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Progressive memories 001 (2024)

Sunday has arrived, and we have had a long week behind us. Next week will probably be yet another long week, but at least we are getting closer to the Summer (hopefully). And to keep us entertained until the first proper Summer day, let's enjoy a mix made by Rory Larkin. The name might not ring a bell, which is understandable, but don't you worry: once you've discovered this mix, you will enjoy giving him a follow. Hoping that there will be more content like this in the future.

Progressive Trance. A style we all appreciate. And today's mix contains a few records in an hour long mix. The right amount of records, and the length of the mix is also perfect. Don't want it too long, or too short. But it all depends on the quality of the records. Are they good enough? Are they worth our time? The quick and short answer is yes.

I thoroughly enjoyed Progressive Trance. I can listen to it, at any given time. Well, maybe not always, as sometimes I like my music to be rough and raw, but most of the time I can enjoy the mellow vibes coming at me through my speakers. And this mix contains anthems I really enjoy hearing. And as it's only an hour long, you will be hooked onto this for that whole hour. Trust me when I say that.

But what's in this mix? You are curious now, right? Like George?

  1. Jose Amnesia feat Shawn Mitiski - My All (Flash Brothers Remix)

  2. Ronski Speed - The Perspective Space (Flash Brothers Remix)

  3. Sundawner - Sorrow (Original Mix)

  4. Steve May - Sublime (Original Mix)

  5. Skytech - Floating Clouds (Original Mix)

  6. Arcadia - Into The Dawn (James Holden Remix)

  7. Jan Johnston - Rush (Benya Vocal Mix)

  8. Filterheadz - Yiminya (Markus Schulz & Austin Leeds Mix)

  9. Sunlounger feat Zara - Lost (Original Mix)

Yes, these are some bad boy anthems. Chill as fuck, but still bad as hell. I would do unspeakable things to hear these songs being played out loud at an event. Oh, the vibes that you feel, coursing through your body. That feeling, especially when 'Yiminya' gets played. Boy, nothing can compete to that feeling, and I miss it so much.

That has to be one of the most iconic tracks in this mix, closely followed by 'Floating Clouds'. But all in all, this whole mix is superb to listen to. Rory has selected only 9 songs, but they all work well together, and the hour flies by, quicker than expected.

I've got only love and appreciation for this mix. A solid selection, and really great to hear. The weather might not be great today (12 degrees Celsius and cloudy), but if I close my eyes and turn the volume all the way up, I feel like I'm abroad, somewhere sunny.

Enjoy this mix as much as I did. And now... I'll play it yet again!

DJ: Rory Larkin

Genre/Style: Trance, Progressive Trance

Mix Info: Progressive memories 001

Length Mix: 01:03:07

Tracks: 9 (nine)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2024

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