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Marco V ‎– Live At Innercity 2000

The year is 2000. The world was a completely different one. And on the 30th of December, the Amsterdam Rai was home to one of the dopest events I've ever been to, Innercity. Organised by the might ID&T, so you know the party was going to be ace. Guess who went to this event? Me, correct. And I think I did have the best night of my whole entire life! You cannot imagine what an 18 year old Dutchman experienced, when he went with his best friend (at the time) to the last event of 2000. So freaking cool. And this party introduced me into another world I not discovered before...

The line up was one you could only dream of. And it still stands strong, even to this day. Let me name you just a few name, just a few from all 6 areas: Angelo, Green Velvet, Marco V, Jean, Paul van Dyk, Remy, Sven Vath, Roog, Soul Providers, Erick Morillo, Billy Nasty, Luke Slater, Speedy J, Dave Seaman, Sander Kleinenberg, Tiesto, LTJ Bukem, Joost van Bellen, Mickey Simms, Master Stepz, and more, many more. How's that for a unique event, eh?

It has got mixed reviews on multiple websites, but for me it holds a lot of positive memories. One of the weirdest ones I've got is the fact that the Amsterdam Rai was (and still is) massive, and you walked for miles! If you wanted to visit each area, you had to walk miles. A nice breather of a walk, but fuck me, it was exhausting. But hey ho, at least we partied hard.

One of the other things I do remember was the lack of mobile phones. We did have them, but they weren't as sophisticated as the ones we've got now. We literally danced, and no one cared. We had a fantastic time.

Back in 2001 they released the Marco V - Live At Innercity 2000 CD. It's not really live, but it still has the tracks from that event, played by not only Marco V. But he was king. His records were certainly dancefloor anthems, without a shadow of a doubt. He made memorable anthems, and knew also which records to select to get the crowd going. And this CD just shows how good Innercity was, and the music back in 2000.

So let's delve into the tracklist, if you haven't heard or seen it before!

  1. 3 Phase - Der Klang Der Familie (Ian Wilkie Remix)

  2. Electrique Boutique - Revelation (James Holden Remix)

  3. Steve Porter - The Catch

  4. Blaze - My Beat (AMbassador Remix)

  5. X-Press 2 - AC/DC (Gangbanger Remix)

  6. Chab - Matica (Moogwai Mix)

  7. Futureshock - Sparc

  8. Fred Numf vs 5 Point 0 - Globalisation

  9. DJ Nukem vs Chab - Shaiva

  10. Chris Cowie - Therapy (Part One)

  11. Resistance D - You Were There (Thomas P. Heckmann Remix)

  12. Marco V - In Charge

  13. Marco V - Recovered

  14. Marco V - Indicator

  15. Ural 13 Diktators - Total Destruction (Johannes Heil Remix)

Now, let me explain one thing: this CD is dope. Really dope. From Progressive House to Tech Trance to Techno, you get the lot. Carefully mixed by Marco V. Not live. If it was indeed live, why the fucking hell didn't they record the crowd screaming? I miss that from most sets, if I'm honest.

But the CD is genius. Still stands strong in 2020. And especially Marco V's records. Such an underrated producer. His Millennium work is truly amazing. And I do love 'In Charge', but 'Recovered' is the best from this mixed CD.

A fantastic album with a lot of memories. I'm guessing you won't be able to find this masterpiece anywhere at all. You do have Marco's set on Youtube, but today I wanted to treat you to the actual VHS tape recordings, which should give you a glimpse into the past, when I was raving. And check how happy everyone was. And how freaking ace the event was! If you weren't there, you missed out!

So the first player is the CD, and the second is the live footage from the event. I want to go back in time.

The night itself was magical. It introduced me into the wonderful world of UKG, and has given me countless memories. Mixed reception or not, I fucking experienced the night to the max!

Also. check out indeed the second video: there are some tracks on there you might really appreciate!!!!!

DJ: Marco V

Genre/Style: Progressive House, Tech Trance, Techno

CD Info: Marco V - Live At Innercity 2000

Length CD: 01:13:31

Tracks: 15 (fifteen)

Release Year: 2000

Label: ID&T

Product Number: 7003642

More Information: -------


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