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Pat B - The Legendary 69 (2017)

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

Wow. Before I start talking about this mix from 2017 by the legendary Pat B, shall we just ignore everything and look at the beautiful young lady in the image. It's a good looking young lady, and her assets do bring the mixtape cover to life. God, her eyes do follow me everywhere! Damn you Pat, for making this your cover.

Whatever I just rambled on about, let's talk about this mix. It's a mix recorded 10 months ago, and it's called 'The Legendary 69'. I missed this whole event: it was a live session, with 69 of the finest Jumpstyle and Tek records from the beginning to the present day. This was live broadcasted during a nearly 3 hour long session/livestream, and Pat B does what we love and adore: he keeps us jumping continuously.

These 69 records were voted for by us, the fans (well, not me, I never knew this existed). And it's one amazing and insane journey that he takes you on. From the big commercial hits (that I really dislike, but that's a different story all together) to the dark and underground stuff. Expect the unexpected.

The result is you, the listener, having a smile on your face for 2 hours and 47 minutes. And a bonus: this is downloadable! For free of course: I am still Dutch, so I'm a cheapskate.

69. Da Bootleggers - Fresh Beats

68. Dr. Phunk - Asslezz Bitch

67. Bazzy Boy - Labtek

66. Dr. Rude & Qatja S - Clean & Crunchy

65. Polycarpus - Fuck You

64. DJ Frank - Fuckin Serious

63. Teka B - Hit The Dancefloor

62. Razor & DJ Willie feat Sarah & D-Will - Saturday Night (Pat B Remix)

61. DJ Gio - Gods Of Hell

60. Dark-E vs Playboyz - Sunset_Brecht

59. Coone & Ruthless - We Don't Care

58. Stunt Crew feat Emax - Fuck That

57. Lethal MG - Going Wild

56. KAMIZ - Kamiz Song

55. DJ Toff - Wamassou

54. iTraxx & Dr. Phunk - Little Jimmy

53. Bestien - What We Breathe For

52. Mad Traxx - In The Future

51. Da Rick - Rumble

50. Dark System - Space Wide

49. Fenix & Lethal MG - Balearic Nightmare

48. Lethal MG - What Ya Need

47. Dark-E vs Bjorno - Capella Bom

46. Fox 2000 - Tekroom

45. Candyman - My Heat

44. Carlos Mendez - Sex-A-Phone

43. MWAK - Darkside

42. DJ Francois - Orcheal

41. DJ Massiv vs The Rebel - High Volume

40. Demoniak - Porno

39. Gave - I Can Do

38. Klaps - Bedroom

37. Oxley - New Generation

36. Fusion - Skyliquid

35. The Game - Crash Test (Bjorn Smith &T-Nikko Remix)

34. DJ Fox & Chicago Zone - Again's A Melody

33. Mark-V & Poogie Bear - Buzzin (Ronald-V & E-Max Remix)

32. Tranceball - Tranceball (Coone Remix)

31. The Moon - Blow The Speakers

30. Davoodi - King Kong

29. Junior Waxx - Bangin' Record

28. Felix Project - On The Floor

27. Ruthless & Vorwerk - I Feel Like Dancing

26. Gordon Smith & H4Bitane - Sending My Love

25. DJ Greg C - Speed Talking

24. Jeckyll & Hyde - Frozen Flame

23. Jamie Dill - Engine

22. DJ Yoeri - Fuck On Cocaine

21. Teka B - Juke It

20. DJ Coone - Doggystyle

19. Qatja S - Geen Haar Beter

18. Trancescape - Producelast

17. Da Bootleggers - Bitches And Ho's

16. MWAK - Music Is My Alibi

15. Dark-E - Happy Hookers

14. Ixxel - Drop The Beat

13. Lethal MG - You Eternal

12. Robert Armani - Hit Hard

11. Vorwerk - Vietnam

10. Q-ic & Ghost - Desire Go Higher

09. DJ Coone - The Return

08. Dark-E - Tranceballers

07. Chicago Zone - Story Of R2

06. DJ Mystery - Punani

05. Cherrymoon Traxx - Acid Dream

04. Mark With A K - Oasis

03. Da Boy Tommy - Halloween

02. Redshark - Big Orgus (Furax Remix)

01. Binum - Chapter One (Greg C Remix)

Pat B is a true legend. To make this list is a daunting task (putting everyone's favourite records all together in one epic mix), but also to stay awake during those nearly 3 hours. You do hear Pat from time to time, talk about the artist or the record. But not in an annoying way.

One thing that needs to be said: the microphone level was ridicilously high. I was playing this obviously on a high volume in the car, and whenever Pat started to speak, I had to lower the volume. My speakers started to produce cracking noises. Which could lead up to more issues. But that's all.

The majority of voters did play it safe, and selected big anthems by superstar Jump and Tek producers such as Lethal MG, Coone, Mark-V, Chicago Zone, Dark-E, and more. Some tracks in here were new to me, so I guess these were the darker records. Well, whatever they are, they were ace!

Some records are not my cup of tea, like Frozen Flame and I Feel Like Dancing, and Halloween. Maybe a tad too cheesy for me. I would still dance to them, but they were not my favourites. But you might wonder, is the number 1 in this list also my number one?

Fuck yes. Fucking hell. Who can disagree? This is truly a masterpiece. One of the best records ever made and remixed. What a wicked anthem. You can still play this in 2018 and the crowds will loose their fricking minds.

A few minor tracks and the mic level being high. But those are minor things. All in all a wicked thing to do. Is he going to do this year's Legendary 69? I might have some records I want to add/hear.

Pat B, you sir, are a ledge (this means legend in the UK). Keep them coming. Never stop. Never stop making us jump (even though I never tried, because I've got whale legs (and this doesn't even exist, so image!!)).

DJ: Pat B

Genre/Style: Tek, Jumpstyle

Mix Info: The Legendary 69

Length Mix: 02:47:14

Tracks: 69 (sixty-nine)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 383 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 320kbps More Information: DJ Pat B - Soundcloud Page

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