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Reverze Flashback 2020 - Mark With A K, Dark-E & Pat B

The whole world is in lockdown. We are forced to stay indoors, whilst the virus hopefully dies down quickly, and never comes back. The only thing we can do is scour the internet for music. And pornography. Well, truth be told, what if you live on your own? You need to maintain your strength. Anyway, or it's porn or it's music. I'd rather choose music. That keeps me going 24/7. And the set I'm about to present to you is a big one. A set by Pat B, Mark With A K, and Dark-E. Also includes MC Chucky, but his interaction is limited.

I am sorry, didn't mean to cause any harm, but MCs are not required. Especially when you are doing a flashback set, full of awesome records. I am a fan of music, not chatting. And the set is filled with awesome classics. Seriously impressive stuff by Pat B, Mark With A K, and Dark-E. This 45 minute long set is jam packed with early Jumpstyle/Hardstyle anthems.

I can talk for hours about each and every records selected by the three legends, but instead of that, let's just show you the tracklist. That will make your day, trust me.

01. Davoodi - Move Ya Ass

02. DJ Frank - Fuckin' Serious

03. Robert Armani - Hit Hard

04. Bam Bam - Bam's Workout

05. Major Lazer - Pon Di Floor (Bestien Bootleg)

06. Mark With A K - Oasis

07. Oxley - Bombadrop

08. Chicago Zone - Story Of R2

09. DJ Coone - Doggystyle

10. DJ Quicksilver - Ameno

11. Mad Traxx - In The Future (Binum Bootleg)

12. Binum - The Last Time

13. Pat B - Never Alone In Space Wide

14. DJ Gave - I Can Do

15. Zatox - Gangsta (Mark With A K Bootleg) Greg C - Speedtalking

16. Thunderball - Bonzai Channel One (Analyzers Remix)

17. Jones & Stephenson - First Rebirth (Playboyz Remix)

18. Binum - Whoops

19. Carlos Mendez - Sax-a-phone Sato - The Riddler

20. Poogie Bear - Happy Together

21. Teka B - Hit The Dancefloor

22. DJ Skep - Hangova

23. DJ Francois & Pat B - Illegale

24. DJ Duro - Puta Madre

25. Mark With A K - Komodo

26. G.dee.J - Juke It (Teka B Remix) Ard & Jorn - 16 (Q-ic Remix)

27. Da Bootleggers - Bitches & Ho's

28. David Guetta - Love Is Gone

29. GJ Warez - Popcorn Samuel Sanders - Cummin' For Your Ass

30. Coone - Life Is Complex

31. Pinky & The Brain - Bonkers

32. Rudy Sunders - Pump Up My Pussy (Lethal MG Remix)

33. Mark With A K - Peppers On Easton

34. DJ Coone - Hardcore Vibes

35. DJ Basik - Pressure

36. Mauro Picotto - ID

37. Cherrymoon Trax - Acid Dream

38. Dr. Phunk & iTraxx - Little Jimmy

39. Ixxel - Drop That Beat

40. Dark-E - Malibu Cola

41. Mark With A K - Zombie Nation (Bootleg)

42. Junior Waxx - Bangin Record (Point Blanc Remix)

43. Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You

44. Panik-X-treme - Cyberphonic

45. ID - Sweet Dreams Bootleg

46. Pat B - Ain't No Party

47. Dark-E - Capella Bom

48. Lethal MG - Mary Go Wild

49. ID - Bam A Fucking Bullet

50. Dark-E - Tranceballers

51. Binum - Chapter One (Greg C Remix)

52. Lowriderz - Sending My Love

53. Teka B - Jack-a-Tack

54. Vorwerk - Vietnam (Kick Edit)

55. Antonio & Christiano - Dirty Cash

56. Mark With A K - Go Crazy (Who Let The Dogs Out)

57. DJ Paul Elstak - Rainbow In The Sky

58. Menace 2 Society - Chronic Disorder

59. ID - Forever Young

60. Dream Your Dream - Mayday Dream (Hardcore Edit)

60+ records in 45 minutes. No time to relax, no time to gasp for air. Mark With A K, Dark-E and Pat B are making sure that you won't stop dancing. The MC sadly does not add a single thing to this atmospheric set.

Someone was complaining about the crowd going 'eeeh, ooooh', but I did like that. The crowd's interaction with the DJs is good. Not sure if this set is pre recorded: it's just too damn perfect. Not one tiny error can be found. Unless you have spotted one, and in that case, please let us know. But still, it's 45 minutes of epic anthems.

There are too many great anthems in here. You all know I love the early Jumpstyle sound, and all three DJs have done their best to cram in as much as they could. I can narrow it down to a few records: 'Davoodi's 'Move Ya Ass'. 'Ixxel - Drop That Beat', and 'Teka B's Hit The Dancefloor'. I'll choose the last one as my favourite: the transition from 'Happy Together' into this record is flawless and literally grabs your attention. You were not prepared for this change whatsoever. No indication was provided that you would expect this to happen.

Is it the best set ever? It's good, but it still can't top 2018's edition. Pat B and Ruthless dominated this event, and the set is still played over and over by yours truly.

But don't let this bother you. Bring back the Jumpstyle and turn up the speakers. Fuck this social distancing and rave indoors! Woop woop, let's fucking go!

DJs: Pat B, Dark-E, Mark With A K

Genre/Style: Jumpstyle, Hardstyle, Hardcore

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Reverze Flashback 2020

Length Liveset: 00:44:58

Tracks: 60 (sixty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: DJ Pat B - Soundcloud Page

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