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PLN-B's Early Sounds @ Smashed Potatoes Festival 2022

Roughly a month ago an event took place. An event with a rather peculiar name. 'Smashed Potatoes'. Now I've seen and heard a lot of names fly around, but smashed potatoes? Now that's indeed a weird name. And when I tried to search for it, the first few pages on Google were all about how to mash potatoes. But whatever the reasoning was behind the name (I'm guessing it's because of the man DJ Potato), the line-up for this festival looked great. Some very big names, and people's reviews are all great.

Danger Hardcore Team, Darkraver, Pat B, Freestyle Maniacs, Lethal MG, Playboyz, Pavo, Lady Dana, Adaro, Bass-D, Pita, Rob & MC Joe, Promo, Tommyknocker, Vince, and many more. How great is that, to organise your first event and to have some of the biggest names perform there? They probably had to dig deep to find some cash to book these names, but the end result was there: positive feedback galore.

But now we shall focus on one of the sets from that event. A set by PLN-B. I thought that this person was a singer from the UK, but I was wrong. This PLN-B is a Hardstyle act. They've been in the scene for a few years, and already played at some of the biggest events: Intents Festival, Pussy Lounge Festival, Decibel Outdoor, Harmony of Hardcore, And now they can add Smashed Potatoes to their list of achievements, right?

So what can you expect from this hour and 10 minute long set? Well, the finest early tracks. How early? Well, only one way to find out, and that's by sitting down, press play, and letting the beats come through your speakers...

  1. Evolution Intro

  2. D-Trax - The Quest (PLN-B Edit)

  3. Cherrymoon Trax - Needle Destruction (PLN-B Edit)

  4. Armani & Ghost - Airport

  5. Sturgeon - Blow Your Mind

  6. The Beholder & Max Enforcer - Pulse Protraction

  7. Tracy - People Of Cactus (PLN-B Edit)

  8. Zero Vision - Right Here (PLN-B Edit)

  9. Toxic 101 - The Beat Is Strong (PLN-B Edit)

  10. Hypnotizer - Move Don't Stop

  11. Zhana - Sanctuary Of Love (PLN-B Edit)

  12. Stormtraxx - The Sun Goes Down

  13. DJ Youri vs Franky Kloeck - Stupid Motherfucker (Ruthless Edit)

  14. Binum - Looped

  15. Pavo & Zany - Shutterspeed

  16. DJ Zany - Hectic

  17. Hardonez - Better Dayz (Zatox Remix)

  18. DJ One Finger - One Finger

  19. Showtek - Seid Ihr Bereid

  20. Atlantic Wave - The Creation (PLN-B Edit)

  21. Zero Vision - Boekatsjaka

  22. Derb - Derb (PLN-B Kick Edit)

  23. Showtek - Save The Day (PLN-B Edit)

  24. TNT - First Match (PLN-B Edit)

  25. Major Bryce - One One One

  26. DJ Ghost & Q-Ic - Desire Go Higher (PLN-B Edit)

  27. Julian DJ & Davide Sonar - Go Go Go!

  28. Zenith DJ vs Avex - Scream (PLN-B Edit)

  29. Tuneboy - Demolition

  30. Zairon - I Am Techno (PLN-B Edit)

  31. Derb - Coole Sau (PLN-B Edit)

  32. Busted - Tricky Tricky

  33. Donkey Rollers - Motherfuck

  34. Hardheadz - Wreck Thiz Place

  35. Hardstyle Masterz - Age Of The Reverse Bass

  36. Speedwave - Mescal

  37. Automatic DJz - Mad Lay Number Three

  38. The KGB's - Punk Cake (PLN-B Edit)

  39. Raine - Buzzclick

  40. Marc et Claude - Loving You (DJ Isaac Remix)

  41. Digital Punk - Punk Soul Brother

  42. 2Pac feat Dr. Dre - California (DJ Isaac Remix)

  43. DJ Isaac - Over The Edge (PLN-B's Feelings Edit)

  44. Headliner - Drum Machine

  45. Brennan Heart - Revival X (PLN-B 'Pounding Senses' Edit)

  46. Brennan Heart - Rush The Rmx

  47. Headhunterz - Hate It Or Love It (PLN-B 'Home' Edit)

  48. Scope DJ - Lockdown Househeads (PLN-B Edit)

  49. DJ Isaac - Impressed (Technoboy Remix)

  50. Brennan Heart - Get Wasted (Blademasterz Remix)

50 tracks in 70 minutes. They won't let you sit still. You are to keep on moving constantly. And by looking at this tracklist, it shows that they did a marvellous job in pleasing the crowd.

And there are indeed some big classics in here. Who doesn't know 'Airport', 'Buzzclick','One One One', 'Seid Ihr Bereid', 'Looped', etc? Obviously it's not just these tracks that got the crowd moving, but also a lot of other tracks that made them move their feet. Some originals, some remixes, and some of PLN-B's own edits/remixes. They kept the entertainment level up high.

There are certainly a lot of entertaining songs in here. There's also one absolutely horrible track in here, and it's so bad, it should actually never be played at all. How can you do that to 2Pac and Dre? Don't ruin an all-time classic. Horrendous track.

Besides that one track, there's plenty of opportunity for you all to loose yourselves. PLN-B's set is cool and enticing. A good duo to ask to perform at your event, that's for sure. The Hardstyle/Jumpstyle anthems fly through your speakers, and it keeps everyone on their toes.

Dance your way through this Friday, and the weekend will be here soon. And let PLN-B take you on that journey.

Oh, nearly forgot, best track? 'Buzzclick'. Always one of my favourites, and also because of the fact that for years I thought the lyrics were 'Maastricht', instead of 'Buzzclick'.

Act: PLN-B

Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Jumpstyle

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Smashed Potatoes Festival 2022

Length Liveset: 01:10:52

Tracks: 50 (fifty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2022

More Information: PLN-B - Soundcloud Channel

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