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Memories Of Ibiza (2000 - 2005) (2021)

The last few hours have emerged. The heatwave is about to end. Hopefully with a bit of rain, and some thunder storms. Don't need hail or anything devastating, but we need some rain. The grass looks as dry as hell, and the temperatures inside of our homes are still above 25 degrees. Windows are open, fans are constantly working, and yet we are still experiencing the heatwave. So let's remember the Summer of 22, and how weird it was. And we should end it on a high. No, not temperature wise, but music wise. And J.O.E.'s mix is the right one for us all.

Ibiza. I've never been to Spain, as far as I can tell. When I was younger I've seen a bit of the world, but never went to Spain. Greece and Italy, those were the countries my parents took me when I was a wee little lad. But as I got older, my first holiday on my own was England. So yeah, you can see I am a world traveler. Been with the wife to Greece and Curacao, but that's it. Never Spain. We were close this year in going to Spain, but it just never happened. But in a weird way,I can imagine how awesome it must have been around the Millennium. And the music that was played on Ibiza.

J.O.E. has been a contributor to this page, and many of his mixes have found their way to this page. And today's mix isn't his latest one, but one that popped up on my timeline on Soundcloud. Still very suitable to the present day, and you might even be currently in Ibiza, enjoying a nice refreshing drink, dipping your toes in the sand, and watching the sun set beautifully in the evening. If that's the case, ENJOY it as much as you can.

We go back in time, to the early 2000s. Trance music dominated the world, and found its way to Ibiza. Many compilations were dedicated to Ibiza, and many livesets can be found on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, and other websites, and many people have got fond memories of those years. Let's relive those years, or imagine how cool it must have been, clubbing the night away...

  1. Y Traxx - Mystery Land

  2. Wighnomy Bros - Wurz & Blosse

  3. Tonedepth & Soultan - Moments

  4. Rui Da Silva - Touch Me

  5. Coca & Villa - La Noche

  6. Mansun - Wide Open Space (Perfecto Mix)

  7. Solid Globe - Sahara

  8. Mark Otten - Tranquility

  9. Airwave - Lady Blue

  10. Tiesto feat Jes - Everything

  11. Airwave - Venus Of My Dreams

  12. Chicane - Offshore 97

  13. Estuera feat Re:Locate - Palma Solane

  14. Chicane feat Marie Brennan (Of Clannad) - Saltwater (Thrillseekers Remix)

  15. Electric Pulse - White Noise

  16. Active Sight - The Search For Freedom

  17. Kamaya Painters - Northern Spirit

  18. BT - Mercury & Solace (BT 12'' Master Mix)

  19. Aquilia - Dreamstate (Oliver Lieb's L.S.G. Mix)

  20. Whirlpool - Under The Sun (Solarstone Remix)

  21. Fictivision & Phynn - Escape

  22. Kamaya Painters - Endless Wave

  23. Sensorica - Only One (Rave Mix)

  24. Robert Nickson - Spiral

  25. Pulser - Cloudwalking

  26. Ferry Corsten - Beautiful

  27. Liam Wilson - Aspiration

  28. Tukan - Like A Rainbow (ATB Remix)

  29. Travel - Bulgarian (Signum Remix)

  30. Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun (Tiesto Remix)

Wow. A tracklist that makes me happy. Even though the majority of names aren't known to me, I do know the songs. And some I haven't heard for at least a decade! And I'm not exaggerating. Again, it could be because I've never been to Ibiza, and the algorithm knows that and hides these tracks from me, but clearly it shouldn't. I've purchased many compilations in the past with tracks on it which were played in Ibiza (and other islands too though)...

I am really feeling the vibes. I am sitting here, covered in sweat, but having a huge smile on my face. Yes, it was music perfectly made for the clubbers in Ibiza, but it was also enjoyable wherever on this massive Earth. I was listening to this in NL back in the day, and enjoyed it a lot. J.O.E.'s mix is yet another entertaining one, and one we can definitely listen to during the last few hours of the Summer.

The tracks are all solid, and it's carefully mixed together. What else is there to say? Enjoy it while you can.

How can I pick a favourite, when all 30 are excellent Trance anthems? How it is even possible? Can you?

DJ: J.O.E.

Genre/Style: Trance, Progressive Trance , Ambient, Chillout

Mix Info: Memories Of Ibiza (2000 - 2005)

Length Mix: 02:11:52

Tracks: 30 (thirty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2021

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