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RAVE ALERT Label Showcase (22.04.2022)

I am back! After a week offline, I have now returned, and today we are going to talk about Rave. More specifically, RAVE ALERT! It sounds like a public service announcement, but it's not (or maybe it is?). But it's not. It's a label showcase mix by Audioholik. When I saw the title of this mix, and the tracklist, I thought 'how did I miss this label?', but quickly realised that this is a fairly new label, so I haven't missed out on much yet! But what is this RAVE ALERT all about?

This is a fairly new label, with the promise to keep the early sound alive. And they are doing a great job. And if you are a bit like me, you might be wondering if that is the case? Well, yes. Press the play button and you will hear it for yourself. All brand new tracks, but with this distinctive early sound surrounding it. And you all know I am a sucker for the early sound. Can't beat it, hands down.

This Belgian label took Audioholik by surprise, and he decided to give us a showcase mix with a few of the tracks released on this label. And as I'm new to this Neorave label, it's a good introduction to this new world. Neorave? You learn something new every day! So, instead of faffing around, let's us jump straight into the tracklist. Here it is:

  1. Pako Marckx - The Morally Corrupt

  2. Geck-O - You Now Control Me

  3. Madora - Arkadia

  4. Axyom - Reward System

  5. Geck-O - You Call That Dancing

  6. Dyen - Venom (Madora Remix)

  7. Thogy, Minus 25 - Mass Hysteria

  8. Geck-O - Hyper Hyper Hyper Hyper

  9. Alt8 - Rise Of The Humanmind

  10. Madora - Voices Of Evil

  11. DXPE - Most Wanted

  12. Kø:lab - Devastate

  13. Sonico - Prepare For Domination

  14. Madora - The Moment

  15. Geck-O - Ill Behaviour

  16. Teokad, Void Builder - Ramdam

Sadly I only know one artist in this mix, which is Geck-O, and all the others are unknown to me, up until today (of course). But it's not about who made the tune, it's more important what the tune can do to you. Can it make you move, or will you remain seated? That's the all important question. If it doesn't make you move, that's not great. But that won't happen during this mix, trust me!

The tunes take me back to the early days, that's for sure. I like the fact that recently more and more artists have stepped up their game, and there's this resurgence of earlier sounding styles, like Hardcore, Hardstyle, and more. It brings joy to my heart. It makes me smile from ear to ear. And this new label fits the bill well. Audioholik's mix is dope, and it's a very good introduction for me to this new label.

It has given me much joy, this mix. My second day of being back in the UK after a short holiday in the Netherlands, but now I'm back. And this first mix is certainly a banger. Audioholik has done a great job, and also the people responsible for this label RAVE ALERT have done a great job. I'll go on the hunt for more music from this label, I need more!

DJ: Audioholik

Genre/Style: Neorave, Hardstyle

Mix Info: RAVE ALERT label showcase (22.04.2022)

Length Mix: 01:06:33

Tracks: 16 (sixteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 152 MB

File Type: mp3

Release Year: 2022

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

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