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-Nederhopmix by Mo6- (2020)

Today, and the last couple of days, I've been enjoying Dutch Hip Hop music a lot. I don't know why, but I just seem to feel the music a bit more. Maybe it's also because I've not been in the Netherlands for a while now, and I might get withdrawal symptoms. Don't know what the exact reason is, but I am feeling the earlier stuff a lot. And it's nice to listen to something that the majority in the UK wouldn't have a clue about what the rappers are saying. I feel slightly unique. I stand out. Oh yeah.

Let me inform you, I am not an expert of Dutch Hip Hop, or as we call it Nederhop. I know a few names, but not the ins- and outs. Only the basic stuff. I don't even know how most of these rappers look like. But I am not fucked. I cannot be arsed to be into all of that nonsense. The music is all that matters to me. I just find the vibes good and exciting, and it keeps me going. It might not be as violent and aggressive as American Hip Hop, but it's still packs a punch.

The mix was made by Mo6. I do not know anything about this DJ, this is the first time I have come across one of his mixes, but this mix is jam packed with Nederhop anthems. I do know the majority of anthems, but there are also a few in here so dark and edgy, fucking underground, and as you know I am not in the underground scene.

But if you are Dutch of Flemish and you would like to hear a Nederhop mix, don't look further.

  • Winne - Intro (De Belofte)

  • Opgezwolle - Regendans

  • Jawat! - Xtase

  • Extince - Kaal Of Kammen

  • Spookrijders - 10.000.000

  • Fakkelbrigade - Colucci

  • Typhoon - Bommenwerper

  • Kubus & Sticks - Hamvraag

  • Zwart Licht feat D. Lipps, Rico & Zo Moeilijk - Tafels (Remix)

  • Great Minds feat Rico - Kan Er Maar 1 Zijn

  • Flinke Namen - Bouw Em Op

  • Zwart Licht - Vanaf Nu/Rauwe Hop

  • Diggy Dex - Egoisme

  • Opgezwolle feat Winne - Volle Kracht

  • Jiggy Dje - Doeniejiggy

  • Sticks & Art - Tijgers En Draken

  • Spookrijders - Klokkenluiders

  • Flinke Namen - We Want More

  • Jiggy Dje - De Ark De Triomf

  • The Flexican feat Typhoon - Bumaye

  • Opgezwolle - De Jug

  • The Opposites - Kom Nie Hier

  • The Opposites feat Faberyayo & Sjaak - Kickstart

  • Great Minds - Run It Back

  • The Opposites - Geen Klasse Geen Stijl

  • Big2 feat Burgs, Sjaak & Kleine Viezerik - Duif Op De Dam

  • Opgeduveld - Generaal

  • Opgezwolle feat Josje & Shyrock - Balans

  • Opgezwolle - Hoedenplank

  • Opgezwolle - Opgezwolle De Volle

  • Jawat! - Zwarte Koffie

  • Extince - Viervoeters (2005 Edit)

  • Opgezwolle - Ogen Open

  • Diggy Dex - Dubbeldik

  • Sticks & Art feat Typhoon - Alledaagse Waanzin

  • Zwart Licht - Bliksemschicht

  • Fresku feat Winne - Nieuwe Dag

  • Opgezwolle feat Jawat! - Gekkenhuis

  • Akwasi - Alle Vrouwen

  • Zwart Licht - Aan De Overkant

  • Fakkelbrigade - Groen Gras

  • Flinke Namen - Hakkemdoormidde

  • Adje - Hele Meneer

  • Brainpower - Boks Ouwe

  • Great Minds feat Kleine Viezerik & Yung Felix - Doag

  • Dio feat Sef - Aye

  • Flinke Namen - Flexican Beat

  • DuvelDuvel - Wie Is Ut?

  • Jiggy Dje feat Spacekees & Turk - Moevuh

  • Opgezwolle feat Raymzter - Ut Is Wat Het Is

  • Typhoon feat Rico & Andre Manuel - Zandloper

  • Rico & Art - Ooit

  • Zwart Licht - No JuJu

  • Zwart Licht feat Skinto - Big Choon

  • Zwart Licht feat XL & Skinto - Tsunami

  • Zwart Licht - Lions In The Hall

  • Opgezwolle - Gerrit

Well, if you have read through the whole tracklist and you understand each and every thing written down, you are Dutch, Flemish, or master of the Dutch/Flemish language. But even if you do not know what the lyrics are about, you can still highly enjoy the music. There's one thing I can give the producers credit for: the music is really good. As lame as the lyrics might be, as hard as the beats and bass are.

Mo6's mix is really entertaining. It's really good, the tracks are really what I needed to hear. Not all of them are as good as you would expect them to be, but they are still highly entertaining. Especially the records released by the people from Opgezwolle. I am a fan of them since I heard them perform 'Hoedenplank'. That's a big ass song. Their voices are just so soothing and their messages are just so deep, and sometimes even fucking silly.

I do like the diversity of this mix. From the darker stuff to the lighter and happy stuff. And it's not easy to mix Hip Hop music, seeing as it's extremely diverse. And that's the downfall of this mix. The mixing is off from time to time. Well, a lot of times to be fair. Mo6 has tried to make this mix work, and the message does come across, but it's not brilliant.

I will still give this mix a good score. It's not only negative though, Mo6 selected really awesome anthems. So credits for that. And the mixing sometimes is OK. Wish it was OK a bit more often throughout this mix.....

Best track? It was difficult, but I choose DuvelDuvel with 'Wie Is Ut?'. Big anthem from back in the days!

DJ: Mo6

Genre/Style: Nederhop, Hip Hop

Mix Info: -Nederhopmix by Mo6-

Length Mix: 01:49:46

Tracks: 57 (fifty-seven)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: Mo6 - Soundcloud Page

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