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Next Generation Records [Mixed By M@rt!n-J] (2022)

Monday has arrived, and now it's about to get even more hectic. The first review of today was a Hardstyle/Rawstyle mix, but now I'm taking it back to my roots. The reason I started blogging 12 years+ ago. UK Hardcore. When I started, the music scene was completely different, and the sound was even more different, if you compare it to the present day sound. So to go back in time to the tunes released between 1997 and 2011 is always a blessing. And of course the man M@rt!n-J is the one who uploaded this mix yesterday.

Next Generation Records were an important and influential label in the UK Hardcore scene, and have given us so many memorable tunes. The label, run by both Brisk and Ham, was so successful, they ventured into the podcast world, and that's when I grew more in love with the label and the music they released. I even purchased a few CDs from the mighty Brisk himself, with a special autograph too. I was (and still am) a NGR fan. And that sound is seriously missed, and sometimes underestimated.

Many big names have had releases on this label, including Brisk, Ham, Trixxy, Stormtrooper, Fracus, DMO, Vagabond, Euphoria, Gammer, Joey Riot, Bang!, Demo, and many more. I also just discovered how many aliases were used by Brisk and Ham, and it's astonishing! Obviously M@rt!n-J couldn't put all their releases on here in this one mix, but he selected 15 of the finest tracks. And you will love them.

Yes, it's mainly Brisk and Ham, but is that a bad thing? I would say 'no', because who doesn't love this legendary duo?

  1. Brisk & Ham - Crazy Love 2008

  2. Brisk & Vagabond - Gonna Blind You

  3. Brisk & Vagabond feat Lisa Marie - Free

  4. Brisk & Vagabond - Mental Mission

  5. Brisk & Fracus - Clear Blue Skies

  6. Brisk & Ham - Getting Hi (Scott Brown Mix)

  7. Brisk & Ham - Step 2 Da Flaw

  8. Weaver - Miracle

  9. Eclipse - 2407 (Squad-E Mix)

  10. Brisk & Vagabond - Goodbye Summertime

  11. Brisk & Fracus - Rock Da Bass

  12. Weaver - Holding On

  13. Ham - Epic Riff

  14. Ham - Old Skool

  15. Brisk & Fracus - Code Of The Street

Wow, flashbacks galore! Too many great anthems in here, and M@rt!n-J ending the way it should be: with a proper Hardcore/Gabber track. Similar to the NGR podcast series, where they started with the finest UK Hardcore anthems, and ended with the hardest Hardcore anthems, mostly from Europe, but as you can clearly see, Brisk and Fracus know a thing or two about Hardcore and Gabber too.

But the general focus of this mix is the UK Hardcore side of NGR. And those are glorious anthems coming at you through your speakers. I am in awe of this label, and the releases they have had over the years. The label hasn't had any releases since 2011 (besides Brisk's album back in 2017), but isn't defunct, as far as I can tell? Maybe it's time to revive it, and bring it back to life with some new music?

The label had many great anthems, and the 15 selected by M@rt!n-J are all solid as a rock. But I'm going to say something controversial: they aren't my most favourite NGR songs. There are other tracks released on the label which I do adore more than these 15, but at least the songs have got a distinctive sound I do adore. So many greater Brisk and Ham songs out there. But hey ho, at least they are cool, right?

A good selection, but not the labels finest records. But still extremely enjoyable. Get on this NGR high, and ride the oldskool train. Final destination? Who knows. You tell me!

Maybe M@rt!n-J will do a part 2 with the classics I adore? Keep an eye out, he might do that in the near future??

DJ: M@rt!n-J

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Gabber, Happy Hardcore

Mix Info: Next Generation Records [Mixed By M@rt!n-J]

Length Mix: 01:03:27

Tracks: 15 (fifteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 145 MB

File Type: mp3

Release Year: 2022

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

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