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Reverze Flashback 2021 - Pat B

The world is coming back to normality, as much as possible. Parties are happening here in the UK again, and it turns out in Belgium too. Only a handful of days ago there was an event happening which you might have heard of: it's called Reverze, Wake Of The Warrior. With a seriously impressive line-up it's no wonder it got sold out. And also because of the fact that people are desperate to party again, and why not start at Belgium's biggest indoor party, right?

Let me name a few artists who played there, you might have heard of them: Mark With A K, Sound Rush, Da Tweekaz, Sub Zero Project, Ran-D, D-Sturb, Dr. Peacock, Aftershock, Devin Wild, B-Front, Vertile, N-Vitral, Partyraiser, and more were playing there. An unbelievably good looking line-up, and one of the DJs who I didn't mention, was responsible for the Flashback set: Pat B. He's played at Reverze before, so he knows exactly what to play to get the crowd hyped up. And with the 2021 edition of Reverze he made sure that the crowd screamed as loud as they could!

He only had 45 minutes to play, but within those precious minutes he entertained the Belgian crowd to the max. The set is filled with retro and new Jumpstyle records, and hearing those retro Jumpstyle records, a spark inside of me ignited the Jumpstyle love that I still have. It is so damn cool to find Jumpstyle sets and mixes on Soundcloud. It was a damn cool style, so underrated. But in 2021 we honour the style by letting Pat B play the finest records out there. 45 minutes of pure eargasms. And classics, of course.

So what's in store? Well, these records:

  1. Pat B - The Police

  2. Pat B - No Good 2021

  3. DP - Essorage

  4. Qatja S - Geen Haar Beter

  5. DJ Mystery - Hardskool

  6. Dutch Disorder - Heroine (Pat B Remix)

  7. Ruthless - What Ya Got

  8. Noizer & Dr. Paddo - Keep On Jumping

  9. Ard & Jorn - 16 (Pat B Remix)

  10. DJ Mystery - Punani (Pat B Remix)

  11. Vek feat Wilr - GO

  12. Robert Armani - Hit Hard (Pat B's Fake Drop Bitches Edit)

  13. DJ Fred & Arnold T - Delerium (DJ Francois Remix)

  14. Cherrymoon Traxx - Acid Dream (Pat B Remix)

  15. Pat B & Nowaxx - Army Of Hardcore (Bootleg)

  16. Cherrymoon Rob - Needle Interference (Playboyz Bootleg)

  17. Faithless - Insomnia (Pat B Remix)

  18. Pat B - Love Comes In Sweet Dreams

  19. DJ Youri - Fuck On Cocaine (Pat B Remix)

  20. Armani & Ghost - Airport (Ruthless Remix)

  21. Oxytraxx - Kinky (Face Down Ass Up)

  22. Jeff Mills - Changes Of Life (Q-ic Remix)

  23. DJ Francois - Mindcontroller

  24. DJ Yves & Chaps & Rolay - Devil's Fiction (Dr. Rude Remix)

  25. Boon-T - Lobotomyx (Never Alone)

  26. Dutch Movement - Da Pussy Syndrome

  27. The Sunclub - Fiesta (DJ Francois Bootleg)

  28. Pat B & The Rebel - 2005

  29. Pat B - I Am The Lord Of The Organ Line

  30. Felix Project - On The Floor

  31. Cousins Inc - What's So Funny

  32. DJ Gio - Gods Of Hell

  33. DJ Rob - 1992 Is For You (DJ Francois Remix)

  34. Lethal MG - Youeternal (Ronald-V Remix)

  35. Coone - The Return (Ruthless Bootleg)

  36. Sato - The Riddler (DJ Francois Bootleg)

  37. Da Rick & The Rebel & Pat B - Zombie

  38. Cyberzone - Story Of Panik (Playboyz Bootleg)

  39. Totalition - Otherside

  40. G-Swatt - Gonna Be Da Beat

  41. Chicago Jaxx - Dirty Bitch

  42. Fenix - Dikke Vette Bassplaat

  43. Sektor 9 - Jump To The Rhythm

  44. Pat B - Ain't No Party 2021

  45. K-Maze - The First Rebirth

  46. DJ Coone - Jumpstyle Vibes

  47. DJ Stone - Bass Generator (1,2 Stampuh Edit)

  48. Bad Boyz - Clap Ya Hands

  49. Mark With A K - Break

  50. DJ Danny vs Francky Kloeck - Gimme The Line (DJ Francois Rework)

  51. Pat B - Much Better Macarena

  52. Pat B - Somebody 2 Love (Bootleg)

  53. Pat B - 2004 (Dark-E Remix)

  54. Pat B - The Goodbye Song 1 & 2

You know that Pat B will deliver an awesome set, and this one isn't an exception. He does it again, and the set is really intoxicating. Going back in time has never felt so good. New and old, classics and future classics, all crammed in one 45 minute set. What else is there to wish for?

The set is gorgeous. A lot of good feedback so far on Soundcloud and Youtube. People seem to love it. And I'm one of them. I played the mix yesterday on my headset while doing the garden, and at one stage, the music overtook my sense of humanity, and I started raving in the back garden. Rave like no one is watching, right? I had such a brilliant time, hearing these tunes coming through my speakers.

Flawless, and highly entertaining. Yes, a few tracks aren't my favourite, but it's the general gist of this set: you can hear (and see, if you check the Youtube video) people screaming, shouting, and whistling. People are enjoying it a lot. This is what we've all been missing out on for 1 1/2 year. Time to get back on the dancefloor right?

The biggest nuisance during this set is the MC. Not really needed. When do events realise that music can do the job on its own, and does not require someone who does not contribute a single thing to an already wicked set. Could have done without the MC. He could be a very nice chap, but he brings nothing to the table.

A wicked set. If you like Jumpstyle and don't mind the MC, this is your set. Let Pat B take you back to the early years of this Millennium, and let's all jump the fuck up!

DJ: Pat B

MC: Villain

Genre/Style: Jumpstyle, Jump

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Reverze 2021

Length Liveset: 00:45:14

Tracks: 54 (fifty-four)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2021

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate; unknown

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