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Revokez presents: D-Sturb vs. Vertile (2022)

The last couple of months I've been going to the gym again, to loose that fat, disgusting looking belly (let's blame COVID-19 for giving me that belly). And in the gym they always have some urban radio station playing. For me personally that doesn't affect me, and doesn't get me more hyped up. I need something hard and raw, something with a lot of BPMs and idiotic bass, beats, and melodies. Headset on, and volume on max (yes Apple, you don't need to remind me the volume is on max every time I've got my headset on, I am fully aware of it). And my go to music in the gym is or Hardcore or Hardstyle/Rawstyle. Come on, how can you exercise with anything slower and less hard?

The last few weeks I've been fully into Vertile, currently my favourite Rawstyle producer. I keep watching his sets on YouTube over and over again, and it still amazes me what he's capable of. His music speaks to me like no other others has done in the past. Especially his Reverze set, that set just blew me away, and during an hour in the gym, I've got that set on repeat. And also during my 8 hour shift. So, in short, I am listening to Vertile a lot. Maybe obsessively a lot? But after hearing his Dimension LIVE sets over and over, I wanted to hear something new and refreshing, and it led me to this mix.

A mix by Revokez. Think I've reviewed a set before by him. But this set isn't all about Vertile (I wish!), but also another wicked producer. You might have heard of him? Recognise the name D-Sturb? Of course you have, and you think he's also a wicked producer (which he is). This mix is a B2B mix of each produces tracks. So you get a nice feeling of what both are capable of, and how nicely they flow with each other. A daunting task, but it seems that the songs all blend in nicely.

I searched for Vertile, but got D-Sturb at the same time. Two for the price of one! Now that's a bargain. But what's in this 'purchase', what are you getting to hear in this hour long set?

  1. D-Sturb & Sogma & E-Life - Hold On

  2. Vertile - Through My Brain

  3. D-Sturb & Sound Rush - Embracing The Madness

  4. Vertile - Ain't Nobodi

  5. D-Sturb - Wanna Stay

  6. Vertile - Eyes Closed

  7. D-Sturb feat Emese - Legacy

  8. Vertile - Not My Affection

  9. D-Sturb World Out There

  10. Vertile - Change This Place

  11. D-Sturb - Partystarter

  12. Vertile - On My Own

  13. D-Sturb - Guts To Dance

  14. Rebelion - Echoes (Vertile Remix)

  15. D-Sturb - Apocalyptic Darkness (The Next Level Remix)

  16. Vertile & Adaro - Walk With Me

  17. D-Sturb feat Nolz - The Last Man Standing

  18. D-Sturb feat Alee - Party At My Place (Vertile Remix)

  19. D-Sturb & Warface - Midnight Paradise

  20. Vertile - The New Normal

That's a really good looking tracklist, yes? As mentioned above, you get two producers for the same price, and that's amazing. Both are extremely talented and much appreciated in the Rawstyle scene. And from the first to the last record, this set just shows how good the next generation is.

You might have a preference in regards to which producer you prefer. You might like D-Sturb more than Vertile, or visa versa. And that's cool. Or you might like them equally as much as each other, and couldn't give a shit who's better: as long as the music rocks. And that's also a valid point to make. This set (with 20 songs) can certainly get you moving, and if you would hear this set at an event, you wouldn't complain.

Revokez has done a wicked job, and has made this early morning start a pleasant one.

Obviously I have to choose my favourite records. And funny you should ask that question, because to me the first and the last song are the best. 'Hold On' is a great song to start with, and 'The New Normal' a wicked one to end with.

Sorry D-Sturb if you are reading this, but for me personally Vertile is a boss. Your music is ace too, but Vertile's music just does more to me. Makes my spine tingle. Makes me feel things I've never felt before.

A wonderful set. Want to hear a great set at the gym, or wherever you are? Jump on this bandwagon now, and get the BPMs flying at your through your headset!

DJ: Revokez

Genre/Style: Rawstyle, Hardstyle

Mix Info: Revokez presents: D-Sturb vs. Vertile

Length Mix: 01:03:19

Tracks: 20 (twenty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2022

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

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