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Masters Of Hardcore Classics - DJ Kyle (2019)

A few eeeks ago I came into contact with someone on Soundcloud who made this Scott Brown mix. Project X his name was. And now under his alias Kyle he made a new channel on Soundcloud and already has two mixes on there. Depending on what your preference is, you could go for the Hardstyle one or the Hardcore one. Seeing as I am Dutch, I have gone for the Hardcore mix (obviously). And it's a MoH classics mix. So, I'm intrigued.

Obviously I do not need to explain what Masters of Hardcore is to a die hard Hardcore fanatic. It's a label, a choice, a lifestyle. And still going strong since the Millennium era. Keeping the raving masses happy, that's what they have been doing for years, and to go back to the early years, it's always a blessing. If you see the tracklist you will love it instantly.

01. Tha Playah - Fuck The Titties (The Viper & Tommyknocker Remix)

02. Art Of Fighters & DJ Mad Dog - Party Starter

03. Neophyte & The Viper - 98 To Your Mind

04. Endymion & Art Of Fighters - Let's Get It On

05. Paul Elstak - I'm Not An Addict

06. DJ D vs Nitrogenetics - Melodic Art

07. Re-Style - Planetgroover

08. Dyprax & Angerfist - The Pearly Gates

09. Evil Activities vs The Viper - Raw To The Floor

10. Nitrogenetics - Inside Your Head

11. Re-Style - Get It Crackin' (2011 Edit)

12. Masters Of Ceremony - UNDR_CTRL09

13. Angerfist feat Cixx & Kokka - Brother's Keeper

14. Outblast - Eardrumz (Kutski & Bioweapon Remix)

15. Tha Playah - Mastah Of Shock (Angerfist Remix)

16. Masters Of Ceremony - Dirt

17. Angerfist - In A Million Years

18. Evil Activities - Nobody Said It Was Easy

I do love MoH. And I think with me millions of others. It's not this underground thing anymore, nor has it ever been since they dominated the scene. But what kind of music do I prefer? Definately the older stuff, when they made these tracks (you can find them in the mix).

I do find his selection interesing. Yes, you do find the most important records, but also a few lesser known/lesser played records. But what does that lead up to? A very interesting mix. If you start your mix with 'Fuck The Titties' and end with 'Nobody Said It Was Easy', the rollercoaster ride is clear: it's going to be epic.

There are a few cross fading errors here and there. Sometimes it goes smooth, sometimes it doesn't. Doesn't ruin the outcome of the mix though, don't get me wrong.

Anyway, the general gist of this mix is good. Love the vibes, loving the records. Worth checking out right now!

DJ: Kyle

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber

Mix Info: Masters Of Hardcore Classics

Length Mix: 01:11:24

Tracks: 18 (eighteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 164 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 320kbps

More Information: DJ Kyle - Soundcloud Page

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