, Ophidian, Mad Dog, Promo, Drokz, Angerfist, Dione, Panic, Endymion, The Viper, Negative A, Lady Dana, Buzz Fuzz, Bass-D, Ruffneck, Rob, Waxweazle, Vince, Partyraiser, Mindustries, The Outside Agency, I:gor, The DJ Producer, and many, many more. This is pure pornography for the Hardcore fanatic.

You cannot have a Thunderdome and NOT have Marc Acardipane play there. How's that even possible? Thankfully for those that attended, he was there. Only for 30 minutes, which is a pity, but at least you get the madness, you get the Godfather playing the best tunes out there. And now, as a gift, a jolly gift, he has given us his Thunderdome XXX set, which you can listen to RIGHT NOW! And I would urge you to, if you want to relive the glory days again.

He brought the heat to Thunderdome. His set might have been short, but it certainly left an impact. He's the legend that shaped Hardcore, he's been there since the beginning, and knows his way around the scene. And within those 30+/- minutes he gives us the finest tracks he has ever made. And when I say the finest, I do mean the finest. Fuck me sideways, these songs are tremendous, and they represent my youth fully!

We are all slaves, to the rave!

  1. Marc Acardipane - Intro

  2. Marc Acardipane - Hell-E-Copter (Original Mix)

  3. Marc Acardipane feat Da TMC - Don't Touch That Stereo (Extended Mix)

  4. Marc Acardipane - A New Mind (Cold Rush Phuture Mix)

  5. Marc Acardipane - Return To Zero (Original Mix)

  6. Marc Acardipane - Atmos-Fear (Original Mix)

  7. Marc Acardipane - Into Sound (Marshall Masters Remix)

  8. Marc Acardipane feat The Ultimate MC - I Like It Loud (Original Mix)

  9. Marc Acardipane feat The Ultimate MC - Hustler For Life (Original Mix)

  10. Marc Acardipane - Pitch-Hiker (Original Mix)

  11. Marc Acardipane - Drunken Piece Of Shit (Mix 1)

  12. Marc Acardipane - Up & Down (Original Mix)

  13. Marc Acardipane - Are You With Me (Energie Hallen Mix)

  14. Marc Acardipane - Slaves To The Rave (PCP Mix)

  15. Marc Acardipane - Hardcore Muthafucka (Original Mix)

  16. Marc Acardipane - At War (Remix)

  17. Marc Acardipane - Six Million Ways To Die (Original Mix)

These aren't the only records he has ever made. His back catalogue is seriously impressive. Hit after hit, and some even appearing in top 40s all over the world! His name is legendary, and his legacy will remain there for the rest of our lives. Marc Acardipane was, and still is, the finest producer that has ever lived. The ultimate Hardcore legend. The true Godfather of Hardcore.

And he's proven himself again at Thunderdome. The set is short, and seriously impressive. The tracks are ALL SOLID. And I'm not exaggerating. Any true die-hard Hardcore fanatic from the first hour knows all these tracks, and have embraced them into their hearts. And during Thunderdome the tone was set, with a brilliant intro, and then going into one of Marc's most underestimated songs 'Hell-E-Copter'.

And then it goes into full Marc's mode. Hit after hit. A true pioneer that he was, he shows us what he did during the 90s. Most of us would only dream of achieving this, and he just did it. He made timeless classics that still get played, all over the world. From the early 90s to now. And he used many aliases to hide the true identity of the artist, aliases like Nasty Django, 6 Pack, Ace The Space, Rave Creator, Smash, Pilldriver, Leathernecks, PCP, Inferno Bros, Marshall Masters, and the list goes on.

Show your respect to the Godfather of Hardcore, and check out this set. The only side note is that he should be on stage longer than 30 minutes. This is too damn short, but still he brings the heat. He sets the stage on FIRE!

DJ: Marc Acardipane

Genre/Style: Early Hardcore, Hardcore, Gabber, Terror, Millennium Hardcore, Hardcore Techno

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Thunderdome 2022

Length Liveset: 00:30:00

Tracks: 16 (sixteen) + Intro

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2022


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