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Mulgrew - Everything Starts With An 'E' [Songs About Drugs] (2022)

Don't do drugs. If you do, do it safely. But yeah, drugs can be dangerous. But we also have to underline the fact that drugs were a huge part in the dance industry, when it emerged in Europe during the late 80s, early 90s. I grew up in the Netherlands, where there's a different kind of policy surrounding drugs (which still baffles many of my friends), but I never went to a rave, high on anything. I was mostly drunk, which is also not a good thing. But to me, I can listen to rave music without drugs, and still enjoy it highly. So when I found this mix by Mulgrew, which focusses solely on songs with drug references, I jumped on it, sober, and enjoyed it. A trip down memory lane, when there were plenty of songs focussed around XTC or any other drug items. My drugs of preference? Paracetamol, or Ibuprofen.

I do understand the importance of drugs in music. Hell, they even used it extensively during the hippy period. It's not just a 90s thing. But I'm cool without it. As said, I only prefer paracetamol or ibuprofen, after a night out. Just to make sure my head doesn't explode the second I wake up. I am getting older, that's for sure.

So when I do listen to songs with references to drugs, I don't think ''oh, I should use drugs'', or remember when I did use it, I just listen to the beat, the rhythm, the vocals.. basically the whole package. And Mulgrew, who made this mix, has got an interesting selection. An hour long mix with some well known anthems, and some forgotten anthems. You don't need to be a raver to imagine that many ravers did listen to these anthems in warehouses all over the world, or in fields, bunkers, or in highway tunnels. And yes, they could have had a pill here or there.

I am not here to judge. I embrace the rave scene fully, including the rise of it (which was helped by certain substances). But I want you to realise that I always listen to mixes sober, and review them sober. Maybe I should be on a substance when writing these reviews, but I don't think they would make any sense.

What songs were used in this mix? And did you use any of these?

  1. Ron & Nancy - Doing Drugs Speech

  2. Primal Scream - Don't Fight It, Feel It (Acapella)

  3. Dino Lenny - Cocaine (Free Base)

  4. Project XYZ - It's Just An Ecstasy (Original Mix)

  5. Control - Dance With Me [I'm Your Ecstasy] (Original Mix)

  6. Chimo Bayo - Asi Me Gusta A Mi [Esta Si, Esta No] (Original Mix)

  7. E-Zee Posse - Everything Begins With An 'E' (Original Mix)

  8. The Shamen - Ebeneezer Goode (South Of Detroit Vocal & Original)

  9. Shaft - Roobarb & Custard (Dr. Trip & Bob Bolts Mix)

  10. Skin Up - Blockbuster (Gold Run Mix)

  11. Joey Beltram - Energy Flash (Original Mix)

  12. Shades Of Rhythm - Extacy (Original Mix)

  13. Mediteria - Is E.T. On X.T.C.? (Commander Mix)

  14. Moby - Next Is The E (I Feel It)

  15. Big Hard Hats - On E (J.T. Mix)

  16. The Disco Biscuits - Who Wants A Disco Biscuit? (Original Mix)

  17. John OO Fleming - Where Did You Get Those Pills? (Pretty Pretty Mix)

  18. Family Foundation - 10 Snide E (Original Mix)

  19. Hackney Hardcore - Caught With A Spliff (We Are Drug Squad Officers Mix)

  20. Ratpack - Searchin' For My Rizla (Original Mix)

These are truly memorable anthems from an era long forgotten. Well, not fully forgotten, but they are tunes you don't hear on the radio. I do wonder why..

I do recognise most of these records. Some were a bit too obscure, or were versions of originals that I had never heard of. For example, 'Ebeneezer Goode'. I know the one they play on the radio, not the version in this mix. And also I've never heard Ron & Nancy's speech. Interesting.

It's a funny mix, with some big anthems that would have been played everywhere during the 90s. When I was younger, I was in love with 'Asi Me Gusta'. I think it appeared on a Turn Up The Bass album. But the most rave sounding anthem in this mix has to be 'Energy Flash'. A track that still does a lot of damage in clubs and events all over the world.

Don't do drugs. Stay safe. And if you do, please have it tested beforehand. If you want something that could replace the drugs, let this mix be your guide. Just close your eyes and pretend it's the 90s. No drugs required for this mix though, the DJ already supplied us with drugs related anthems!

DJ: Mulgrew

Genre/Style: Rave, Oldskool, Techno, House, Hard House

Mix Info: Mulgrew - Everything Starts With An 'E' [Songs About Drugs]

Length Mix: 01:01:33

Tracks: 20 (twenty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 140 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

Release Year: 2022

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