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Promo - Vinyl Set @ OSN Oldschool Stage (Imperial XL - June 2017)

The other day I was looking for something on Soundcloud, but I can't remember what it was. It had something to do with Hardcore music, without a shadow of a doubt, but what I was looking for, could have literally been everything. My mind works in mysterious ways, and I cannot describe to you how I am able to sit through this review without loosing my head. But anyway, before I am going to be taken to a psychiatric hospital, let me share with you all a set by the legendary DJ and producer DJ Promo, from 2017.

The event Promo played at, was called 'Imperial Hardcore, The XL Edition', and it took place on the 10th of June 2017, which feels like an eternity ago. The line-up looked good, with a few big names on here: Promo (of course), Chosen Few, Danger Hardcore Team, Frantic Freak, Yves, and more. Never heard of this event before, or even the location. Somewhere in Belgium. That's the only thing I know. Yeah, my knowledge is limited.

But what do I actually know? Well, I've heard of DJ Promo before (*sarcasm*) and I love me a bit of Hardcore. Put them two together, and you should have a brilliant set. Promo's records have always been one of my favourite of all time, and for his Imperial Hardcore event, he had picked a shit ton of his own records, to please the Belgian crowd. Must have felt fantastic, seeing Promo play these bad boy tunes, eh?

Here's the tracklist, for those Hardcore freaks out there!

  1. Promo - Counter Attack

  2. Promo - Up Yours!

  3. Promo feat Trickstyle - What U Want

  4. Promo & DJ X-Ess - Vicious Circle

  5. Promo - Dancefloor Hardcore

  6. Promo - The Bad Guy

  7. Promo - I Come Correct

  8. Promo - King Of Pain

  9. Promo - My Underground Madness

  10. Promo - Patterns In Chaos

  11. Promo - Among The Best

  12. Promo vs Digital Boy - Serious Damage

  13. Promo - Brother Of Conflict

  14. Promo - Messing With Yo Mind

  15. G-Shock - Demons (Promo Remix)

  16. Promo - Phreak Ya Speaka

  17. Vince & Promo - Lyin' Through Your Teeth

  18. Paul Elstak & DJ Promo - Enemies 4 Life (DJ Promo Remix)

Well I glanced at the tracklist, provided by Hansolo on Soundcloud, and I thought there would be a variety of tracklist, but they are all by Promo. And I mean them all! Fucking hell, he literally took only the Promo files with him. Everything Promo related comes through in this set.

Is that a bad thing? Or is it a good thing? I would say it's a good thing to hear a lot of Promo music. A huge fan of his discography. He has made a lot of excellent tunes, also a few stinkers, but mostly big hits. Memorable anthems. He's been an inspiration for a few decades now, hence why they asked him to play at this event.

The tracks are all solid. You know them all, and you love them all. I would to hear them right now, as we speak, live in a club or at a festival. Sadly COVID has been in my way. So I have to make do with Soundcloud.

The set is good, but contains a few errors. Some small, some a tad bigger. Nothing that dramatic, it's still a vinyl set, so not all using fancy machinery. But still, not a 100% flawless set. Still enjoyable.

And it's also free to download! So what are you waiting for?

DJ: Promo

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Millennium Hardcore

Liveset Info: Recorded @ OSN Oldschool Stage (Imperial XL - June 2017)

Length Liveset: 00:57:12

Tracks: 18 (eighteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 84.7 MB

File Type: mp3

Release Year: 2017

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz

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