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MOH Radio Drokz Kapot Hard Mix (2022)

Have you ever heard of DJ or MC Drokz? If not, get the fuck away from here. How can you not know one of the biggest names in the Hardcore/Terror scene? One who has been nicknamed the Grandad of Terror? As you all know, I've got a soft spot for this Terror legend and everything he does. He's been such a stable force in the Hardcore scene and much respected, and only a handful of months ago he released his own book. Yes, you've read that right, he's got his own book! An autobiography, written by the one behind Elite Pauper. And the title of the book is 'Kapot Hard'. At the moment it is only in Dutch, but maybe in the future an English version might become available. But yeah, the Grandad of Terror has now got a book, and to 'promote' the book, he made this mix. Interested yet?

I've been trying to get the book, and will go to the Netherlands soon, to see family, and hopefully by then they have got the book. Really intrigued to read the ins- and outs of everything Drokz related, and Hardcore/Terror related. He's been in the game for many years now, and has racked up a lot of experience over the years. Seen a lot, done a lot. So this book should be an interesting read.

The book is selling like hot cakes, so hopefully I'll get my copy as soon as possible. Wouldn't want to miss out on this marvellous book. It's full of interesting historically significant bits and bobs all us Hardcore fanatics want to read about.

Of course Drokz is a well loved and respected producer, but the mix he uploaded yesterday is just to demonstrate that with age comes experience, and he hasn't lost his marbles. Guessing he never will. He will always be able to give us excellent music and excellent mixes. And yes, it's a promo mix for his book, but it's also a nice new refreshing mix by the Grandad. And who would say 'no' to that?

It was aired on Masters Of Hardcore radio, but now for your listening pleasures on Soundcloud:

  1. E-Noid - Swallow N Choke (Refix)

  2. Instinct vs DRS feat Disarray - Riot

  3. Striker - Rise Of Fighters

  4. Dolphin - Facemasks

  5. Vandal!sm & Proactive HC - Someone Make Some Noise

  6. Da Mouth Of Madness & Proactive HC - Outlaw Till I Die

  7. Akira - All Rise

  8. Rob Gee - Realm Of Natas (System Overload Remix)

  9. Delta 9 - STFU

  10. Drokz - We Get On Drokz

  11. Hellfish & Akira - Pop A Mix

  12. Ritchie Gee & DJ Mutante - Kool DJ

  13. Drokz - I'm Coming To Take Out All Of Yall

  14. Ultragore - Back From The Death

  15. The Inquisitor & The Shadow - Your Mother Is A Cunt

  16. Execrate - Live By The Bullet

  17. Creatures Of The Occult - This Is The House Of The Devil

  18. Drokz - I Might Even Get Violent

  19. Drokz - Funk This

  20. The Vizitor - Fuck You Up

  21. Drokz - I Was Born Hardcore And Raised To Be Terror

  22. Paranoizer & Dissoactive - Welcome To The Terrordrome

  23. Akira & Metal D - Trancetrutje (Drokz Remix)

  24. Creatures Of The Occult - The Place We Call Hell

A bit of everything is in here. I know (and so does Drokz) that you like it. I certainly do. I've been listening to the mix at least 10 times today already. Oh no, that might be a bit of a porky pie (a lie): 9 times seems more accurate.

A wonderful mix, with a bit of everything in here. Of course Drokz had to play a few of his own records, and why wouldn't he? But also a bit of Uptempo in this mix too. Nice and diverse, but still rough and raw as fuck. The BPMs are extremely high, and remain high from the start until the end of the mix. And I'm liking this a lot: my nipples are currently erect, and that's not because of the cold temperatures.

Drokz's mix is yet another amazing one, and I really enjoyed it. And I'm guessing you will enjoy it too. But which record in this mix made me 'erect' the most? ' Kool DJ'. Remember the original? That's such a party anthem from the 90s! For a split second I was back at a club/bar/disco and imagined that this tune came on: no one was safe around us! Big tunes, cool remix!

I really enjoyed it, and I want you to experience the same: click the player below, and let the music take you on a journey! And if are able to read a book in Dutch, order Drokz's book. Might do a book review later (in a couple of months)... be on the look out!

DJ: Drokz

Genre/Style: Terror, Uptempo Hardcore

Mix Info: MOH Radio Drokz Kapot Hard Mix

Length Mix: 00:48:21

Tracks: 24 (twenty-four)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2022

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: Drokz - Soundcloud Channel

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