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Painbringer - Masters Of Hardcore 2022

From Acid Techno to Hardcore/Gabber. It's an interesting day. The beats, bass, and melodies are coming at me through my speakers. And I've had this set for a while stored as favourite on Soundcloud, to make sure I would check it out and maybe even review it. But truth be told: I have listened to this at least 20 times now, and every time I would say to myself 'I should review this'. But it never happened. Dopey twat. I'm always very forgetful, but today I had to jump on it and share it with you all. If you haven't listened to this already, of course. If you have, you might already know what this mix is about, and how good it is. But you might still want to check it out again, and enjoy it?

This isn't my first introduction into Painbringer's world, and it certainly won't be the last. He's been active for quite some time now, and has given the Hardcore scene a new and fresh way of bringing back the early sound. Of course his biggest hit to date (Words Of '95) is showcasing what Painbringer is capable of doing, but he isn't a one-hit wonder. He is here to stay, and for this radio station you might have heard of, Masters Of Hardcore Radio, he was tasked to make an excellent mix.

Now that mix is the one I'm talking about today. It is a big thing if MoH radio asks you to come on and give the fans something awesome to listen to, and Painbringer certain brought his A game. He, without a shadow of a doubt, had to play his own stuff too, but don't get me wrong, this set ain't just Painbringer stuff and that's it. It would have been ace, but he also picked a shit ton of excellent tracks by world known producers. You will love it as much as I have.

What has he got in store, this Painbringer? Well, these records to be precise:

  1. Painbringer - Still Raving

  2. Painbringer - Words Of '95 (Remastered)

  3. DJ Rob & Tim B - The Second Coming

  4. Paradox - The Guillotine

  5. Uranium - Rippin' Off Wax

  6. Reyes - Fuck You

  7. Myrmidon - Condemned (Prisoner 2675)

  8. Painbringer - Ready To Play!

  9. Omar Santana - World Domination

  10. Human Resource - Back To The Asylum

  11. Painbringer - Never Say Die

  12. Omar Santana - Get Ready, Mothafuckas!

  13. Da Grimreaper - Muthafuckaz

  14. Lockjaw - The Plastic Men!

  15. Predator - Turbulence

  16. Painbringer - Hyped Up (Lenz Remix)

  17. Painbringer - Everything or Nothing

  18. MD&A - Candyman

  19. Painbringer - Carlito's Way

  20. Painbringer - Ghosttown

  21. Arvid - System Reboot

  22. Painbringer - Sidious

  23. Painbringer - Words Of '95 (Gabber Remix)

  24. 3 Steps Ahead - Drop It (The Ender Mix)

  25. Ferra & Greensequence - Hypnotize

That's a lot of excellence in an hour long mix. But leave that to Painbringer, to bring the pain! Well, it's only pain if you aren't into Hardcore music. To me it sounds like the music played in Heaven. The Gods certainly love Hardcore music, right? I am not saying Painbringer is a God, but if there is Heaven, they must play Hardcore/Gabber music, and Painbringer's songs will certainly be played.

This set has only been online a few months, but it has already reached nearly 7k plays. It certainly deserves more, but for a new mix that's great. It shows people's interest in Painbringer, and this mix certainly is interesting. Yes, a shit ton of his own productions, but let's not underestimate his capabilities as a producer. He could make a mix with ONLY his own stuff, and I would still be happy as a bunny.

I love Hardcore/Gabber, and I like a melody. 'Words Of '95' is a great dancefloor smasher, but to me not Painbringer's finest record. 'Everything or Nothing' is that record which has got everything in it for me. Melody, a bit of Batman, and fucking beats.

A bit of everything, and a bit of Painbringer. His set contains wicked anthems, and this set deserves to reach ungodly heights. More plays please. I will try my best and bump up the plays. How, you might ask? Well, by listening to this over and over. Not doing that on purpose, but I will only do that because this mix is really tight!

DJ: Painbringer

Genre/Style: Gabber, Hardcore, Early Hardcore

Mix Info: Painbringer - Masters Of Hardcore 2022

Length Mix: 00:59:52

Tracks: 25 (twenty-five)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 604 MB

File Type: .wav

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 1411kbps

Release Year: 2022

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