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Omkara Techichi - Dreamonic Vamperor (2012)

The other day I was listening to an album mix, made by an artist called Groan-er. This got me thinking, and ponder. Sitting there, in my office chair, thinking of what kind of album I had many moons ago. An album so unique and different, and an album that stood out from all the rest. And then it hit me: it was the album Dreamonic Vamperor by Omkara Techichi! Remember this album, or this artist? So ground breaking, so unique, so different: you couldn't categorise him. He was different, and I liked it. His approach to music was so cool and refreshing, and it's what the scene needed. His weird goggles, covered in blood, showing off muscles, bald, and weird outfit. And that's just the physical appearance. The music was also something different, hence why I am talking about the album 10 years since its initial release.

Dreamonic Vamperor. Now that's a strong name for an album. Don't even really grasp the meaning of it. It sounds dark and satanic, but then if you look at the actual tracklist, and listen to the actual songs, it could simply be just that. Satanic. Dark. Edgy. And that's just my cup of tea. Listening to this album again brings back brilliant memories, especially the one I can vividly remember: how I discovered Omkara Techichi (also known as Omkara).

It was a promo video. And it contained records from this specific album. It was only a short video (which I can't find anymore, anywhere). Short, sweet, and it grabbed my attention. This was different. It was a bloke on stage, bringing the demonic sound to the listeners. And once I've seen the video, I knew I had to listen closely to what Omkara Techichi had to offer. And it was something different, but at the time worth a listen.

Even today, 17.01.23, I've been searching for the original video I was talking about, the one that got me excited for this new artist. I can't find it. I'm guessing it got deleted.

But anyway, after pestering the man for weeks/months, he sent me a copy of the album, and I listened to it over and over. His refreshing take on Hardcore was exactly what I needed to hear, and it has stood the test of time. No fluffy music, no happy shit, just doom and gloom. Well produced and executed songs, and in a short period of time, he gained success and a wider audience that embraced his darkness.

If you have a copy of the album, be blessed. If you don't, feel ashamed. These are the songs on the actual album, if you are curious enough, like I was.

CD 1

I Omkara Techichi - The Coming Darkness

II Omkara Techichi - The Blood God

III Omkara Techichi - Seeds Of Terror

IV Omkara Techichi - Death From Above

V Omkara Techichi - I Hope They Scream

VI Omkara Techichi - Destroy Everyone

VII Omkara Techichi - Forces Of Chaos

VIII Omkara Techichi - Shield Of Faith

IX Omkara Techichi - The Ultimate Heresy

X Omkara Techichi - Death Craft

XI Omkara Techichi - Angels Of Death

XII Omkara Techichi - Thirst For Violence

XIII Omkara Techichi - Crushing All Opposition

XIV Omkara Techichi - We Rise In Number

CD 2

I Omkara Techichi - Sanity Is For The Weak

II Omkara Techichi - Annihilate Them All

III Omkara Techichi - Prince Of Excess

IV Omkara Techichi - Terrors Of Darkness

V Omkara Techichi - Your Soul Is Mine

VI Omkara Techichi - Welcome To Oblivion

VII Omkara Techichi - Bloody Murder

VIII Omkara Techichi - Return From Exile

IX Omkara Techichi - Infect The Galaxy

X Omkara Techichi - We Are The Destroyer

XI Omkara Techichi - Feast On Their Flesh

XII Omkara Techichi - Glory Of The Emperor

XIII Omkara Techichi - Kiss Of Poison

XIV Omkara Techichi - The End Of Days

The tracks are glorious, and also the track titles. Every single one of them is a masterpiece in itself. It's dark, seriously dark. It's like Omkara opened a book about the Devil himself, and took a few passages, and used them as track titles. Or Star Wars snippets. I found a few, and that makes this album even better. Who doesn't like Star Wars?

Truth be told, it would be ace to find out where he got the vocals from. Are they his own? Are they from movies or TV series? It sounds like he's done that, but who knows? Only Omkara does.

The songs do provoke anger and hatred inside of me, and my only warning to those who want to listen to this song: do not listen to this and drive at the same time. Before you know it, you are driving 100 mph on a country road. Chance of you getting a speeding ticket is quite high, not to mention you being a danger to others. I do felt like I was flying on the motorway, and I was eating the miles when Omkara was coming out my speakers. So be warned.

All jokes aside, this is a very prolific album. An album that you might like, or not. He's an acquired taste, this Omkara. I found his darker and slightly more 'mature' Hardcore a bit refreshing, and more my cup of tea. The dark lyrics didn't do much to me, but they did add a lot of depth to each song. I'm not a very sadomasochistic person, but I can see others having that appeal. And also I'm not into Hell and Heaven, but I can imagine people choosing the darker side. Hell, even Luke Skywalker has to make that decision. He chooses light, but he's a tad weak. We all think Darth Vader is the most coolest dude in the galaxy, but even he could not resist the light. What the fuck am I saying, what am I talking about?

What I'm trying to say, is that this is a cool disc. The music speaks to me, and all the other bits and bobs are not really applicable to me. But what I can say is that Omkara the producer, has nailed the sound. He came, he saw, and he conquered. This type of music is so underrated, and so is Omkara. I honestly would like this Satanic and obscure type of Hardcore to return, as it deserves a wider audience to appreciate it.

If you are into this, we are like minded. And you should embrace the power that is Omkara.

The best record? Fuck, that's difficult. But I choose 'Seeds Of Terror'. Just so damn fucking good.

Artist: Omkara a.k.a. Omkara Techichi

Genre/Style: Hardcore

CD Info: Omkara Techichi - Dreamonic Vamperor

Length CD: +/- 2 Hours

Tracks: 28 (twenty-eight)

Release Year: 2012

Label: Red Fever Recordings

Product Number: RED-013

More Information: -------

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