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Neophyte Tribute part 1 (1993-1999) (2023)

Neophyte. A name most of you ravers know of. Especially when you grew up during the 90s, and had the opportunity to go to raves and/or buy albums that contained their songs. If you are too young to know, that's cool, but here's an interesting fact: Neophyte is a group, formed in 1992, that contains three members. But there's also a standalone act called DJ Neophyte, which is Jeroen Streunding on his own. The group itself went through some changes through the 90s, but still going strong. But during the 90s, they weren't just going strong, they were on top of the world! Literally everywhere they were. You couldn't walk down a Dutch street without seeing a bomber jacket with their famous logo on it. You had your ID&T Wizard logo ones, RTC, and you had your Neophyte gang. They were everywhere!

As a young lad, I only got into Hardcore when it was on the up. The year in question was 1993. I was too damn young, but I knew of its importance. Hardcore was going to be the main genre of music I would adore, and during the 90s, you could not buy an album, go to a club or a rave without hearing Neophyte songs. I could only attend raves from 1998 onward due to my age (I was still a wee lad), but even at my first rave, Neophyte took it to the next level, with their foam cannons. I think I was still finding foam days after Mysteryland 1998 Outdoor.

I was a fan of Neophyte. Not a big fan, and I don't think my parents would allow me to wear a Neophyte shirt or bomber jacket. Hardcore was banned from our house, that's for sure. But it might have been banned, but I was still listening to all the CDs money could buy. And all of them contained Neophyte songs. Their distinctive sound appealed to me, and made me slightly happier.

I think my first introduction was hearing 'Mikey' on a Thunderdome CD. That was in 1993. They kept on pushing boundaries as Neophyte or their alter egos Bodylotion or Masters of Ceremony, and their records have remained fan favourites. They've been in the game for 30 years now, so to celebrate their existence, The Finnishing Dutch made this mix, dedicated to the 90s. The years when they grew from a group to a super group that everyone wanted to see and hear. One hour and 44 minutes of Neophyte madness, who doesn't want to experience that?

  1. Neophyte - Real Hardcore

  2. The Masochist vs DJ Neophyte - The Tunnel

  3. Forze DJ Team - '98 To Paino

  4. Bodylotion - How Much Can You Take?

  5. Neophyte - Do You Want XTC?

  6. Neophyte - Gimme A Beat

  7. Neophyte - None Of Ya Left

  8. Bodylotion - Make You Dance

  9. Neophyte vs The Stunned Guys - Get This Motherfucker

  10. Neophyte vs The Stunned Guys - Rock

  11. Men Of Steel - Pain

  12. Hard Creation - I Will Have That Power

  13. Neophyte - Braincracking

  14. Neophyte - Number One Fan

  15. DJ Buzz Fuzz - Jealousy (Is A Motherf#cker) (Neophyte Remix)

  16. Bodylotion - Rip The Wheels

  17. Bodylotion - Catastrophy

  18. Neophyte - Right Now

  19. Bodylotion - Fuck Martina

  20. Neophyte - Last Recall

  21. Neophyte - Mikey

  22. Neophyte - Recession

  23. Omar Santana - Necronomicon (Neophyte Remix)

  24. Evil Maniax - We Are The Creators Of Hardcore (Bodylotion Remix)

  25. Inferno Bros. - Slaves To The Rave (Neophyte Remix)

  26. DJ Neophyte meets Attic & Stylzz - Music Gets You Drunk

  27. Neophyte vs The Stunned Guys - Peace To The DJ's

  28. Masters Of Ceremony - Mass Hysteria

  29. Hard Creation - Bust This Beat

  30. Neophyte vs The Stunned Guys - Beat Is Coming

  31. Masters Of Ceremony - Hardcore To Da Bone

  32. Neophyte - Back In My Brain

  33. Neophyte - Execute

  34. Bodylotion - Mellow Moenie Mauwe

  35. Bodylotion - Ik Wil Hakke!

The Finnishing Dutch's mix contains a shit ton of oldskool classics. So many memories, so many happy memories. And a true showcase of how Neophyte dominated during the 90s. They were everywhere, and were here to stay! They certainly weren't going away after them forming in 1992. But deep down inside we knew, we certainly knew. Neophyte wasn't going to be a one-hit wonder.

So many great records were made by Neophyte, be it on his own, or as part of a group, or even as collaborations with other artists, such as The Stunned Guys, Attic & Stylzz, and more. Neophyte was, and still is, the top dog! And I'm lucky to have witnessed them on multiple occasions, like at Raving Nightmare, The Peppermill, and of course Mysteryland. Don't know, but they might have been at the Eclipse in Landgraaf back in the day.

Neophyte did have a distinctive sound, which suited me well. And even in 2023, it is amazing to hear these tracks being played out loud. I am still in awe of what they did back in the day, and their 90s stuff is truly amazing. Would I prefer this over their Millennium tracks? Any day! Give me the old stuff any day. Just look at the tracks. Can't beat quality.

One track that stood out was 'Fuck Martina'. My class mates always sang the lyrics, but instead of Martina, it was Martin. Fuck Martin. Thanks Neophyte.

I do love the records, but the one that stands out the most, which has become a timeless classic, and a phrase used by millions of ravers all over the world: 'Hardcore To Da Bone'. Biggest record by Neophyte/Masters Of Ceremony ever.

A solid mix. Loved every second of it! Can't wait for the next decade mix to appear.

DJ: The Finnishing Dutch

Genre/Style: Early Hardcore, Gabber, Hardcore, Hardcore Techno

Mix Info: Neophyte Tribute part 1 (1993-1999)

Length Mix: 01:44:58

Tracks: 35 (thirty-five)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 240 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

Release Year: 2023


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