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Qriminal Liveset @ Halloween Livestream (31-10-2020)

Hear me out, what I'm about to say makes sense in my head. It's a bank holiday in the UK, and the weather is extraordinarily good. Most people just sit in their garden, enjoying the sun. Not me.I hate sunbathing. Not made for me. I'd rather do stuff, and looking at how the grass had grown over the last few weeks, it looked a bit of a state. So cutting the grass was my chore for the weekend. But as boring as that sounds, it's as good as you make it. And for me to power through this excruciating task, you need some oomph. Some power comes into your ears. Hence why I'm listening to this mix by Qriminal. See, I told you this all made sense. And I think it does....

I stumbled across this mix by accident. Wasn't really looking for it, but it just appeared on my timeline. Maybe it's because I saw DJ Qriminal live a few years ago, at GPF's weird party, which he performed the biggest (and weirdest) hit of the year. But he's not just a one hit wonder. Oh contraire. He's here to stay, and his latest mix shows us that people do like what he does. In 6 months it has already gained over 12,4k plays on Soundcloud. And probably the last 50 of them are me playing this over and over.

I don't know much about this livestream. Was it a Youtube stream? A Facebook one? Not really sure. But what I do know, is that it took place on Halloween. One of the weirdest events of the year. Halloween in lockdown... no candy for the kids, as they aren't allowed outside alone. Parents are to isolate, stay indoors. And maybe this is the replacement of kids getting candy. Instead of walking to each door in your neighbourhood, just listen to Qriminal, he's going to give you treats.

That sounds wrong. But you know what I mean.

Which records did he use during his livestream on Halloween last year? Well, these:

  1. Qriminal & Ressurectz - The Madhouse (Qriminal 'Omen' Edit)

  2. The Pitcher - Unfinished Demo (Qriminal Edit)

  3. Ricky West - Henry (Qriminal Remix)

  4. Aversion - Nightmare Visions (Loudness 2018 Edit)

  5. Qriminal - Knocked Out

  6. Headhunterz - Reloaded Part 2

  7. Josh & Wesz vs Low-E - I've Lost You

  8. Dozer - The Church Of The Darkside

  9. Beat Providers - Intensive Care

  10. Radical Redemption - Just Like You (Qriminal Edit)

  11. Titan - Nightmare

  12. Zany x Pavo - Wilde Gullie Orgasmo (Qriminal Bootleg)

  13. Aversion & Cryex - Concentrate (2020 Edit)

  14. The Vision - I Know Your Here

  15. Aversion & Qriminal - Bringin' Sexy Back (Qriminal Live Edit)

  16. Qriminal & MC Synergy - The Power Of Synergy (Live Edit)

  17. Qriminal - Warzone

  18. Moksi - Brace Yourself (Qriminal Bootleg)

  19. Adaro & Danny Scandal x Regain - For The Street Crowd Reaction (Qriminal Bootleg)

  20. Luminite - The Incredible

  21. Radical Redemption & D-Sturb - Danger Zone

  22. 2-Sidez - Magic Spell

  23. The Opposites feat Did & Willie Wartaal - Dom, Lomp & Famous (Adjuzt Edit)

  24. Outbreak - Bassface (The Straikerz Kick Edit)

  25. Frequencerz - Revolution

  26. Noisecontrollers - Crump (2009 Edit)

  27. Minus Militia - Overdose

  28. O.B.I. - Girls Love Techno (Malice Bootleg)

  29. Psyko Punkz - Forget About Dre (Act Of Rage & Radical Redemption Remix)

  30. E-Force & Luna - Mindcontroller

  31. Frequencerz - Bitch

  32. Noisecontrollers - So High

  33. Fanteria feat MC I See - Defend The Raw

  34. Radical Redemption x Sub Zero Project - Accumulated Filth (Qriminals 'Extreme' Edit)

  35. E-Force & Luna - The Game

  36. Aversion & Qriminal - Bringin' Sexy Back (Kriminal Live Edit)

  37. Sound Rush feat Eurielle - Back To The Roots

If you are a Hardstyle fanatic, you will love this mix. It's got literally everything in here. From the well known anthems, to Qriminal's own productions. From the old to the new and everything in between. Within 62 minutes he takes you on this magical journey, and these 37 tracks do give you enough of a boost to cut the bloody grass.

At first I thought this mix was fully focussed on Halloween, sort of similar to the mix done by Al Storm a few years ago, where the main theme was Halloween, and each and every record was scary. This only starts with a scary anthems, and the rest aren't that scary. Unless you are NOT into Hardstyle/Rawstyle, then it might become a tad scary for you. But the journey is a nice one.

A few live edits in here too, and a shit ton of his own stuff too. Qriminal's mix is what you really wanted to hear, if you haven't heard it already. And it's got one really amazing record in here, which I truly adore.... 'Nightmare Visions' by Aversion. Blooming heck, what a wicked track is this. But also,'Unfinished Demo' by The Pitcher, and 'The Church Of The Darkside' by Dozer. All goosebumps generating anthems.

Not all records are my favourite, a few aren't. But you can't please everyone. Those would be the tracks I would listen to at a party at the bar, getting a drink. Like 'Dom, Lomp & Famous'. Really not a huge fan of this record. Radio overkill, maybe... who knows?

A good mix, and also a free download. Worth checking out. And as I said, it's got 'Nightmare Visions'. Big big anthem!

DJ: Qriminal

Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Rawstyle

Mix Info: Qriminal Liveset @ Halloween Livestream (31-10-2020)

Length Mix: 01:02:7

Tracks: 37 (thirty-seven)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN/DOWNLOAD

File Size: 151,6 MB

File Type: mp3

Release Year: 2020

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44,1 kHz

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