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RawDust - Gas Op Die Lolly Vol 1. (2021)

It is Friday, and yet another steaming day. I was off today, and it was just me in the house. No one else, so the music could be turned up to the max, and I could play whatever I liked. As you would know, I normally go to Soundcloud quickly, and see if anything new had been posted. And the first mix I saw, was a mix by DJ Rawdust, a DJ who's mix I reviewed quite a long time ago. Really impressed with his previous mix, but am I as impressed with his 'Gas on the lolly volume 1'? Yes, I know what it means, but how to translate this from Dutch to English is undoable.

But what is in this new mix? Rawstyle tracks by big names. Big names you say? Yes, like Radical Redemption, Luminite, Malice, Aversion, Aggressive Act, and more. So hard stuff, yeah? Guessing that you really wanted to hear that on this Friday? No stuff to cool you down, you need stuff to heat you up, and burn off those calories.

This DJ from Heerlen has made a very nice set, but this isn't certainly the only set on his Soundcloud channel: he's got plenty to choose from. The reason I chose this one was because it was the first one I noticed when Soundcloud opened up. That's the only reason.

Rawstyle, you must be in the mood for it, but I'm guessing that you are, seeing as you reading this. So which records are selected by Rawdust? Well, these:

  1. Vasto - Make 'm Bounce

  2. Aggressive Act - Supreme (Live Edit)

  3. Alternate Reality - Sample Flip

  4. Unresolved - Murder

  5. Aversion - All These People

  6. Revelation - Lose Control

  7. Brutality - Party Rocker (Nolimits Remix)

  8. Rawpvck feat L-scream - Raw Bass Kickdrum

  9. B-Savage - Goddamn DJ

  10. Cold Confusion - Keep It Alive

  11. Rawframez - Brutal Murder

  12. Cryex - Buried Alive

  13. Radical Redemption - Rule Them All

  14. Radical Redemption, Crypsis & Act Of Rage feat Chain Reaction, Minus Militia, Luna, Kold Konnexion & Nolz - Brothers In Sound

  15. Deadalus - Taking Over Control

  16. Fraw feat MC Activate - Ready To Fight

  17. Imperatorz - Living My Dream

  18. KickRolls - Executing

  19. Neroz - Kickdrum Addict

  20. Mutilator - Hypnosis

  21. Matzic - Bass In Your Face (2021 Extended Kick Edit)

  22. Koalaz - Blinded

  23. Luminite - Be Myself

  24. Malice feat San284 - Don't You Dare

  25. Rebelion & Garra - Reverse Rehab

A 51 minute long mix with 25 records. DJ Rawdust doesn't take any prisoners, does he? He wants you to dance, and dance hard, uncontrollably hard. And with this selection of records the people will start raving. How can you sit still? You need to get out of your chair, and raise your hands in the air. Oh, before you do that, you need to crank up the volume to the max. How else are you going to feel the beats and bass penetrate your body and eardrums, eh?

It is hard to keep up with the records. He's unstoppable. He keeps on playing one hit after the other, and before you know it, you are sitting/standing in a room and the mix has ended. It goes too damn quick, but there's a positive: it's downloadable. So play it whenever and wherever you dance.

Got nothing negative to say. Go jump on this mix, and play it out loud, if you like the beats and bass to be raw as hell. Oh, and it's got 'All These People' by Aversion, big ass hit!

Not a fan of the last hit, but hey ho, that's just me

Only score available!

DJ: Rawdust

Genre/Style: Rawstyle

Mix Info: Gas Op Die Lolly Vol 1.

Length Mix: 00:51:59

Tracks: 25 (twenty-five)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 101,7 MB

File Type: mp3

Release Year: 2021

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44,1 kHz

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