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Predator - Dominator 2008 Mix [CD]

Wednesday, Hardcore day. And let's go back in time, roughly 13 years ago, to 2008. Do you remember the years when promo mixes were on CD and handed out? Nowadays everything is on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, or any cloud based website, but back then you had CDs. Kids, remember, those are the flat discs you might be using as coasters. We used them to gain our music fix. And for the Dominator festival which took place on 26/07/2008, they asked DJ Predator to come up with a mix, which was shared. And recently he uploaded this specific mix for the first time online.

This mix was to celebrate the 2008 edition of the mighty Hardcore festival called 'Dominator' (which I've not visited yet but really want to), and Predator got the finest tracks to compose this CD. Of course he had to play the finest Hardcore anthems from around 2008, including a few of his own productions and collaborations. To me this was an important decade of Hardcore: it was all melodic and harmonious. A few of those records are in here, and they were played literally everywhere, and many sang these songs out loud, like 'Nobody Said It Was Easy'.

It was also the period when Angerfist gained a massive cult following, and you can find a few of his productions in here too. You will get a lot of excellent Hardcore tunes in a 69 minute long mix. Carefully selected and mixed together beautifully by Predator,

Which anthems you might be wondering? Well, just look at this tracklist:

  1. Evil Activities - Evilution

  2. Amnesys - Worldwide Crisis

  3. Prowler - World In Chaos

  4. Evil Activities vs The Viper - Raw To The Floor

  5. Kasparov feat MC R.A.W. - We Will Dominate (Angerfist Remix)

  6. DJ Mad Dog & Noize Suppressor - Fire

  7. DJ Ruffneck & Ophidian - So Many Sacrifices

  8. Predator - Demon Pit

  9. DJ Mad Dog - Disorder

  10. Angerfist - Riotstarter

  11. Art Of Fighters & Endymion - Let's Get It On

  12. D-Saster - Deathline

  13. Evil Activities - Nobody Said It Was Easy

  14. The Headbanger - I'm In Your Head (Tha Playah Remix)

  15. Promo - The Tablet

  16. Hellsystem - Pray

  17. Angerfist feat Predator - The Switch

  18. Tha Playah - Fuck The Titties (The Viper & Tommyknocker Remix)

  19. Angerfist feat Predator - 187

  20. Denekamps Gespuis - Gas Met Die Zooi (Tha Playah Remix)

Oh God, the realisation that these tracks are roughly 13 years old, that's just clearly insane! Simply can't believe it? It was only yesterday I bought these records. Time goes by too damn fast.

It is nice to go back in time, it's like a time machine. Back to 2008, way before COVID and other crap. Hardcore was awesome back then. You don't believe me? Just listen to this mix and prove me otherwise. I do prefer the more melodic and euphoric Hardcore. I wouldn't say I didn't like the harder, no nonsense Hardcore (like Promo's 'The Tablet'), but the more melodic stuff just grabs my attention. And I'm a sucker to hands in the air and singing a song with thousands of fellow ravers. Even though I don't know half of these lyrics, mind you.

Predator's mix is tight. So many classic anthems. So many memories to a long gone era. Millennium Hardcore just reigns supreme. And of course you might say that Angerfist dominated literally everything, but to me the best in this mix has to be 'Fuck The Titties'. You couldn't go to a party without hearing this. Literally everywhere and anywhere, and you would hear this anthem. And it stood the test of time well. Still sounds ace in 2021.

Excellent mix, nice time capsule to a glorious year for the Hardcore scene. And a long forgotten trade of promotion: promo CDs. All long gone, all behind us. Fuck, time goes too damn fast.

DJ: Predator

Genre/Style: Millennium Hardcore, Hardcore, Gabber

CD Info: Predator - Dominator 2008 Mix [CD]

Length CD: 01;09:42

Tracks: 20 (twenty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2008

Label: Masters Of Hardcore

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

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