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I like finding new stuff on Soundcloud extremely interesting. And today's mix is certainly a concept I've not heard before. As most of you know, I did not grow up in the UK. I only moved here roughly 7 years ago, so I missed out on a lot of good things. In the Netherlands we had pirate radio stations, but it was not as big as it was in the UK. Well, it could have been, but maybe I just never paid attention? I did listen to a few back in the 90s, but it never captured my interest. What did captured my interest, is the mix by RAVE ALARM. And it's a cool concept.

Brand new tracks, with snippets from the good old days, when pirate stations were everywhere. They might still be around, but I never listen to the radio anymore. And what surprised me, is that there's a compilation out there, that has got those adverts from the 90s! Someone actually spent the time recording them, saving them, in case they were required in the future. They came in very handy, when making this mix.

I am still fairly new to the Rave Breaks scene, but what I can say, is that I love the sound. And this mix is filled with awesome Breakbeat anthems, And the mix is filled with new anthems. Tracks that do take me back to the 90s. Very refreshing, uplifting, and all in all, cool anthems. I can just picture these anthems at raves all over the country. Excluding the radio adverts though: if there's one thing a raver doesn't want to hear at a rave, it's adverts!

Here's the tracklist, for you rave maniacs!

  1. Noizu - Summer 91 (Looking Back)

  2. Moby - Go (D-VIde Future Breaks Mix)

  3. Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (RAVE ALARM Remix)

  4. DJ Absolutely Shit - I Really Know We Can Make It

  5. Jesta - Cinespace

  6. Orbital & The Medieval Baebes - Ringa Ringa (The Old Pandemic Folk Song)

  7. 9Trane - Ravers NRG

  8. Maruwa - 31 Seconds

  9. Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman (DieMantle RaveYard Mix)

  10. Rozalla & Dave Ralph - Everybody's Free (Paul Oakenfold Nu Rave Remix)

  11. Paul & Shark - YouTube Rave Comments

  12. Shadow Child - In Your Arms

  13. Multiply feat Ivory - Back In The 90s

  14. Rave 2 The Grave - Zero B

  15. Eddie Pedalo - Rave In A Shoebox

  16. Settle Down - Raised On Tapes

  17. RAVE ALARM - Just Be Right

  18. Celsius - Banger

  19. L_Major - Energy

  20. RAVE ALARM - Slip Away

  21. Solardo & Rowetta - Enough

  22. Jai Dee - Beyond Crystal Rain

  23. Stretch & Enjoy - Dance

  24. Flatliner - Let's Go

  25. TripeSteppaz & 6Blocc - Break The Jungle

  26. Origin8a & Propa & Nicky Blackmarket - Turbo Jungle Tekno

  27. Blame - Music Takes You (Fear-E's Tenner Dunt Remix)

  28. S.P.Y. - See Your Face Again

  29. RAVE ALARM - Heaven Chew

  30. DJ ZET - Finally Finally

I loved this mix a lot. The tracklist didn't move me a lot, as probably 99% of the artists are unknown to me. But what I have to say, is that there's one name on here, which I find the best name for a DJ ever! Can you guess which one? It's DJ Absolutely Shit of course! What a blinding name! You would be honoured to have Absolutely Shit on your flyer haha.

The mix is tight. Different from your standard mixes, but I love it. My wife is currently sitting next to me, and she even asked me if we were listening to a pirate radio station! And she's absolutely NOT into rave music. That's an achievement to me.

RAVE ALARMs mix is dope as fuck. I really enjoyed it, but the main reason why I listened to this in full, is the opening track. That track is just fire! Boy, to open a mix with THAT track, you know it is going to be a good/excellent mix.

A wicked concept, and can't wait to hear more! Bring on the second instalment!


Genre/Style: Rave Breaks, Hardcore Breaks, Jungle Techno, New Rave


Length Mix: 01:30:57

Tracks: 30 (thirty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 208 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbos

Release Year: 2023

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