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Revokez presents: Sickmode vs. Rooler (2022)

It is Wednesday, and I can share with you a little secret. A very little secret, and I'm wondering if it's considered a secret. Yesterday, during working hours, I played the Gang live at Rebirth 2022 over and over. A few weeks ago, after I initially their set, I grew more and more interested in what the Gang had to offer, and their set was just superb. The reactions from the crowd is just pure, and honest. Everyone screaming. Everyone singing along to the tunes. They knew each and every track, and it's amazing to hear a crowd screaming 'I am Rooler, bitch' out loud. Goosebumps, and I wasn't even at this event. Nor have I ever seen/heard Rooler and Sickmode, a.k.a the Gang, but they surely know how to throw a party. So you can imagine my excitement when I spotted this mix by Revokez, which focusses on both Rooler and Sickmode.

I am really in awe with the Gang. Obviously I knew both Rooler and Sickmode, but together they've created this special and unique thing. They bring the heat, wherever they play. Together they work well, but o their own they do kick ass too. I've been a fan of Rooler since the first time I spotted his Ground Zero mix many years ago. Can't remember when I heard of Sickmode, but he's been around for a few years, and his music also appeals to me a lot.

Revokez mix is an interesting one. A few weeks ago I reviewed his D-Sturb vs Vertile mix, and Vertile is another artist who I adore, and follow. The Gang is the other act I follow a lot. Their sets are just insane, and you can see two DJs behind the decks having a lot of fun. Fart noises in a set? You've made me a fan for life!

Revokez's latest mix focusses on both Rooler and Sickmode, and it contains a nice variety of their own productions, collaborations with each other, and also with others. 70 minutes of pure Rawstyle and Uptempo music. An excellent style to wake up to, right?

  1. Sickmode feat Zyon - No Time To Waste

  2. Rooler - Boss

  3. Sickmode & Mish - One & Only

  4. Rooler - Onetwo

  5. Sickmode - Emoji 2.0

  6. Rooler & Nolz - Straight Outta Future

  7. Sickmode - Full Tank

  8. Rooler - Droppin' Like

  9. Rooler & Sickmode - Find You

  10. Sickmode - Make It Pop

  11. Rooler - Attitude

  12. Sickmode - Go Stupid

  13. Rooler - Love U Baby

  14. Sickmode & Rooler - Too Hot

  15. Sickmode & Luminite - Deadly Techno

  16. Rooler - Domination

  17. Sickmode & Mutilator - Just A Game

  18. Rooler - The Rules

  19. Sickmode & Mish - Area51

  20. Rooler - Discotek

  21. Sickmode & Rooler - Too Cold

  22. Rooler & Sickmode - Let The Bass Kick

  23. Sickmode & Rooler - Club Banger

  24. Sickmode - Lalalalala (Remix)

  25. Rooler - Dikke Stroopwafels (Koningsdag Edit)

  26. Sickmode & Rooler & Levenkhan - Lesgooo!

That's a lot of the Gang, also known as Rooler and Sickmode. But I would say that's a good thing, why else would you be reading this?

The songs selected are a good bunch. A mixture of both worlds, and at certain stages those two worlds collide, and give us a glimpse on what the Gang has to offer. And it's glorious. Especially the more melodic and harmonious songs. You know which songs I'm talking about, the ones where all the hands go in the air, and people are singing along to the tune. Like my favourite record 'Too Cold'. That moment when people scream 'I am Rooler, bitch'... amazing!

Currently I'm at my third play of this mix, and I'm loving it. Have not found a deadpan moment, a dull moment. Both producers/DJs are at their A-game, and bring the heat. They are at the top of their game, and the fans love it. They capture a wonderful sound within Rawstyle, and I freaking love it. Not 100% behind the Uptempo stuff, but that's just personal. But the Rawstyle is just ace, trust me.

As mentioned in 'The Rules', they make the rules, and we fucking follow them. They lead the pack, and we just do what they tell us to do. And I'm happy to follow them wherever they go. More of the Gang please! And more fart noises. Or cowbells.

My top 3 Rawstyle producers currently (just to highlight my love for them) are: Vertile, Rooler, and Sickmode.... that says it all, right?

DJ: Revokez

Genre/Style: Rawstyle, Hardstyle, Uptempo Hardcore

Mix Info: Revokez presents: Sickmode vs. Rooler

Length Mix: 01:10:21

Tracks: 26 (twenty-six)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2022

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown


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