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Oldschool Mokum Records Compilation Mix by Dj Djero (2013)

During the 90s I was a full-on Hardcore fanatic, an there were a few labels I would follow. One of them being Mokum Records. This Amsterdam based label had some really awesome records being released during the 90s, and probably the biggest commercial success records of all time. In the mix you are about to listen to, you will hear a few of the biggest records of the 90s. Period. They did release a shit ton of excellent tunes, made by the likes of artists such as Tellurian, Dano, Chosen Few, Rob Gee, Scott Brown, Technohead, Party Animals, and more. The label was the shit during the 90s. Everyone wanted a piece of it, and now, in 2022, I'm going back in time. Not only because this mix was made 9 years ago, but also the tracks... 90s classics. Sit back and enjoy!

DJ Djero made this mix back in 2013. 30 records in this hour and 44 minutes long mix. And they are the coolest records money could buy. Also a few stinkers, but hey, it can't all be perfect?

All jokes aside, Mokum was one of those labels that had this distinctive sound, and maybe you don't know, but every label had their own sound. You could differentiate a song released on Mokum from other labels, such as Rotterdam Records, their main rivals. Every city, every country had their own sound, their own approach to Hardcore. And it was as exciting as it was funny. Labels would compete against each other, and release the coolest records out there.

It was a healthy competition. And in this mix you can find a lot of excellent tunes. You will certainly embrace the sound from the 'Dam, and hopefully it will enlighten this spark for 90s Hardcore music. No time to waste, let's dive straight into the mix and which tracks were played by DJ Djero!

  1. Hakkuhbar - Gabbertje (Hakkuh Mix)

  2. Party Animals feat Sugarbaby - Atomic (Flamman & Abraxas Radiomix)

  3. Party Animals - Have You Ever Been Mellow (Extended Mix)

  4. Party Animals - Aquarius (Flamman & Abraxas Radio Mix)

  5. Technohead - Happy Birthday (Tellurian Mix)

  6. Party Animals - Used & Abused (Amnesia Mix)

  7. Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ (Buzz Fuzz Mix)

  8. Vitamin - My House Is Your House

  9. Cyanide vs Maniac Of Noize - Stringz

  10. Annihilator - Out Of Focus

  11. Scott Brown' Annihilator - Mindwar

  12. Tellurian - Get Raw

  13. Annihilator - Ye Shall Die

  14. Tellurian - I Won't Stop Rocking

  15. Ceasefire - Unconscious World

  16. The Outside Agency - Witchcraft

  17. Cyanide - Edge Of Panic

  18. Tellurian - Guyver

  19. Omar Santana - Mad Creator (Original Mix)

  20. Scott Browns' Annihilator - Realm Of Darkness

  21. DJ Dano - Starting Up

  22. Fear Factory - T-1000 (H-K) (DJ Dano Mix)

  23. Chosen Few - Chosen Paradise

  24. Rob Gee & Ralphie Dee - Mellow Message

  25. Annihilator - S.D.R. (Bam Bam)

  26. The Original Gabber - Pump That Puzzy

  27. Party Animals - E.H.B.O.

  28. Party Animals - Wapperdewap (Hardcore Mix)

  29. Technohead - Banan-na-na (Phun Phactory Mix)

  30. Riot Nation - Abba-gabba (Speedfreak Mutterficker Massaker)

This is a sick looking list. It certainly is. It starts of a bit lame, with those dreadful (yet very intoxicating) happy and cheesy Hardcore songs. After the 5th song the harder stuff is played, and from that moment on my speakers have gone up in volume.

As mentioned before, Mokum as a label meant a lot to me. Knowingly or unknowingly. I was a full on Hardcore fanatic and bought every album, but never went too deep in who's behind each alias, which label it was released on, etc. So there have been a few records over the years which I only discover in the 20s who was behind the record, and which label it was released on.

I can very quickly which record I ADORED during the 90s the most. It appeared on many compilations, and it's Tellurian's 'Guyver'. What a big ass record it was, and still is. But it certainly wasn't the only record I played over and over. I was (and still am) a Happy Hardcore fan, and when the Party Animals dominated the charts, I purchased a few of their singles. Yes, I know, and I don't care what you think of me.

The mix is very nice. There are some mixing errors, and the record quality itself goes up and down. Just listen to Technohead's 'Banan-na-na'. Sounds more mono compared to all the other songs. It's a nice mix, but not the best Mokum appreciation mix ever made..

One mix that will get you through today. Show your love and appreciation for this label, and listen to this, like the thousands of ravers who already listened to this and appreciated!

DJ: Djero

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Early Hardcore, Gabber

Mix Info: Oldschool Mokum Records Compilation Mix by Dj Djero

Length Mix: 01:44:11

Tracks: 30 (thirty)

Download/Listen (via YouTube): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo/Mono

Bit Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2013

More Information: DJ Djero - YouTube Channel


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