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Pearsall - Future Proofed (Fresh Breakbeat Hardcore Rave - 100% Vinyl Mix) (2018)

A regular name, Pearsall. It's not the first time I've seen his name on Soundcloud, and I am 100% certain it won't be the last time today. He's been pushing music on his Soundcloud page forward, and has received amazing feedback regarding his biggest mix, the Carl Cox dedication mix. But Pearsall has got so much more to offer. And with his latest mix he went New Old Skool, whatever that might be.

Truth be told, today I was in an oldskool mood. I didn't want to hear anything new or fresh. But after discovering this mix, I realised that I could have both. New and old. His mix contains 22 tracks which are futuristic Breakbeat Rave anthems. And they are dope. And when TCD says they are dope, he means it. The whole tracklist is a mind blowing one: don't know a single artist. And I wonder how Pearsall retrieves all these anthems on LP. Yes, you have read it, this is a 100% vinyl mix. No CDs or USB sticks, the big black round discs and two needles (and of course more equipment), what else do you need?

It's going to be a very good hour and 15 minutes for you. For once you should trust me. And if you are into modern Breakbeat Rave music, this is right up your street!

01. Revert Project - 1990 What?

02. Systec & Inflex - Ancient Castle

03. Innercore - 24 Track Mix

04. Worldwide Epidemic - Telemechanique

05. Tentun - Watch Dis

06. FX - Marked

07. Tim Reaper - TR1

08. Champa B - Untitled

09. Response & Pliskin - Plastic Face

10. FFF - Pirate Stretch

11. FX - Medusa

12. Dwarde & Gand - Globex Corp Vol. 4 (Side B2)

13. Peter Darker - Nights R Darker

14. FX & Kutmaster K - Monster

15. Trigger Happy - Vol. 1 (Side A)

16. DJ Jedi - Automation

17. Tentun - Fog

18. Hornchurch Hardcore - Flashback

19. Tim Reaper & Dwarde - Globex Corp Vol.1 (Side A1)

20. FX - Twilight (Part 1)

21. DJ Jedi - Frenzy

22. Trigger Happy - Vol. 2 (Side B1)

Fuck me sideways, up and down, and do my eyeballs! What a MIX! This fearsome mix has the power to demolish the last few braincells you have got left. I had already started listening to it on the way back from work (dreadful M25, stuck for 1 1/2 hours), and the bass got so low, I had to open a window. I was too damn scared that the bass would demolish the windows.

Pearsall has made yet another amazing mix. Yes, his Carl Cox mix was undoubtfully a magestic mix, but don't underestimate his strength. This mix is as good, or even better! I love to find mixes containing styles and genres I don't hear often. And this is one of those mixes. And it has made me extremely happy.

As I said before I'm not familiar with the artists, but what they have made/released are serious stompers. I wouldn't even try to be near a speaker at a rave, in case it might explode. This music is seriously insane. And I'm digging it a lot.

Can't find anything wrong. Another flawless mix by Pearsall. Check it out, and share it.

DJ: Pearsall

Genre/Style: Jungle Techno, Breakbeat Rave

Mix Info: Future Proofed (Fresh Breakbeat Hardcore Rave - 100% Vinyl Mix)

Length Mix: 01:15:06

Tracks: 22 (twenty-two)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 171 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 320kbps

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