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Promo Tribute Vol. 2 (2022)

The REVOLUTIONIST. That is certainly DJ Promo. We start a new week with a new dedication mix. One you do not want to miss, unless you don't think that DJ Promo is one of the best Hardcore producers out there. If you were hoping for a different review, please go somewhere else. But for now, it's all about DJ Promo and his excellent discography. And today's mix is presented to us by the Finnishing Dutch. An hour and a half of excellent Promo tracks: is there another way to start your week? This is surely the best way, right?

Before I proceed with this review, I have to apologise: I've not reviewed anything the last week, and that's due to my poor health. Yes, I had COVID, and it took me down completely. Not your standard ass flu, much more powerful though. I'm recovering though, hence why I'm back behind my computer, reviewing again (and doing standard 9 to 5 work too). But I'm back, with a vengeance, and a very powerful mix. One that might kick the last few COVID cells out of my body!

As you all know, I am a huge fan of DJ Promo. I've been reviewing mixes and liveset by the legend himself for many years, and I've owned many CDs (including the one you see the pic of above). Promo's music always spoke to me, and I always liked his different approach to Hardcore. He dabbled in many subgenres of Hardcore, including Happy Hardcore, and whatever he did, it always seem to work. Revolutionary some might call it. I call it 'music made by a legend'. The Prophet is already a name taken, but he can surely be seen as one of the biggest influences in the scene, past, present and future. Promo is the name that gave us Hardcore the way he wanted it to, and we all love him for doing that.

The Finnishing Dutch's mix contains a few well known and a few obscure Promo records, but all are highly enjoyable. But it's something you weren't ready for. Let the Finnishing Dutch take over your Monday morning, and let Promo come at you through ya speakas (see what I did there?)

  1. Intro - The Visionary

  2. Promo - Rage Ignites The Fire

  3. Promo - Bass Management

  4. Promo - King Of Pain

  5. Promo - My Claim To Fame

  6. Mad Dog & Promo - The Realness

  7. Promo - Emotions Over Anger

  8. Unknown feat Catscan - Condemned To Darkness

  9. The Masochist - Killing Scum (DJ Promo meets Shaolin Remix)

  10. Promo - What The Fuck?

  11. Promo - Escape From The Hostile

  12. Lenny Dee & Promo - I Called You

  13. Promo - Lord Of Undow

  14. Promo - Running Against The Rules

  15. Promo - The Revolutionist

  16. Promo & Marc Acardipane feat The Ultimate MC - Legends Unite

  17. Promo - Different Breed Of Men

  18. Promo - Rising Out Of The Dark

  19. The Wishmaster & DJ Promo - Crazy As Fuck

  20. Promo - Oblivion

  21. Promo & Tha Playah feat Snowflake - Open (Upside Down)

  22. Korsakoff & Promo - The Sound Flow

  23. Promo & DJ Delirium - Bass Power

  24. Promo - Bring It Raw

  25. Brian Acardy - Wayz Of Da Underground

  26. Promo - Cold As Stone

  27. Promo & Da Vinci - Psycho Style

  28. Promo - Can't Hold Me Down

  29. Promo - Shut Up!

  30. Rude Awakening - Crop Circle Making Dominating Whore Abuser

  31. Promo - Thunderstorm (Then Mix)

It's a nice looking tracklist, wouldn't you agree? A bit of 'old' and a bit of 'new'. But all focussed on DJ Promo's impressive discography. And he's got some heavy hitters under his belt. You can find a few of them in this mix, or if you missed a few, the Finnishing Dutch has also uploaded the first volume of this Promo dedication mixes many years ago. Maybe your missing track is in there? Why don't you go and have a look?

The tracks are really solid. Nothing to complain about, really. And I love the fact that the titles of most tracks are quite dark and obscure, but they aren't as messed up as the Rude Awakening's title: 'Crop Circle Making Dominating Whore Abuser'. Like WTF? That has to be a winner in the category 'weirdest Hardcore track title ever'?

The main question here is: do I like the old Promo sound, or the newer Promo sound? And that's a tricky question to answer, because his newer stuff is also very exciting, and contains the same feeling, the same as his previously released songs. OK, I've got an answer, and you might like it or dislike it, but I prefer the older sound.

And this leads up to my favourite record in this mix. 'Can't Hold Me Down'. Bit dancefloor anthem, that's for sure. Released around the time I went out raving for the first time. Heard it everywhere, and it's engraved into my brain. Big track.

A good mix by the Finnishing Dutch. A few mixing erors, and a few sound quality issues. Nevertheless, a very highly enjoyable mix you wouldn't want to miss. Give it a go, give your Monday a boost!

DJ: The Finnishing Dutch

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Millennium Hardcore

Mix Info: Promo Tribute Vol. 2

Length Mix: 01:37:28

Tracks: 30 (thirty) + intro

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 223 MB

File Type: mp3

Release Year; 2022

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

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