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Richie B & Mr. Kip – 1994 Gabber Mix 1 (2022)

Good morning everyone! Hope everyone is having a great day. I'm having an OK day so far: WFH and I've got a lot of work to do. But whilst doing my job, I've got some banging tunes coming at me through my monitors. It's a mix I did saved under my favourites on Soundcloud, and I was going to check it at a later stage, and today is the day. A bit late, I know, but rather too late than never, right? Today's mix is a Gabber mix with tracks from the glorious year 1994. Just to put that in perspective: that's nearly 30 years ago! Oh, how time does fly by quicker than ever.

1994 was indeed a good year for Hardcore music. I was only 11 years old, so too young to go out, but instead I bought as many cassettes as possible. Yes, kids, cassettes were a thing. And sometimes a good thing, but when it went wrong, the good old pencil had to come out, to rewind the tape. Or if it was a really bad day: the tape would be damaged severely, and you just missed chunks out of a mix, or the tape was damaged beyond repair. Those were bad days.

CDs and MP3 and cloud based music platforms were certainly the future. CDs were great too, but they would skip, which would be highly frustrating. Oh, and the amount of batteries we would go through, just to keep on listening.. it was insane. Technology has thankfully come this far.

But for me, 1994 was a great year. Only 2 years before did I discover Hardcore/Gabber music, and as a kid, you just absorb everything like a sponge. My Walkman would be on my head for hours on end, and would never come off, only if I had to go to sleep. It was all still fairly new, exciting, and you could tell the music was evolving. And I was following it, step by step. It would be the basis of a wonderful relationship between myself and the music, and great years would follow. 4 years later, I would actually go to my first rave.

What did 1994 have in store for us? Well, Richie B and Mr. Kip made this mix back in 2022, and it's a nice and long mix. Almost 2 hours long, and 40 records. Could you wish for anything else at this stage, or would you just press play and let it take over your life (as you should)?

  1. Two Terrorists - Welcome To Jurassick Park (DJ Paul Mix)

  2. Franky Jones & DJ Bountyhunter - Speed Area (Megarave Mix)

  3. Hyperact - House Aggression

  4. Sub Source - Mutilator

  5. Wedlock - Pababam

  6. The Scotchman - Mind Transfer

  7. Aural 4 Play - Kick Some Ass (Poop Chute Mix)

  8. Scott Brown - Electroid

  9. Brothers In Crime - Dance

  10. Square Dimensions - A Brand New Dance

  11. T-Scanner - Trip To Heaven

  12. Knightvision - Mind Over Matter

  13. Bass X - Cyclotron

  14. George Vagas meets Mike D - Hyperdome (Mystery Voice)

  15. Undercover Anarchist - Yo, Te Quirro

  16. DJ Rob - City To Country

  17. DJ Rob - Open Up Your Mind

  18. Bass-D & King Matthew - The Witch

  19. Vanugenth The 5th - Pussycat

  20. Brainblower - Mental Hangover (Overdose Mix)

  21. Genlog - Revolution

  22. Equazion - Flashback

  23. Stingray - Vortex (Drum Attack)

  24. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo feat Melvin - Rock Yourself

  25. Brainblower - Sex Drive

  26. The Ultimate Seduction - Together Forever (DJ Paul's Forze Mix)

  27. Lockjaw - Underground Funk

  28. Brothers In Law - Your Ticket

  29. Obsessive - Tune In Turn Out (The Remix)

  30. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Can You Feel It

  31. Search & Destroy - The Mystery

  32. The 2 Macks meets Buzz Fuzz - Love And Devotion (Buzz Mix)

  33. Bass X - Motherfucker

  34. Brothers In Crime - Drop Da Beat (DJ Paul's Forze Mix)

  35. Ni-Cad - Brainwash (Scott Brown's Twisted Vinyl Mix)

  36. Wedlock - I'm The Fuck You Man!

  37. Too Fast For Mellow - We Gonna Get This Place

  38. Predator - Mind Of A Lunatic

  39. Renegade & Static - We'll Delete The Weak (Scott Brown Mix)

  40. DJ Edge - People

Wow. This takes me back nearly 30 years in time. And it makes me feel young again. Young, innocent, and extremely happy.

After hearing this mix I feel instantly young again, but it also reminds me that these songs all sound so familiar. They've got this sound that is so unique to this year only. Previous years the music was a tad harder and rougher, and after 1994 it became more polished, smooth. 1994 was the year in between rough and smooth, and I love it. This is so unique and so 90s sounding, it's a shame we left it in the 90s and not continued to the present day.

Richie B and Mr. Kip made a very interesting mix with a lot of excellent tunes, all focussed on a forgotten and underrated year: 1994. You might not like the music released in that specific year, but you have to acknowledge the importance of this year. And what it meant for the future. This year shaped Hardcore forever (in my honest opinion).

The tracks selected are all good, and there were a few in here I've never even heard or seen before. But all in all a wicked mix, with a distinctive sound that I really adore, and miss. Richie B and Mr. Kip's mix is certainly an interesting one, and as of today, my most favourite mix on Soundcloud that focusses on the year 1994. You don't see them that often, but when they do appear, they make me smile. And this one is the best I've found so far.

Carefully mixed together, and the tracks chosen are just so damn ace. Too many epic ones. I love 'Love And Devotion', 'Mind Of A Lunatic', 'Revolution', 'Dance', 'Pussycat', and more, but it's the last track in this mix, 'People', that made me move the most. And this is certainly a track you do not hear every so often. Why is this record so underrated? Come on, oldskool lovers, play this track more than once in a decade?!

We need more mixes. More like this one. Smiles for miles, eh?

DJs: Richie B & Mr Kip

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Rave, Happy Hardcore, Early Hardcore

Mix Info: Richie B & Mr. Kip – 1994 Gabber Mix 1

Length Mix: 01:53:04

Tracks: 40 (fourty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 258 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

Release Year: 2022

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