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Next Generation Gabber (Total Destruction Records Showcase Mix Vol 2) (2021)

The day hasn't ended yet, another review for you all, if you are interested. If not, please go elsewhere, but if you are interesting, and you like the 90s Gabber sound, you are in for a treat. You might have heard of a label called Total Destruction, and if you have, you are probably a huge fan of the label, as much as I am. I am guessing (and hoping I've got the info right). but I am presuming that this label is led by DJ Casketkrusher. This is a label that tries to keep the gabber sound from the 90s alive and kicking. Not by releasing older tunes, but releasing new tunes, which are in the same style as the tunes from back in the days.

A Soundcloud page called 'Dance Anarchy' made this mix 4 months ago. A showcase mix, if you would like to call it. Dedication mix could also be a good name for it. As I'm not an expert in the technicalities, I can only judge the music. But if you are a whizkid and know what kind of equipment was used back in the 90s, you will love this kind of music. It sounds so generic. It sounds so 90s.

If you are unaware, you could even presume that these were old tunes mixed together. But they aren't. These are all brand spanking new tunes, with the old school twist to it. And Dance Anarchy thought it would be a great idea to make this mix, showing what this label is capable of. Seeing as I've listened to many mixes made by Casketkrusher, I am aware of the style they have, and what their purpose is. And the music, ladies and gentlemen, is excellent.

Most tunes have this 95 to 97 sound surrounding it. You know exactly what I mean when you hear the tunes. I think it's time now for the tracklist. And it's a good one. Be prepared, is all that I'm saying....

  1. DJ Razor & Disembowelment - How Do Ya' Like It?

  2. Ginger & Plegine - Rock In Your Face

  3. Rodox - Trading Under The Influence

  4. Re-Charge - Why Can't We See? (Casketkrusher Remix)

  5. DJ Ad - Ma Casio

  6. Casketkrusher & The Soul Seeker - At War

  7. Casketkrusher - Break This Motherfucker (Original Mix)

  8. DJ Ad - Hardcore Flow

  9. Autotomize - Gold & Silver

  10. Casketkrusher vs E-Core - Ready To Rave!

  11. Disembowelment - Master Of Hardcore

  12. Warhead - I Love Tempo

  13. Sygna 2000 - Gabba House

  14. Earprotector - I Control Your Mind (Mindcontrol)

  15. Maynor - Get Up & Party

  16. Luffy & Gilda - Nobody Does It Better (Casketkrusher Remix)

  17. The Manipulator - Manipulative Pill

  18. Casketkrusher - Powerpuff Hardcore

  19. DJ Ad - No Brain

  20. Casketkrusher - Let's Go Crazy! (Maynor Remix)

  21. Casketkrusher - The Way Of The Ninja (DJ Ad Remix)

  22. Casketkrusher - Feel The Beat

  23. Casketkrusher - Mix Operator

  24. Casketkrusher - Let The Bass Go! (Da Bitchen' Remix)

  25. DJ Ad - What The Heck (Old's Cool Mix)

  26. Casketkrusher - Razors Through Flesh

  27. The Soul Seeker - The Smoker

  28. DJ Ad - Izz Da Message

  29. Casketkrusher - Miko's Revenge

  30. Malice - The Stomper

If you wanted to hear an oldskool 90s Gabber mix, look no further. You have found it, and you will have to thank me for making sure you found this mix. And then you will thank Dance Anarchy for making this mix, and thank Total Destruction Records for releasing these tunes. What a fantastic label it is! Really enjoyed this mix.

I really am in awe of what this label does for the lover of the 90s sound. Not many labels do maintain this style, and make it work as well as Total Destruction does. I don't even know that many other labels who do the same, and have got the same passion and dedication as they do.

The sound is awesome, and so is this mix. Maybe the actual recording level was a tad low and not up to spec, but still manageable. A few small mixing errors, but nothing major.

A nice and welcoming mix to end yet another week in lockdown. Time to embrace the next week, and why not go in style? If you fancy Gabber, look no further.

The best record in this mix? I've got to give it to Casketkrusher and his 'Mix Operator'. Super dope and awesome record. And also DJ Ad's 'Ma Casio'. Proper old skool vibes!

I really love dedication mixes, like this one. I need to hear more mixes like this one, and need to hear more from Total Destruction. I know for sure these guys have got more in store for us!

DJ: unknown

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Happy Hardcore

Mix Info: Next Generation Gabber (Total Destruction Records Showcase Mix Vol 2) (90s GABBER) Length Mix: 01:00:20

Tracks: 30 (thirty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2021

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown


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