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Mike Air Presents Spring House Classics - April 2024

It is Friday, and the weekend is about to land! Yes, we've made it through another long and arduous week. But now we can relax, and unwind. We need something that can us going, and give us the right amount of energy. The mix you are about to listen to, has got just the right amount of energy. And before you get excited, a reminder that this mix is filled with House classics that are roughly 20 years old. But still loved by all that have got a good taste in music. I consider myself someone with a good taste, and thankfully the majority of people that I know will love this mix too.

After a quick hiatus that was left behind after Hardcore went underground, I decided to go back to my roots, and this is when House music was really everywhere. The tracks you are about to listen to were big back in the Millennium years, and they are still highly recommended to this day. Oh how I love the Millennium dance music. This is really timeless music. They still go down well in clubs all over the world. And you know the songs are good when even your parents like them.

Mike Air, the man behind this mix, kindly reminded me of its existence. So I jumped right on it, and I wasn't ready for it. Seriously, this man awesome records in one mix. It brings back so many memories. At first I thought I was listening to a mix CD released by ID&T, as they had these songs on them, but oh no, I was wrong. This is a freshly made mix for all that are ready for the Spring/Summer of 2024. We need a bit of heat, to fully enjoy these songs.

  1. The Supermen Lovers feat Mani Hoffman - Starlight

  2. Junior Senior - Move Your Feet (Original Mix)

  3. Cassius - 99 (Original Mix)

  4. Santos - Camels (Edit)

  5. Plaything - Into Space (Original Mix)

  6. The Ones - Flawless (Phunk Investigation Vocal Mix)

  7. Till West & DJ Delicious - Same Man (Original)

  8. Planet Funk - Chase The Sun (Extended Club Mix)

  9. Supercar - Tonite (Extended Mix)

  10. Modjo - Chillin' (Modjo's Dyrt Remix)

  11. Love Connection - The Bomb (Triple X Club Mix)

  12. Raven Maize & Dave Lee - The Real Life (Club Mix)

  13. Static Revenge - Happy People (Original 12'' Mix)

  14. Pete Heller - Big Love (The Dronez Mix)

  15. Milky - Just The Way You Are (Original Extended Mix)

It feels like I'm back, in 2001. This makes me feel extremely young, and brings back so many memories. So many festivals, so many dancefloors visited. And the amount of compilations that had these songs on them. Hell, I even had a few on CD-single!

The ones I had on single (I am THAT old) were Cassius, Santos, and Planet Funk. Those were the songs that dominated my youth, and even to this day I feel warm inside whenever I hear these songs. Mike Air's selection is really great, and I love the soulfulness of all the songs.

Music was slightly more focussed on the Summer, and people were in a better world, a much happier world. Dancing until the Sun comes on the horizon, celebrating a new day happening. Oh, the golden years, I miss them.

There are so many well known songs in here, and a few forgotten ones too. And if you have been following our site for a few years now, you know that my wife isn't a fan of most of the stuff I listen to. But this mix gets a thumbs up from her, and that's saying something.

We both highly recommend this mix, and when 'Just The Way You Are' is played, that's when all happiness lands into our souls. Singing along throughout the mix, but that song is just the most catchiest of them all, right?

Go and enjoy the weekend, and let this be the one that guides you through not just the weekend, but gets you one step closer to the Summer of 2024!

DJ: Mike Air

Genre/Style: House, Club, Club House, Beach House

Mix Info: Mike Air Presents Spring House Classics - April 2024

Length Mix: 01:15:22

Tracks: 15 (fifteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2024

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