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Mello Mix (2019)

The first END OF YEAR mix I have found is made by the biggest EDM DJ in the world right now, Marshmello. And to show you how big he is (not his actual size I'm talking about though): 10 days ago this mix got uploaded, and already has got 139K+ plays at this moment! Most mixes on Soundcloud are struggling to get more than 1000 plays, but this is a Marshmello mix: obviously it immediately gains attention, and 616 reactions to his mix can be found on Soundcloud. He's so huge: we've gone passed the stage where we are wondering who's behind the mask, and just consider him 'human'. Even though the mask hides the true identity, we are not bothered about that, we are more focussed on the music.

Truth be told, I've got a love-hate relationship with EDM. Maybe it's a generation thing, but I want to hear awesome music performed by awesome artists who take the scene seriously. We've seen many clowns over the years, who have sadly put a downer on my attitude towards EDM. That's why I have this relationship. Many people find it funny, but I do not. We all know which artists I'm talking about, but hey: as long as you enjoy it, why shouldn't you?

I thought I should give this mix a go, seeing as it's quite a while since I last reviewed an EDM mix. And the tags underneath the mix made it even more interesting: this mix contains Dance, Dance Pop, Dubstep, Trap, and of course EDM.

This is going to be interesting: I've lost touch on who's who in the EDM world, and not familiar with most songs being released nowadays. So this is for me a reintroduction. Could be interesting?

01. Marshmello & Flux Pavilion feat Elohim - Room To Fall

02. Netsky & Aloe Blacc - Snitch

03. Yellow Claw x Duke & Jones - ID

04. RL Grime & Juelz - Formula

05. Sikdope - S.O.S.

06. Marshmello & TYNAN - Earthquake


08. Party Favor & Nonsens - Gasoline

09. Asking Alexandria - The Violence (Sikdope Remix)

10. YehMe2 & Wuki - Throw It

11. Salvatore Ganacci - Horse

12. Marshmello & Yultron - Let's Get Down

13. Slushii & Kaivon - Sober

14. Oliver Tree - Miracle Man (Zeds Dead Remix)

15. Troyboi - The Truth

16. Holly - Through Me

17. KAYZO feat Alex Gaskarth - Up In Flames

18. Duke & Jones - Isolate

19. Marshmello feat A Day To Remember - Rescue Me

20. Marshmello & Slushii - Put Yo Hands Up

21. Eptic - Beyond The Stars

22. SIPPY - Ghosts

23. ID - ID

24. Borgore - G.O.A.T.

25. sapientdream feat KARRA - Mess It Up

26. Ducky - The Only One

27. Aazar & Bellecour - Bonaparte

28. Moksi feat Digitzz - Do You Hear Me

29. Valentino Khan - Pony

30. Dillon Francis - DFR

31. JAUZ & Dubloadz - Super Hott

32. JAUZ - Get To Me

33. Alesso - PROGRESSO

34. Avicii feat Imagine Dragons - Heart Upon My Sleeve

35. Alesso & SUMR CAMP - In The Middle

36. DJ Snake - Frequency 75

37. Blanke & Godlands - Hellraiser

38. Petit Biscuit feat JP Cooper - We Were Young

39. Marshmello & Kane Brown - One Thing Right (KDrew Remix)

40. What So Not & Diablo - OOGAHDAM!

41. Marshmello feat YUNGBLUD & Blackbear - Tongue Tied

This is a full on EDM mix, as you would expect from Marshmello.If you don't know who he is, then you are really too young, or maybe too old. But even this crazy Dutchman knows about his existence. But does that mean this mix is good, or is it bad?

Well, I've got mixed feelings. Yes, even after listening to it, I've got this mix feeling going through my system. I do like a bit of EDM, but some records do not make any sense. Not to put a downer on things, it's still nice and mello mix (see what I did there), but some records just didn't make me move whatsover. For example Alesso's 'PROGRESSO'. I would have expected one member of the former Swedish House Mafia to make something extraordinary, and yet it sounds extremely dull.

But am I being too negative? Yes, I am. It's still enjoyable. Don't get me wrong: if I would be at a Marshmello concert/gig, I would still put my hands in the air. I like the good atmosphere he puts out towards the crowd, and some of the records selected do truly demolish speakers. He starts off with a wicked record, if truth be told. And the record that got me the most is 'We Were Young'. I love the mellowed down mood you get, the second the record hits you. But it's not really big event-ish, isn't it?

A good mix, to be fair. He knows how to please the masses, and that's why he's such a crowd pleaser. The set is nice, some records really ear pleasing. All in all a nice set. Would have expected a bit more from certain artists, seeing as they know better. But I still listened to it, and enjoyed it.

DJ: Marshmello

Genre/Style: EDM

Mix Info: Mello Mix

Length Mix: 01:01:32

Tracks: 41 (fourty-one)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 85.4 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 192kbps

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