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QAPITAL 2019 | The Capital of Raw | Warm Up Mix 1.0 by Melvje

On the 6th of April you'd better be in the Ziggo Dome. Where else would you want to be? Qapital 2019 takes place this year in the Ziggo Dome, and the line-up is really wicked: Malice, Requiem, Adaro, Chain Reaction, D-Sturb, Delete, MYST, Phuture Noize, Radical Redemption, Rebelion, Regain, Rejecta, Rooler, and more in area 2. It will be yet another amazing event happening in the Netherlands this year. If you are a fan of the harder styles, NL is the place to be.

Melvje, a regular to this page, has made this warm up mix. This unstoppable force keeps on pushing Hardstyle/Rawstyle forward, and I'm always pleased to see a Melvje mix online. It's like he does it on a weekly basis. The amount of mixes you find on Soundcloud is ridiculous. But exciting at the same time.

So what can you expect in this mix? The usual Rawstyle/Hardstyle records. What were you thinking? All from the artists who are performing at Qapital 2019, so you are getting a taster of what kind of madness you will experience in April, at the Ziggo Dome.

01. Crypsis & DV8 - Stand Our Ground (QAPITAL Anthem 2016)

02. Chain Reaction - Reasons

03. Hard Driver & Adaro - Midnight Sky

04. MYST - Where I Shine

05. Phuture Noize - Anthem Of Freedom (QAPITAL Anthem 2018)

06. Rejecta - Rise Of Rejecta

07. Delete & Regain - Shitty Music

08. Public Enemies - Start The Rage (QAPITAL Anthem 2017)

09. D-Sturb & High Voltage - Universe

10. Radical Redemption & D-Sturb - Danger Zone

11. Radical Redemption - America Can't Handle This

12. Delete - Lunatic

13. Delete feat Tha Watcher - Payback

14. Warface & Rooler - Game Time

15. Malice feat Tha Watcher - The Extreme

16. Malice - Xtermination

17. Malice - Brutalized

18. Rebelion - Rise From The Streets (QAPITAL Anthem 2019)

19. Rebelion & Deetox - Within Me

20. Rebelion - Corruption

21. Requiem vs The Pitcher - Sweet Dreams

22. Requiem - Mad MF (Hardcore Edit)

Melvje's mix is outstanding! Too see all these names in one mix, and knowing Melvje, you know you will be in for a treat. Another epic Hardstyle/Rawstyle mix for the weekend. And if this gets you extremely hyped up, why not get tickets for Qapital? Give yourself a treat this year.

I've got nothing negative to mention. This is yet another wicked mix, containing records so hot, you cannot handle them without wearing gloves. And it should come with a warning: dangerous mix ahead. But that's Melvje.

Best record? I love 'Universe' by D-Sturb and High Voltage. A very happy and cheerful record.

Well, what are you waiting for? Check out this mix right now, and get tickets for Qapital!

DJ: Melvje

Genre/Style: Rawstyle, Hardstyle

Mix Info: QAPITAL 2019 | The Capital of Raw | Warm Up Mix 1.0 by Melvje Length Mix: 00:47:45

Tracks: 22 (twenty-two)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 109 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 320kbps

More Information: Melvje - Soundcloud Page

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