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Monita - Headz History Mix (1993-2019) (2020)

It's Friday, and it's relaxing time. It has been a relaxing 2 days for me, seeing I had to take up some holiday days, so I thought I'd make it a long weekend. And during the last 2 days one specific mix has been playing over and over: a Metalheadz mix, made by Monita. During my two days off, I can never sit still, and to have Drum and Bass play out loud, it makes life so much better. COVID is already a pain in the arse to many, so to have something playing that makes you happy, and for a few hours takes you out of this misery that is COVID, why not embrace it?

The label does not need any introduction. One of the, or even the best Drum and Bass label in the whole world. Certainly one that has left a mark on the scene. A groundbreaking label that has given us many memorable tunes. And whoever made this mix (Monita Skeleton) has done a great job by using a lot of these wicked anthems to compose a 2 hour long mix, with the finest records released from this majestic label.

This mix is filled with excellent Drum and Bass anthems, and according to Monita it could have been many more anthems, but 40 was a nice number, and 2 hours is long enough. Well, I wouldn't be disappointed if the mix was 3 hours or even longer, but 2 hours is OK. Not too short, not too long,

So which records has Monita used for this Metalheadz dedication mix? Here are the tracks:

  1. Grooverider - Sinister (Influence Mix)

  2. Rufige Kru - VIP Riders Ghost

  3. Goldie - This Is Bad

  4. Dillinja - Ja Know Ya Big

  5. Photek - The Rain (Remix)

  6. Dillinja - Armoured D

  7. Ed Rush - Skylab

  8. Optical - Shape The Future (VIP)

  9. Goldie - Kemistry (Grooverider Remix)

  10. Doc Scott - Swarm

  11. Spirit - Solitaire

  12. Future Cut - Obsession

  13. Total Science - Jungle Jungle

  14. John B - Up All Night

  15. Jonny L - Part Of You

  16. Total Science - Ghostlife

  17. Special Forces - Satisfy

  18. Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch - Prejudice & Politics

  19. Rufige Kru - Letting Go (VIP)

  20. Commix - Be True

  21. Break - Headz Up

  22. Rufige Kru - Lost Rufige

  23. Commix - Double Double

  24. D Bridge - Cornered

  25. Rufige Kru - Vanilla (VIP)

  26. Marcus Intalex - Hell 2 Pay

  27. Dom & Roland - Outta Endz

  28. Jubei - Ruffige 11

  29. Friske - Covert

  30. Om Unit - Timelines

  31. Mako - The Narrator

  32. Nucleus & Paradox - Blade 9

  33. Total Science - All Massive

  34. John B - Lava

  35. Nucleus & Paradox - 12 Bits (Mako's Breakout Mix)

  36. One Mind - Pull Up

  37. Seba - Node 46

  38. Kid Drama - Moments In Lust

  39. Amit - Naked Fuse

  40. Seba & Paradox - Hexagon

It is nice to see a mix that builds up. And by that I mean, it starts with music from 1993, and it runs all the way to 2019. And I have to say that, even though I more focussed on the early Metalheadz sound, I do like the new sound and the new names I've not heard of before. Yes, the older generation might have set this label and its sound up, but the young lads and lasses are continuing the sound and the label's legacy.

Normally I would have a rant about everything that's wrong with a mix, but today I cannot find a single flaw at all. Monita has done a great job with this mix: the flow is continuous and at no point during this mix do you feel that the music is changing rapidly. The flow is good, and you don't even realised that the one record you were focussed on has now stopped playing about 29 minutes ago. The music just comes at you at this incredible pace.

The tunes are excellent, and the mix itself is gorgeous. I've got no negative feedback, only love for this wicked mix. I highly recommend this one to everyone who loves Drum and Bass, and who knows and adores Metalheadz. And it's also a free download, so what else do you need?

Best track? Photek's 'The Rain'. Timeless classic.

DJ: Monita

Genre/Style: Drum & Bass

Mix Info: Monita - Headz History Mix (1993-2019)

Length Mix: 02:16:12

Tracks: 40 (fourty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 336.2 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz

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