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Noisetalgia Podcast 006: Mauro Picotto (2023)

The weekend is slowly emerging out of nowhere, and it's a pleasant surprise. The week has flown by, but we aren't there yet: just today and tomorrow to go through, and we need something to give us an extra boost. And have I found something for you all to enjoy? Yes, it's another mix by Indecent Noise, and I've reviewed a few so far (only 6 episodes in, and already most of the mixes reviewed), but I could not let this one go by without acknowledging the impact of the artist who is at the centre of attention: Mauro Picotto.

He's one of my all time heroes. One of my favourite producers of all time. I grew up listening to Mauro Picotto, and his music was my favourite kind of music. His approach to Trance music was awesome! Hell, when I started purchasing vinyl, his 'Metamorphose EP' was the first one I ever purchased. I fell in love with his music during the late 90s, and still to this day do I appreciate his music the most, out of all the Trance producers out there. It's my safe haven, his music. I always feel embraced whenever I hear a Mauro Picotto song.

To find a mix dedicated to this Italian superstar, it's like Christmas has come early this year. Indecent Noise's Noisetalgia series is doing some serious damage on Soundcloud, and I'm an avid listener. Not all artists do appeal to me, but when they do, I'm on it, and I listen to the mix over and over. Like the one you are about to listen to. It's a grand mix, that's for sure.

Mauro has made a gazillion songs over the years, so I'm guessing you are curious to find out which songs are in this hour and a half long mix?

  1. CRW - I Feel Love

  2. Mauro Picotto - Pulsar (Megamind Mix)

  3. York - O.T.B. (On The Beach) (CRW Mix)

  4. CRW presents Veronika - Precious Life (R.A.F. Mix)

  5. Mauro Picotto - Iguana (Claxixx Mix)

  6. Mauro Picotto - Ultimahora Ibiza

  7. Mario Piu & Mauro Picotto - Arabian Pleasure

  8. Mario Piu & Mauro Picotto - Spectra (Action Mix)

  9. Sosa - The Wave (Megamind Mix)

  10. Mauro Picotto - Back To Cali (Megamind Mix)

  11. Mauro Picotto - Like This Like That (Megavoices Claxxix Mix)

  12. Mauro Picotto - Lizard (Claxixx Mix)

  13. Mauro Picotto - Proximus (Medley with Adiemus) (Komodo Mix)

  14. Mauro Picotto - Komodo (Save A Soul) (Alternative Mix)

  15. Mario Piu & Mauro Picotto - Imperiale

  16. Trasponder - Trasponder (Decode Mix)

  17. Megamind - Taub (Picotto Mix)

  18. Mauro Picotto - Eclectic

  19. Mauro Picotto - Verdi (Megamind Mix)

  20. Mauro Picotto - Baguette

  21. Mauro Picotto & Riccardo Ferri - New Time New Place

Gorgeous. That's a gorgeous looking tracklist. And it starts with an absolute monster of a track! And from that moment onward, it's hit after hit.

You couldn't go to a party during the Millennium years and NOT hear a Mauro Picotto song. Hell, it was so difficult to avoid him, as he even appeared on the top 40! But that was just the power behind Mauro: he was a hit maker. Everything he touched, turned into Gold. And this mix is proof that his music was and still is awesome, and stood the test of time.

I know all the records played by Indecent Noise, and love them all equally. Well, that's not 100% true: some I love even more than the others. Especially when 'Verdi' comes on. Seriously, this is such an insane record, a true dancefloor demolishing record. You would loose yourself on the dancefloor, and it is one of my all time favourite Mauro tracks. But 'I Feel Love' has to be his best ever.

What's your opinion, is Mauro one of your favourite producers too? Do you like his music? And what do you think of this mix, made by Indecent Noise? Leave a comment below!

DJ: Indecent Noise

Genre/Style: Trance, Techno, Hard Trance

Mix Info: Noisetalgia Podcast 006: Mauro Picotto

Length Mix: 01:30:08

Tracks: 21 (twenty-one)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2023

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