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Paula Temple - HATE Podcast 230 (2021)

Imagine, sitting in the office, and you have got lots to do. You are busy. But you need something to motivate you. You search the World Wide Web for something, and you stumble upon this mix. Your heart beat rises, you start nodding your head vividly, your feet start to move, and the report you had to finish, was already done 1 hour ago. You fly through whatever it is your boss throws at you, all thanks to Paula Temple. And she did deliver an awesome set, if truth be told. I've never heard of this female DJ before, but she has gained a follower. And her set got a lot of positive feedback, and incredible play statistics. People seem to love this lady and her skills behind the decks.... and I do too!

I saw this mix on Soundcloud, and quickly pressed play. And what happened after was the following: I was in ecstasy for 57 minutes! No joke, I was in complete shock and awe. On Soundcloud there's a link that takes you to Youtube, where you can see her perform live at the Elementenstraat in Amsterdam, and the set is glorious. The first time I saw the set, I sat in silence, watching her do her thing behind the decks. And I was seriously impressed with the tunes.

Imagine calling yourself a music lover, but not knowing that this set or this DJ exists! I should call myself a noob. How can I not know of Paula Temple? I feel ashamed and embarrassed. You can tell that she's unimpressed with my musical knowledge: on the picture above it looks like she's directly looking at me in anger. Sorry Paula, I am now aware of who you are, and what you are capable of!

She's capable of bringing the heat. But which tracks did she select for her nearly hour long set? Well, these:

  1. Linn Elisabet - Acts Of Rebellion

  2. Hxist - Heavenly Goddess

  3. Paula Temple - GEGEN X

  4. Paul Temple - Unknown

  5. Hybral - Ramponiert

  6. Hephaistos - Fetishizing Loneliness

  7. Sekulahr - Persona Non Grata

  8. SNTS - Judged By Uncertainty

  9. OTHK - Prevent

  10. Jokasti & Nek - How Low

  11. Crystal Geometry - Troublemaking

  12. Perc - Melter

  13. X7Ø-7 - She Killed Me When I Dreamed

  14. Insect - The End Is Now

  15. Linn Elisabet - Soundtrack Of The Rebellion

  16. Aneed - Virgo (Say My Name)

  17. Hatelove - The Black Crow

  18. Might Be Twins - Help Yourself

  19. Paula Temple - Unknown

  20. Aho Ssan - Outro

  21. Clouds - Sample From Am Fonn Mor

  22. Paula Temple - Unknown

  23. 6ejou - Red Bunker

  24. VII Circle - Brutal Void

  25. Sara Parkman - Öppna Spjäll (Paul Temple's Full Throttle Remix)

  26. Endlec - Fear Shock

  27. Second Spectre - Death Note

  28. Blutrot - Weltschmerz

I am still sitting here in complete silence. Being overwhelmed by what Paula Temple has done! Her set is extraordinary! I needed that, and it got the work done. Also 2 hours on the M25 flew by like mad. This is exactly the kind of Techno I do adore. Hard, rough, and dark. I might look like a cheerful chap, but the darker the Techno, the better. And Paula has proven herself by doing this set. She is truly one to look out for. And if you are like me, make sure you start checking her out, you won't be disappointed.

The set is live, and you can see it for yourself on Youtube (click here). If you are not bothered about epic visuals, you can click the Soundcloud player below, and hear the set. My God, this has got to be the fourth time I've pressed play, and I still have goosebumps. HATE has certainly got the right DJ for the job: she came, she saw, and she delivered! Rome wasn't build in a day, but Paula Temple got us dancing in just 57 minutes! And after those 57 minutes we craved for more. Have that, Rome!

The whole set was dark and edgy, and I love it. But one specific track caught my eye, which was her own track called 'GEGEN X'. And the track played around the 37-38 minute mark. If anyone knows the title of that track, let me know.

The set is epic, and people do underline how good this set is. Much love for Paula and her set, and of course the Elementenstraat and Reaktor and HATE for sharing this. I still can't believe I'm listening to this set only for the 'first' time earlier this week, and not weeks or months ago! Probably the best Techno set of 2021! Disagree? Leave a comment below!

There's no HATE, only LOVE for this mix!

DJ: Paula Temple

Genre/Style: Techno

Mix Info: HATE Podcast 230

Length Mix: 00:57:26

Tracks: 28 (twenty-eight)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2021

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: HATE - Soundcloud Channel

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