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q100 x FatKidOnFire (FKOFd048 Promo) Mix (2020)

It is Dubstep Tuesday. Or is it Wednesday? I cannot keep up anymore, 2020 needs to be done with. And quickly, too! But until the 31st hits us, let's enjoy our evening with some nice Dubstep. And it's a brand new mix, which I have found on FatKidOnFire's Soundcloud page. You know, the one that made that wicked Dubstep mix I reviewed a few months ago. The Coki mix. And boy, it wasn't a few months ago, it was around a year ago and a few months! Fuck, time flies by.

I'm not a noob to the whole Dubstep scene, but I am a noob when it comes to the present day Dubstep. I know I should follow it more, and I fully acknowledge the fact that I'm a tad lazy, but I'm out of touch on who makes what in the scene, and who's who, and who's out. Basically I listen to the music, but don't know any gossip stories. Is that bad?

Before Coki's mix, I'd never heard of FatKidOnFire. But since that moment on I have regularly checked on mixes on their Soundcloud page. Their latest mix blew me away, and I thought it was about time for me to delve myself back into the wonderful and underrated world we call Dubstep.

q100 is the DJ of this month's mix. This bloke is a Dubstep DJ from Estonia. Due to my limited knowledge I cannot provide you with any more information. Maybe we should let the mix speak on q100's behalf?

  1. Quoma - ID

  2. q100 x PTF1987 - Underdog

  3. Atom Dubs x Ylemm - Suspicious Shadow

  4. DJYOUNGDEF x PTF1987 - Strapped Like Jap

  5. Oddkut - Empty Minds

  6. Head Space - Void

  7. Slin - Blue Springs

  8. Skotcha - After All

  9. q100 - Coleslaw

  10. Oddkut - Wonderland

  11. Oddkut - Deeper (q100 Remix)

  12. DJYOUNGDEF - Swangin' Flexin'

  13. Dread - The Thinker

  14. q100 - Blue Moon

  15. q100 - Katch

  16. q100 - Yasno

  17. q100 x DMG - Oddbells

  18. Bisweed - Directions

  19. Head Space - Void (Oddkut Remix)

  20. q100 - ID

  21. Quoma - Don't Touch VIP

  22. Bisweed - Haptics

  23. q100 - Kose

  24. Atom Dubs - Bad Waves

  25. q100 - ID

  26. q100 x Paranoid One - Five

  27. DMG - Sepo

  28. PTF1987 - Tallinn Express

  29. Slin - Roswell 1947

  30. q100 x PTF1987 - ID

  31. q100 - Cuticle

  32. q100 x Paranoid One - ID

  33. Cotti - Real Hustler (Slin Remix)

  34. Bisweed - Screaming Target

  35. Head Space - Void (q100 Remix)

  36. Ninety - Snake's Kiss VIP

I always find it amazing how Dubstep DJs can cram in as many records as humanly possible, and still make it sound smooth and effortless. I know that Dubstep ain't the only style that does that, but come on, they do pull it off. And this mix by q100 ain't no exception.

So in this 57 minute long mix you get 36 records. From Dubstep to Grime, all around 140 BPM. And even though I've never heard of q100 not 99% of the artists in this mix, it has peaked my interest, and I've been listening to this over and over for the last 3 days.

Dubstep can be messy, Dubstep can be fucking hard, or super deep. And this has got it all. But the main gist is its calmness. This mix, at times, can be very relaxing. So relaxing, I was even dozing off to dreamland. That relaxing.

I've got no complaints about this mix. Every single record is fire. And carefully mixed by q100. This mix has gained a huge fan, and his name is TCD (=me).

Make sure you head on towards Bandcamp and download this for free! And like whatever there is to like. And obviously, without question, listen to this mix. TCD recommendation for today!

DJ: q100

Genre/Style: Dubstep, Grime

Mix Info: q100 x FatKidOnFire (FKOFd48 promo) Mix

Length Mix: 00:57:32

Tracks: 36 (thirty-six)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: 118 MB

File Type: mp3

Release Year: 2020

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44.1 khZ

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