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Nosferatu Tribute (2022)

A tribute mix. Oh how lovely. And this one is focussed on one of the legends in the Hardcore scene, a true pioneer, and an innovator. You might know him by one of his aliases, the main one: Nosferatu. Only a few months ago I reviewed a set by Nosferatu, one he did back in 2009, and I've saved countless dedication mixes on Soundcloud, and I do remember one that I should have reviewed, but it was so damn long, I think I would have fallen asleep typing it halfway through. This one I only found today is short(-ish) and sweet, so perfect for me.

I am a fan of Nosferatu, especially the Millennium sound he created. He gave us so many memorable anthems, which are still highly regarded as top notch songs. Quality over quantity, that's for sure. Whenever he did release a song, you knew for sure that it was going to be a banger. He took his time to make each song work, and they all worked extremely well. And maybe that's why the Finnishing Dutch decided to do a dedication mix?

Yes, it's the Finnishing Dutch who made this mix. Didn't he do a DJ Promo mix recently, and I reviewed it? Can't remember, seem to do a lot of reviews lately. But I've seen his name before, and have started following him on Soundcloud. You can imagine my happiness when I discovered his latest mix.

The mix is 2 hours long, and has got some big anthems in it. And when I say it, I do mean it. So many wicked Nosferatu records, made by himself or as part of a collaboration. You will certainly love this mix, that's for sure. This mix proves why Nosferatu is a legend, and why he's regarded as one of the finest producers in the scene. To me he has shaped the Millennium sound into something beautiful. Others were also involved, don't get me wrong, but he was part of the main group of producers who single-handedly shaped the sound into the sound we all love!

  1. Nosferatu - Disorder Of The Mind

  2. High Voltage - Bombs Away

  3. DJ Nosferatu - The Underground Stream

  4. Nosferatu - Beaver Cleaver

  5. DJ Nosferatu & Endymion - All The Way Up

  6. Nosferatu - Outshine Any Competition

  7. Nosferatu & Ophidian - Psychiatric Ass

  8. DJ Nosferatu - The Undead

  9. Paul Elstak - I Had To Kill A Lot Of People (DJ Nosferatu Remix)

  10. Nosferatu - Knock Out

  11. Nosferatu - Hit 'N Run

  12. DJ Nosferatu - Have It Your Way

  13. Evil Activities & Nosferatu - From Cradle To Grave

  14. Tha Playah & Nosferatu - Requiem Of The Fallen

  15. DJ Nosferatu - The Desolate One

  16. Nosferatu - Bloodlust

  17. DJ Nosferatu & Endymion - Drunk With A Gun

  18. Nosferatu & The Viper - Hate On Yourself

  19. Nosferatu & DJ Mad Dog - Lack Of Existence

  20. Nosferatu - When Angels Cry

  21. Nosferatu - Sanctity Of Space

  22. Nosferatu & Ophidian - Eyes Closed To The Dark

  23. Nosferatu - Turntable Action

  24. Myztic - Unacceptable

  25. Nosferatu - The Future

  26. Nosferatu - How Far We Can Go

  27. Nosferatu - Strength

  28. Neophyte & Tha Playah - Still Nr. 1 (Nosferatu Remix)

  29. Furyan & Nosferatu - Killswitch

  30. Nosferatu & Furyan - Rise Or Drop

  31. Nosferatu & Alee - In Hart En Nier

  32. Nosferatu - Outro (The Enemy Of The State Speaks)

This is a glorious looking tracklist. Really impressive to me that I know at least 95% of these records. But what is more impressive, is the fact that you can see the progression in Nosferatu's producing skills. You can hear him develop constantly, redeveloping himself. And also the music grows more and more into this specific style only Nosferatu knows how to make.

I love the music Nosferatu made. It's just so exquisite! It's like each of his songs has a deeper meaning. And to get the message across, the build up is tremendous, and once the beats and bass kicks in, there's no stopping Nosferatu. And the selection of the Finnishing Dutch certainly gives us enough Nosferatu to keep us going throughout the day.

My Gawd, the man is an unstoppable force. He's been on top of his game since he emerged onto the scene, and has been given us countless dancefloor smashers. This mix only contains a handful of them, but still enough for us to feel the power and strength of Nosferatu.

My favourite record? Well, there are two: 'The Undead' and 'When Angels Cry'. Two top notch records, which have stood the test of time! Timeless classics.

It's a nice mix, with a few small mixing errors. But I love it. It's a nice dedication mix to one of the heroes of the Hardcore scene. Boy, I miss that Millennium sound so much, this mix proves how good it was. And how Nosferatu was one of the leading producers. And still is, to be fair!

DJ: The Finnishing Dutch

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Millennium Hardcore

Mix Info: Nosferatu Tribute

Length Mix: 01:54:26

Tracks: 32 (thirty-two)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 261 MB

File Type: mp3

Release Year: 2022

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: unknown


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