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Minus The Crown - Rinse FM Mix - May 2019

Minus The Crown. A new duo in the UK Dance scene. If you look at the picture above and you don't know either of them, you have a lot to catch up on. Minus The Crown are Dougal and Joey Riot. Their latest adventure. I saw the messages a few weeks ago, and started following them, but I thought they were UK Hardcore only, but it turns out I was wrong, absolutely wrong.

Joey and Dougal have got years of experience. I don't know how many decades combined, but together they make a successful duo. Both very passionate about music. If you think of UK Hardcore and you need to compose a top 10 list, I bet your ass that at least one of them is in it. Dougal has been on the forefront for decades: he was one of the first to make UK Hardcore massive, and Joey has been successful not just in the UK Hardcore scene, but also the Dutch Gabber scene, as one half of Destructive Tendencies.

Was it an obvious choice for these legends to come together? Yes. But does it work out? Well, we are about to find out. On the 27th of May they were on Rinse FM, where Hixxy is a resident DJ. As a guest he had Minus The Crown, and their guestmix is on Soundcloud right now. Is it worth checking it out?

01. Joey Riot & Macks Wolf - Mystic Revolution

02. Re-Con & Squad-E - Why Does My Love (Arkangel Remix)

03. Prime Time Players - Don't Know How Make You Happy (Suae x Technikal Remix)

04. Dougal x Mike Reverie - Supercharged

05. Macks Wolf - Hit Em Like This

06. Da Tweekaz - Tequila (Minus The Crown Remix)

07. Minus The Crown - 4 In The Morning

08. Kelli-Leigh - I Can't Dance (Minus The Crown Remix)

09. Salvatore Ganacci - Horse (Tweekacore Flip)

10. Darren Styles & Dougal - Hold On

11. Minus The Crown - Praise You Minus The Crown

12. CLSM & Cube::Hard - See You On The Other Side (Joey Riot & Elov8 Remix)

13. Gareth Emery - Take Everything (Joey Riot vs Atom, Gee & Mikey P Flip)

14. The Prodigy - Voodoo People (Minus The Crown Flip)

This is an unusual tracklist, isn't it? From The Prodigy to Salvatore Ganacci (isn't he the weird DJ from Tomorrowland?), you find everything in here. Including a few of their own collaborations, and also a really big tune I loved from the first moment I heard it.

I'll just throw this out there: I'm not a fan of Tweekacore. But that's just a personal opinion. I'm not a fan of their extremely cheesy music. Many are fans, and I'm probably hitting them really hard with my comments about them, but I'm not a fan. I love a bit of cheese, but they are like blue cheese: smelly, and once opened it will stink the fridge out. And it will affect other food in the fridge. Not ideal. Maybe when you are wasted you might like it, but I just don't see the fuss in all their happiness.

But what I do like, is Minus The Crown. They've made some good tunes, which you can find in here. But it's not their tracks that got me hyped the most: it has got to be 'Supercharged' that makes me moist the most. I'm loving the vibes, loving the authentic sound. Loving the vibes. Just love it a lot.

Besides the Tweekacore tracks, I do like this mix. You get a bit of everything. Hard Dance, UK Hardcore, a bit of bounce, a bit of woop woop. Well, you get my drift. It's not your standard mix, and I love it. It's worth checking out, and also worth following Minus The Crown.

Act: Minus The Crown

Genre/Style: Hard Dance

Mix Info: Rinse FM Mix - May 2019

Length Mix: 00:41:03

Tracks: 14 (fourteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 414 MB

File Type: .wav

Bitspeed: 1411kbps

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