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If there's one person who knows a thing or two about Millennium Hardcore, it has got to be Promo. He's been in the game for God knows how long, but has had a long lasting affect on all us, ravers. He's been our God since he emerged onto the scene, and his highest peak happened around the Millennium. For the younger generation who weren't around: that 's the year 2000. Y2K, anyone? The whole world were concentrating on making the computers work, whilst the raving community just carried out raving. And Promo was at the helm of it all. Don't pretend you don't know the impact his music has had on the scene.

Well, OK, he wasn't certainly the only one. There are a shitload of artists who shaped the scene. Promo was one of them, but his music has touched many ravers. And even though he likes to push forward his music, he also acknowledges the fact that it wasn't just him that dominated during the Millennium years. And for that, he made 2 mixes. The first one I reviewed a year or so ago, but never knew that there was a second one.

In this mix he crammed as much Millennium records in it as possible. An hour and a half of pure nostalgic Hardcore. Or Gabber. Whatever you would like to call it. It does contain the biggest and the most obscure records, so a nice mash of literally everything with fucking hard and rough beats, basses, and melodies only created by angels. But the BPMs were made by demons. Come on, it was hard. And I fucking love it!

The tracklist will give you an erection. Or a moist underpants. Or whatever gets you going. Hard nipples. It will do something to you. But what it also does to you, is increase your heart beat to match the BPMs. I'm sitting here with a smile on my face, and Kleenex tissues ready. My heart is going absolutely mad right now.

01. Tommyknocker - Death By Stereo

02. Meccano Twins - Domin-Hated

03. Catscan - Exploded Vain

04. D.O.C. - Hardcore To The Penis (Promo Remix)

05. Unexist - Smash

06. Stormtrooper - Todesvogeln

07. Tommyknocker - Criminal

08. Ki-Real - The Warning

09. Endymion - We Are The Future (Remix)

10. The Blaster - War Is Coming

11. Tommyknocker vs Sunbeam - Twist

12. Catscan - Be Unforgettable

13. Evil Activities - Do You Like Bass? (Tha Playah Remix)

14. Art Of Fighters - Artwork

15. D-Passion - Designed To Fail

16. Endymion - Pussy Motherfuckers

17. Mad Dog - Dangerous

18. Nosferatu & Ophidian - Psychiatric Ass

19. Nosferatu & Endymion - Kapotnaaien

20. Tommyknocker - Sometimes

21. Promo - The Tablet

22. Negative A & Darkcontroller - Hard Vitality

23. D-Passion & Catscan - Phreaking Electronics

24. 3 Steps Ahead - Money In My Pocket (Promo Remix)

25. Ruffneck & Ophidian - So Many Sacrifices

26. Promo - Always Futile

27. Catscan - Drive By

28. Mad Dog & D-Passion - Take The Risk

29. Day-Mar - Embrace The Night

30. N-Vitral - Smitgotten

31. Unexist - Attack (Mad Dog Remix)

This is definately Hardcore to the penis! My Lord, this is amazing! I've had a wonderful journey back to my childhood, just listening to this hour and a half long mix. The tracklist does look indeed amazing, and as I said, it contained the finest and most well known records, and also records I've not come across before, or heard in a looong time! Trip down memory lane, anyone?

Promo knows a thing or two about music, and his mix does indeed contain filth. Hardcore filth. Just what I needed. My journeys to work have been short (that literally never happens), but around an hour at least one way, so that gave me the opportunity to listen to this mix at least 26492 times this week. Oh, I forgot to mention that I also listen to music at work, so Promo has been on my mind constantly this week. And it has been good.

It does contain some errors. Well, truth be told, this is a vinyl only mix, so you would expect a few here and there. Sometimes you won't even notice, or even bother, but sometimes it's just a bit too much lol. It's like Promo is too eager to play all the records he wanted to play. Sometimes a let down, but the majority of the mix is still good.

Two records are my all time favourites, 'Embrace The Night' put Day-Mar on the map, and on my map too, and 'We Are The Future'. Proper Enzyme Records vibes. Dark, edgy, yet beautiful. Demonic, that's the word I was looking for.

All in all a wicked mix. Worth listening to. And also free to download. Double bonus!

DJ: Promo

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Millennium Hardcore


Length Mix: 01:33:10

Tracks: 31 (thirty-one)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 99.9 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 150kbps

More Information: DJ Promo - Soundcloud Page

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