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NSD vs MBK | Snakepit 2021 - Pit II

We started today with an early 90s UK Hardcore mix, but now we go forward in time, to the year of our Lord 2021. And it's a set that will blow your mind into smithereens. Make sure you are aware of the potential of permanent ear damage. Don't tell me I didn't warn you. But you've already guessed that this mix is going to be hard: looking at the image above, this set was recorded at Snakepit 2021, and none of these artists do take any prisoners. If they can demolish speakers and eardrums, that's what they shall do.

So what's in store for you all? Well, an Uptempo Hardcore set. I'm not familiar with Uptempo that much. I only review this every so often, but not too often, so my knowledge is very limited, to say the least. Of course I know most of these names on the flyer, but music wise I'm still a noob. But maybe this set could be the one that persuades me more to listen to this kind of music more?

It has already got a lot of plays on Soundcloud. Only uploaded 2 months ago, and already reaching 25k plays. That's impressive, but Uptempo is the sound that currently dominates the Hardcore scene. And obviously when I saw this being reposted a lot, I had to give this a go. Thankfully someone uploaded a tracklist (with a few unidentified songs), so I can share this with you.

So what was played during NSD vs MBK's set at Snakepit? Well, these records:

  1. NSD - Ill Ne

  2. NSD - Outer Timer

  3. Detest & Tripped - Bag Of Dicks

  4. NSD - Class Parody

  5. eDUB & MBK - Bass Kicking

  6. NSD - Haha F#cker

  7. ID - ID

  8. NSD - Hai La Noi

  9. MBK & R3T3P - Heart Attack

  10. NSD - Rabbi Jacop Jr Core

  11. MBK - Hurt Locker

  12. NSD - Requiescat In Pace

  13. Angerzam & MBK - Cerro

  14. ID - ID

  15. ID - ID

  16. NSD - Yntroitum

  17. Deadly Guns x MBK x Angernoizer - Bass For The Streets

  18. NSD - Praevalebat

  19. Andy The Core & MBK - Crazy Things At Night

  20. Diss Reaction - Jiieehhaaa! (NSD Bootleg)

  21. Unicorn On Ketamine - SEFA

  22. NSD - Italian Interrupt

  23. Angernoizer - Bomb Da Drop (MBK Remix)

  24. NSD - Grynder

  25. MBK & Yunke - Veneno

  26. ID - ID

  27. ID - ID

  28. NSD - Infragment Groapa (Edit)

  29. MBK - Time To Glory

  30. NSD - Lost Society (Speedcore Bootleg)

This set 'starts' off slow, but increases throughout. And I put the word 'starts' between brackets, because it does start off slow, but increases, but for those untrained ears it might already sound hard, rough, and fast. If you love everything below 150 BPMs, you are going to be fucked.

This will wake you up, that's for sure. If you are still laying in bed, thinking 'I might need something to wake me up', just press play and listen to what NSD and MBK have to say. I'm sitting here, WFH, and my speakers are trembling hard on my desk. I am certainly awake. Won't be going to sleep any time soon.

When you think it can't go any harder, NSD and MBK prove us wrong. Fucking hell, it goes bonkers after a few minutes. It builds up slowly, and I can imagine that anyone who witnessed their set at Snakepit must have had blisters on their feet from stomping their feet hard to the ground. I was sitting here and my neck is now hurting from moving roughly. Maybe too roughly. So I can imagine the ravers must have been absolutely knackered after this hour of madness.

I'm not feeling all the songs. But most I do. And I get it. It's rough, unfiltered, and sometimes ridiculous. And I love it. A wicked set, nonetheless.

Best (and hardest) record? 'Hurtlocker'. Blimey, that's a song that will be stuck in your head for days!

The ending of this set is also something fucking silly. My God, the BPMs go through the roof. Insane ending, and a good one!


Genre/Style: Uptempo Hardcore, Speedcore

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Snakepit 2021

Length Liveset: 01:00:07

Tracks: 30 (thirty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2022

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

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