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Rampage Turbo 10 (Celebrating 10 Years of Finrg) (2012)

It is Wednesday, Freeform day. Or maybe call it FinRG day. Because I've got a brilliant mix for you all. An oldie, by DJ Pearsall, but still fresh and with the right tracks in it. The mix was made 10 years ago, and now it's 10 years later, making FinRG 20 years? Maybe it's time for Pearsall to do volume 2 (if he hasn't already). And if he hasn't, why not? We need more Freeform, we need mroe FinRG. Sadly you won't see many mix reviews focussed on FinRG as there aren't that many mixes, and if there are, not many have an actual tracklist, which is a pity. But Pearsall has got you covered, and this mix does come with a very nice looking tracklist.

Well, I need a bit of oomph. A bit of the harder styles, without blowing my ears into bits. I started this morning with a bit of mellow Club and House, but then I realised that I've got a busy few weeks ahead, and it freaked me out. So for me to focus I needed to hear this mix. I tried an Uptempo Hardcore mix, but I started to pull my hairs out of my skull. Too early to start looking like my dad, so let's not listen to Uptempo today...

2 hours of Finnish Freeform. Can you imagine what that sounds like? No worries, no need to imagine it, as you can experience it. Underneath this review the Soundcloud player is visible, just press play and let yourself be completely engulfed in the wonderful world we call FinRG.

If you are from Finland, or you love FinRG, you will certainly love this mix. Yes, it might be a 10 year old mix, but it's certainly still as fresh as the day it was made. The music is as timeless as I am... and that's saying a lot!

These are the tracks Pearsall used for his mix back in 2012:

  1. Carbon Based - Kraateri

  2. The Mexican - The Land Of The Pharaohs (Carbon Based Remix)

  3. Carbon Based - The Choice

  4. Carbon Based & Nemes - Heaven 'N Hell

  5. Proteus & Carbon Based - Heavy Fusion

  6. DJ Proteus - Metal

  7. Paocala - Starfall

  8. Carbon Based & E-NRG - Illuminate

  9. Carbon Based, E-NRG & Nemes - Prologue

  10. DJ Rx - Hellfire

  11. Re-Form - Extremely Dangerous

  12. Nemes & Blender - Without Fear

  13. Alek Szahala - Dryad Machine

  14. Alek Szahala - Unicorn Grove

  15. DJ Rx - Killer Instinct

  16. Carbon Based - Underworld Species

  17. Carbon Based - Anger Ball

  18. Pain On Creation - Mortality

  19. Pain On Creation - Lush (Carbon Based Remix)

  20. DJ Proteus - Venla

  21. Alek Szahala - Lumi

  22. Re-Form - Schizophrenic

  23. Re-Form - Blackmailer (Hard NRG Mix)

  24. Carbon Based - Fatal Flashback

  25. Nomic & Pain On Creation - Make Me Real

  26. Alek Szahala - Invitation

  27. Nomic - You Have A Dream

  28. Carbon Based - Ultimate Protection

  29. DOK - Mental Ward (Carbon Based Remix)

  30. Carbon Based - Cyclone

  31. Alek Szahala - Superstition

  32. Alek Szahala - Man Eaten

This could have easily been named a Carbon Based of Alek Szahala dedication mix, as their tracks appear in this mix a fair few times. Is that a bad decision? Absolutely NOT. They are two of the biggest names in the FinRG scene, but certainly not the only ones...

The tracks selected are gorgeous. And some so damn good to see and hear again. It's been a while since I last ventured into the FinRG world, but it's a blessing. The music is just so damn good, close to Freeform, but still with a twist. They made Freeform their own, and made it special.

The two hours fly by, and you wouldn't even have a clue that you gone through 32 tracks, and it all seems like one big blur. You were intoxicated by Finnish Freeform, and I know how that feels like. Pearsall has made a very cool mix that has stood the test of time, and one that deserves more plays and more credit, but so does FinRG. They deserve more credit for what they have been doing for donkey's years!

A cool mix, and also available as a download. What else could you wish for? Maybe volume 2? Two decades of FinRG by Pearsall?

DJ: Pearsall

Genre/Style: Freeform, Finnish Freeform

Mix Info: Rampage Turbo 10 (Celebrating 10 Years of Finrg)

Length Mix: 02:00:31

Tracks: 32 (thirty-two)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 275 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

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