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Pdevil @ Slapen Is Voor Mietjes (31-03-2019)

Afterparties. Are they still a big thing as they were back in the 90s/early 2000s? I'm not at an age where I cannot even stay awake throughout a whole event, so an afterparty is certainly not for me, even though I admire the people who go to after parties, especially when it's after a huge event such as Masters Of Hardcore. Back in 2019 they organised an afterparty straight after MoH ended, and the event is called... ermm.. don't know if I should translate that into English, because it's not an appropriate name. Sleeping is for ..... You fill it in yourself, use Google translate to find out the answer...

The afterparty seemed to continue later than I would expect an party to last. Imagine having raved throughout the night, and then to party until 2pm! Bravo to those who did exactly that. I could not even imagine the state these people would be in at 2pm. But hey, at least the music kept them awake: Hardcore all the way through. And the line-up might look interesting, I only know two names on the whole list, and those are The Lethal Sound and Pdevil. Never had the chance to hear or see them live, but at least we've got the internet to keep us entertained, right?

The set I'm talking about, was Pdevil's set from back in 2019. He had an hour to get the people going, and making sure they didn't fall asleep. Because sleeping is for .... you know what.

He had an hour, and played the finest 'unknown' new Gabber and Hardcore anthems, to please the fans/listeners. It's so damn cool, this new Gabber sound. This is more interesting to me instead of the present day mainstream Hardcore. Give me New Gabber all day, every day.

So which tracks did he use? Well, these:

  1. Nemesix - The Third Relevation

  2. Rodox Trading - Dangerous

  3. Arjuna & The CTRL - The Bigger They Come

  4. Pdevil & Kritec - Dead Lines

  5. Immutek - Sensorineural

  6. Enemycore909 - Inferno

  7. Lenz - What's Going On In Your Mind

  8. ID - ID

  9. Resonant Squad - Resonance

  10. Lazy Ann - Don't Mess With Me

  11. Undunn & Speedy - Back In Time

  12. ID - ID

  13. Fiasco Project - Bizar

  14. Immutek - Breaking Eardrums

  15. TotenKore & Pardonax - The Change

  16. Casketkrusher & Redlock - Suck

  17. Pdevil - The Devil Returned (2019 Refix)

  18. Pdevil - Surrounded By Hellfire

  19. Hellcreator - Winterstorm (Xearo Remix)

  20. Undunn - Escaping The Dreamworld

  21. Maarten - Untitled 5

  22. Paranoizer - Uit Je Dak (The Destroyer Remix)

Previous mix I reviewed had a tracklist which I knew each and every artist in it, but to be fair, it wasn't hard: it was Scott Brown or one of his million aliases. In this Pdevil mix I only know a handful of producers. But it's all about the strength of the music they made, not the artist themselves, right? So let's focus on what Pdevil brought to the table.

I can imagine people being extremely tired during this set, but Pdevil did his best and turned it into a power hour. I've been listening to this mix over and over, and have highly enjoyed myself. The tracks are solid, and maintain this 90s vibe in each and every one of the songs. I really like the vibes, and like the fact that it's taking me back in time, but it was only made recently.

A cool liveset, worth checking out. And many have already, as it's at 10.3k+ listens already. A lot of people seem to like this New Gabber sound, and you can count me in. This is unique, distinctive and yet so recognisable. You can hear the old Hardcore influences in each and every track, And I freaking admire that!

Anyone who tries to keep the oldskool sound alive will receive my respect. And Pdevil's set is certainly a freaking dope one, mad respect for that!

DJ: Pdevil

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Early Hardcore

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Slapen Is Voor Mietjes (31-03-2019)

Length Liveset: 00:56:22

Tracks: 22 (twenty-two)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2019

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: Pdevil - Soundcloud Channel

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