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MC Thunda – Lyrical Convict – The Finale (2018)

When you get a CD in your physical inbox, it always makes you smile. Last week I received two, one was the exclusive album by GPF (Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz), and the other was by MC Thunda’s, his last ‘Lyrical Convict’ instalment. It came with a nice flyer, but I didn’t know what was going to happen. Many people, are receiving the album, started sharing the album in selfies. The flyer played a huge part of it. But what wondered me, was if this was going to be the last thing we will ever hear from MC Thunda? And the answer is ‘no’. Hell no.

This CD contains not only him, but also his fellow MCs. That’s what makes this CD even better: he wasn’t on his own. Let me name the MCs, and before you start dribbling, let me warn you; he asked the biggest names out there! MC Enemy, Wotsee, Rafta, Eruption, Domer, Skatty, B, and Octane! This brought a bigger smile on my face, and I reckon MC Thunda secretly smiled too (in a room where no-one can see him smile). I’ve never actually seen him smile on a picture. He looks so serious, but this is also his mission with the Lyrical Convict mix series: he’s bringing the heat to the listeners. And you get all that for only £6.00. How’s that for an early Christmas present?

Here’s the tracklist. But, seeing as I was asked not to share it, it’s a mystery!

01. Unknown – Unknown 02. Unknown – Unknown 03. Unknown – Unknown 04. Unknown – Unknown 05. Unknown – Unknown (Unknown Remix)  06. Unknown & Unknown – Unknown 07. Unknown – Unknown 08. Unknown feat Unknown – Unknown 09. Unknown – Unknown 10. Unknown & Unknown feat Unknown – Unknown

Could be more records being played, but they are mystery records to me too. So I can’t share anything with you lot yet. What you do get, is fire. This album should come with a warning: you might burn yourself once you press play. Who doesn’t want to hear these wonderful MCs on one mixtape?

He starts off slowely with a nice dance anthem, but don’t you worry; he wil play the UK Hardcore soon. Jumping from UK Hardcore to Powerstomp, and even though I know the anthems, I can’t remember the names. Too many names are already in my head, there’s no room for more! But MC Thunda starts off nicely, and makes sure the listener is pleased by his skills. And he’s got skills. He’s one of those MCs who never disappoints, and who knows what to say, when to say it.

And he keeps it real, as the youngsters would say. He uses his experience in life as his guidance throughout this mixtape, and you get a short history lesson in his life. Hence why I said he’s keeping it real. No bullshit, you wanted a mixtape which is true to the core. The music is fitting, the lyrics are really banging. And with a whole lot of his mates on this mixtape, you get a mixtape so damn good, one we’ve been missing out on a lot.

I hope that he will come back with something new, and refreshing. We need something as dope as this. The last of this instalment, but not the last we will hear from MC Thunda!

Get your copy right now. Check out the link underneath, and before you know it, the album is yours!

MC: Thunda and Enemy, Wotsee, Rafta, Eruption, Domer, Skatty, B, Octane Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Powerstomp Release Year: 2018 CD Info: Lyrical Convict – The Finale by MC Thunda CDs: 1 (one) Length CD: 00:45:17 Tracks: unknown Label: unknown Product Number: unknown Buy Here (via MC Thunda’s Facebook Page): BUY HERE More Information: MC Thunda – Facebook Fanpage

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