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More Rave Muzik!! (2024)

It is Saturday, and many of us have chores to do. You need something hard and rough, yet energetic enough to give you that push. Have I got something nice for you all to listen to, if you love Rave music? Or as they call it, Rave Muzik. How diverse, how inventive. How cool. But all jokes aside, it is pretty cool that Rave, the kind of music I grew up with, is still kept alive. And Rave Muzik is one of those labels you need to look out for, as they released fucking epic stuff.

I was under the impression that I had already reviewed a Rave Muzik mix before, but I cannot seem to find it. Apologies for the delay then, but I genuinely thought I had already written something about the label and it's music. At least I'm not too late, eh? Well, thanks to DJ Skyline's latest mix, which contains records from Rave Muzik's latest compilation, whcih is called 'Crusade Of Rave, Vol.3'.

As far as I understood it, the label just focusses on Rave music, and has no boundaries. As long as it sounds like it 'could' have been made in the 90s, they will look at it and maybe release it. And you all know how much this reviewer LOVES the 90s, especially when it comes to my childhood music.

So, instead of me talking about things that are irrelevant, let us dive straight into the tracklist:

  1. Doctor D - Revelation

  2. Stormtrooper & Zion - So Happy

  3. Andy James - Take Me Back

  4. DJ Elmo - We're The Generation

  5. Mike Smash - Unsettled Emotions (Rave Mix)

  6. Project XTC - Take Off

  7. T-Go - Dream Team Is Here

  8. Project XTC - X-Plosion

  9. Denny Lee - Rock Da Beat

  10. DJ Jacko - All I want

  11. DJ Elmo - Don't Go

  12. Andy James - Those Days

  13. Project XTC - Bass Feelings

  14. DJ Elmo - The Beginning

  15. DJ Neon & Ecibel - Goes Purge

You might be looking at this tracklist and not have a clue who these artists are. Not to worry, it's all about the music. And if you are ready to be transported back to the 90s, Skyline has got you covered.

It seems to be happening lately more than ever before: the 90s are being kept alive. Or being talked about, revitalised, and now it's better than ever before! And hearing this mix for the first time, I knew that it contained some big hits, that could have been released in the 90s, but weren't made back then. Hell, I don't even know if the artists were around during the 90s.

I did find this mix highly enjoyable, especially when 'Take Me Back' by Andy James got played, and 'Take Off' by Project XTC. Boy, are these two songs the most nostalgic ones in this mix! I felt like I was a teenager again. They rocked, they certainly rocked. If a song can make me feel young again, it gets all the points imaginable! Dope two songs.

All in all a wicked mix by Skyline, and wicked songs released on a wicked label, Rave Muzik. I will be looking out for more, but if they keep doing what they do best, it will be a pleasant future for us all. Keep the 90s alive, forever and ever!

DJ: Skyline

Genre/Style: Rave, Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore , Happy Rave

Mix Info: More Rave Muzik!!

Length Mix: 00:57:42

Tracks: 15 (fifteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2024

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